Friday, May 07, 2010

IMJU Deja vu Fiberwig Mascara Review

I have heard a lot of raves about this mascara... & knowing that this is an asian-made product it made me so curious to try. Add the fact that this is Eki's favorite mascara, so i said to myself that i will really buy this someday & boy,was i glad when i visited & saw that they were on sale. What a great opportunity! So i was really happy when i picked my parcel.

The next day i tried it out & fell in love~!

The packaging & tube is big! But i find it cute... the top is even holographic!

I'm sure you have already heard of this mascara. Since it is made in Japan, it is marketed for those who have asian-lashes which are usually straight & short. This works great for me because i have that hard-to-curl & hard-to-manage type of lashes. FIBERwig..fiber mascara...mascara with fiber... the name says it all.

Let's start with the wand. The wand is big. It's the classic type of wand... it's designed with big gaps between the bristles, which i think compliments the formula since it's loaded with fibers. You can really see the fibers on it. I find it a bit awkward to work with it since i got used to using a thin comb wand, but after a few tries i was able to get it to work for me. Though i am still having a bit of a difficulty since it's big & i tend to apply some on my lids as well as my lower eye area. No wonder this is such a hit in Japan!

This product doesn't provide volumizing effect but the lengthening effect is awesome! I have to agree with their claim as a paint-on false eyelashes. Since it has fibers, the fibers add length to your lashes, therefore making it longer. You can go from naturally long lashes look to that dramatic look, it's all up to you! I can now make my lower lashes look visible compare to before where no matter what i use it still look puny.

The formula is watery, which i love, compare to waxy ones & dries fast. Which makes coating the lashes easier. It can  weigh your lashes down especially if you apply 3 or more coats. I think it really will weigh the lashes down because of the fibers, that's why Eki uses a heated curler. Again, asian lashes are hard-to-curl. One way that i find out to maintain the curl is by using Ardell's Lash Growth Accelerator (or just a plain old clear mascara) underneath to act as a gel to keep my curls since i don't have a heated lash curler.

It's not enough though for it still weigh my lashes down.In this case, i wait for it to dry first before curling it gently with a lash curler. The key is gently curling it. If you crimp it again & again, it will give you that "L" shaped lashes (which is too harsh) plus the fibers could stick to your curler. Therefore, giving it a gentle boost will really open your eye up. I know that curling lashes after mascara is not good, but i think it's applicable only if you crimp it heavily therefore causing the lashes to fall.

Now let's take a look at the picture. I just put it in a collage so to make it easier. Feel free to click the pic to enlarge it. I used Ardell Lash Growth Accelerator prior to curling & application.

On a side note, i think the Ardell Lash Growth Accelerator is working for me because now, you can get to see my curled lashes compared to my past 'mascara posts' pictures.

Now, going back....

As soon as i applied the mascara, it weigh the curl down. That's why i posted 2 pics of 1 coat of mascara so that you really get to see the difference between the curled one & 1 coat. But then, just keep going for you will see the effect once you did a second & third coat. It will really become longer. I didn't curl my lashes at the '2nd coat' pic yet, but when after i did the 3rd coat & wait until it dries then i gently curled it. So at the 3rd coat, my eyes really opened up because my lashes are curled & once you curl it, it will stay like that!

 The bottom pic is a comparison between my bare lashes to mascara-coated lashes. Falsies-look? Whatcha think?

One good point about this again is that you can easily remove it by washing. You don't need to use an eye make-up remover to get rid of it. Just rinse it with warm water & soap to take it off. Actually i can even pluck the fibers from my lashes without it leaving any black trace at all (but of course, i don't do just saying!)! I used a towel in removing the fibers so that you really get to see it.

Now, even though i've been singing its praises it doesn't mean that it doesn't have a negative point. One of is that since the wand is big & the fibers are all over, it could cause clumping, especially if you a swipe it in a hurry. Since the formula is watery, it could make the lashes stick together so if you don't like that spiky-look then you just have to comb your lashes each & every time you apply it. Takes a lot of work i know, but it's worth the effort!

Second, it weigh the lashes down (as what i said), so you have to use either another mascara to hold your curl or use a heated lashes afterward.

It's not available here in the Philippines though. The only option is to look for online sellers, which sells it at a ridiculous price. (-__-") It's sold for $20+, but it's on sale at

After all the hullabaloo, it's time to do a little summary.

  • true to its claims!
  • i love the formula
  • can be removed easily

  • i just hope that the wand could be smaller somehow
  • could clump
  • not available locally
  • expensive
Will i buy it?
Definitely! It had made it to my 'favorite products' list!

I still like the Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara, but it only comes 2nd to this. It can lengthen my lashes but is still gentle enough to remove using water & soap. Isn't that just 1 of the best thing about this mascara?!

Have you tried any fiber mascaras?
If you have short lashes like mine & want to lengthen it then give this a try!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Jaa ne~!


Askmewhats said...

I heard so many great things about this but the fibers work really well in making our lashes thicker! :) Thanks for the review

Y said...

Nice! It looks really great, but how come the packaging (not the tube, but what encases the tube) is huge?


Try Rimmel London The Max Volume Flash - I use it and it works brilliantly - no clumps and gorgeous volume! xx

Pammy said...

I can definitely see the difference. It's almost like you have falsies on. :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

wow! you don't need a faslies with that mascara :P

Crystal said...

thanks for reviewing this! i've wanted to try this for sometime but it's quite expensive. i'm glad that it works well for you :)

Maui (Suushh) said...

ooh wow look at the fibers! thats amazing! This is perfect for those who have reaally short lashes.

Pop Champagne said...

sounds like a great mascara. I've been looking to buy a heated curler but i can't find it anywhere in stores here, and I don't wanna pay $20 for shipping -_-

Ida said...

I do want to try this but find it a bit expensive for a mascara. But I'll probably buy it when I get into a mascara phase again, haha. Super kita yung difference dun sa photos! :)

Jing said...

wow your lashes became longer. nice product!

Lady Mitchelli said...

Hi there! It's a nice review.. Btw, I just nominated you for a blog award! Pls. check it out! Have a nice evening! =)

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