Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mascara Review: Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo

Another mascara review... I am currently in love with Fiberwig. I feel like i have found the perfect mascara for me, but it doesn't mean that i'm not willing to give other mascaras a chance.

So the chance goes to Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo which goes by the tagline 'Hope my Lashes are Full and Smooth"! isn't that wordy?

I so love the packaging of this mascara for it's so elegant & sleek unlike the Fiberwig which is so big & bulky. This is black & gold..

Lookee at the top! It even got an emblem!

It's so utterly dee-vine!

Anyway, we know that no matter how cute the packaging is, what counts is the formula,ne? Let's take a closer look at the wand first..

It's a comb wand with just 1 set of bristles unlike Maybelline Cat Eyes that got 2. At first i was a bit skeptic about the effectiveness of the wand since i have tried other comb wands that has only 1 set of bristles & it was not as effective compare to 2 sets. But anyway, this is a much-raved-about mascara so im sure that the wand would still work by itself....somehow..

Well, let's get to see the pictures to know if it does. This time i'll be providing close up shots of everything.

As what it says, lashes not curled. It looks like i hardly got lashes...

Lashes all ready for mascara application. Oh, by the way, i use a clear mascara to set my lashes to make sure that the curl will stay. It's just my personal choice.

See how my lashes are like Va-Va-Voom with just a single coat & look, no clumping at all! Sugoi!

What made it possible is the wand. Now i take back what i said about the wand not being effective because it is really good! Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara's bristles are sharp that it looks like teeth already which would make you hesitate in applying mascara at the root of your lashes for fear that if you poke your eye you'll bleed to death.

Majolica Majorca's wand is not sharp, in fact the bristles are short, but since it's not runny there's no chance of the formula clumping. Again, this is the reason why i like asian mascaras because the formula is runny on which you get to really coat each lashes unlike western-brand mascaras that are rarther waxy therefore promotes clumping before you even get the full effect your aiming for. Plus it dries really slooooooooowwww!!! Asian mascaras dry faster!

One thing though, you have to take some time in applying this for maneuvering the wand is quite tricky especially if you are working on the outer lashes. But once you get used to it, im sure application will just be a breeze. Comb Wands are the best in applying mascara to the root of your lashes!

I'm actually happy with just 1 coat since it has already opened up my eye... but since this is a review i'll apply a 2nd coat.

It just made my lashes look more defined with a second coat,ne?

Those pics are just with one eye, let's take a look with a different angle.

Curled lashes (no mascara)

 1 coat

2 coats

See the difference on my lashes? It really does make my lashes look full & smooth! That tagline is just perfect for it did! I don't know if you can actually see it but this leaves a somewhat glossy finish.

One more thing about this one is that this is WATERPROOF! Waterproof was made to describe this mascara. This is unbelievably good that i feel like i can go out in the rain & not worry about this smudging on me. It's like made of carnauba wax! LOL

Do you need to go to your best friends house to cry your heart out because your doll's dress doesn't fit anymore (corny!)? You ought to put this on for this will not let you down!

Are you are going mountain climbing but would still want to look all dolled-up when you reach the peak? You ought to put this on for this will not let you down!

Wanna go swimming? Maybe this will work..hehehe..i'm not that sure about the swimming part, but im confident that this will withstand any major water encounter!

I guess that's why some girls are saying that removing this mascara is hard.

I'd say it's not as hard as CG LashBlast which i said before that i feel like in order to remove it i need muriatic acid just to completely get rid of it. Removing MM lash enamel is just like how you remove waterproof mascaras.

Just put the cotton pad over it so that your make-up remover can break down the substance making any mascara easy to remove. If you keep on rubbing it off, it will just give you lines around your eyes, just let the cotton pad sit on your lashes, ok?

Since this is waterproof, you can expect that your lashes will really hold the curl like how you will hold for your dear life if you on the edge of the cliff. My lashes looked like how it was the time i applied it even though it's already hours ago & how humid it is! This is insane!

While i think that this is a great mascara it doesn't mean that i'll just ditch Fiberwig. For me Fiberwig is still my fave for 2 main reasons:
  • It is a fiber mascara therefore it makes my lashes longer, though it doesn't give volume, but for me who have been born with puny lashes, having long lashes were just a dream so that mascara is heaven-sent!
  • Fiberwig  can easily be removed with just soap & water. No need for make-up remover. I notice that the more i use make-up remover & swipe my lashes, no matter how gentle i do it some lashes would still fall off.grrr! My lash population is slowly decreasing...
But still, this is a pretty good mascara. If i haven't tried out Fiberwig this could easily become my favorite mascara...

So, let's have a break down on the good & the bad.

  • Separates each lashes & coats them one by one!
  • provides volume
  • WATERPROOF (yes!all caps!)
  • nice packaging
  • staying power is insanely good!
  • takes time to remove
  • doesn't lengthen lashes
  • not available locally

Again, as for the price, i'll leave that to you. This retails for $18.
This mascara now belongs in my 'favorite & most likely will be buying again' product list!

So, what's your favorite waterproof mascara?

Hope y'all have a great day!


mandy said...

It looks great even with one coat! Hmm must try and get my hands on this. Are the other formulas also waterproof or just this one?

Thanks for the review! ^__^

louise said...

its so cute! yung packaging sis! too bad its not available locally...

September said...

Parang I like, but it's pricey =(

Bea said...

aww. I like the formula, and you're right it didn't clump your lashes. I love the effect of that mascara,It's natural looking. I think I should try getting one for moi :)

Shen said...

ooohhh!! i think i'm gunna order me some soon... i mean, when i literally just have one mascara to use. I lvoe the effect on you. your lashes look amazing! :)

Jasmin said...

I've been wanting to try that mascara. I've heard so many great reviews. Thanks for sharing. I want it now! haha

Aicha Amano said...

Great review, thia! I told you I was hesitant to buy it now I'm actually looking forward to buying one!

Elsa said...

sis! HG mascara ko to! I always try to reach for this one! great review!

Askmewhats said...

definitely VAVAVOOM lashes and it doesn't look like you had mascara on! so natural!

Golden said...

Va-va-voom lashes indeed! I like! Danda danda ng effect. Have a great day dearie..

Lots of love,

DSK Steph said...

I love that mascara! I used it today too :D

ValerieDeoferio said...

Ohhh, I am so gonna buy this! Thanks for sharing :3

Thiamere Brea said...

i'm sure you'll like it
though this is the old one & i know that MM always changes their packaging

Jasmin said...


wo kann ich den mascara bestellen?

Bin aus Thailand und lebe in Deutschland.

K├Ânnt Ihr mir helfen?

Thiamere Brea said...

your best bet is to order it online at
or in any asian cosmetic stores

there are a lot of it on ebay too

Jasmin said...

@Thiamere Brea

Thanks for the tip
sorry for the German post office

Thiamere Brea said...

no problem,sweetie
good thing there's google translation

but then MM mascaras changes their packaging & i think they have a new one now but just look for lash glamour neo

Riza Ponciano said...

i'm dying to have a majolica majorca product...but its just too costly right. XD i'm eyeing their lip and cheek tint for the moment.

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