Monday, May 31, 2010

Dr Jart+ Philippine Launching Event

Last Saturday, i went to the launching of Dr.Jart+ BB Cream in the Ayala Museum. For those who doesn't know what is a BB Cream, i made an introduction of it HERE, feel free to read it. This is the first event that i was able to attend & it was a fun experience.

Dr. Jart+ BB Cream is what i wanted to try before when i first learned about BB Cream because i heard a lot of good feedback about it saying that it is really addressed for acne-prone. Even Sis Gracie told me to give it a try seeing as how other BB Creams didn't work for me. But since i wasn't willing to spend so much on the shipping fee, aside from the fact that it's expensive, i have never tried it. So even though im not really fond of going out & said to myself that i won't try BB Cream for the time being, but the lure of Dr.Jart+ is too great that i said to myself that i would really attend come what may. 

I asked a friend to come with me since i was reluctant to be there alone since i don't know what to expect... When we were at the registration i was given a warm welcome by the event coordinator, Edwin Torres. I was actually thankful that he was there to assist us since i don't have the faintest idea about what to do & to expect.

We arrived on time, but it looks like we are too early, so my friend & i just strolled along the mall. We went back after an hour but it still hasn't started so we just took some pictures while waiting...

Then finally it started...

It was hosted by the lovely Isabel Roces, who i have always thought as a filipina version of Angelina Jolie.

Here is the Bellemaru Corporation President's Joel Lozada giving us a welcome & telling us how proud they are in introducing Dr. Jart+ to the Filipinos.

Did you know that Dr. Jart's name is actually derived from the initial of the medical specialist Dr. Sung-jae Jung & the word 'art' which connotes the brand's core value of healing & nourishing the skin? I think that is actually a good name!

And what's more is their availability...
You can purchase it at selected Mercury drug outlets! That's great news,isn't it? One of the most sought-after BB Cream is already available here in the Philippines & you can purchase it at Mercury drug?! Shut up!

Let's start with their best-selling BB Cream, the Dr. Jart+ Detox Healing BB Cream Black Label...

It has spf 25 for sun protection, chamomile extract to soothe blemished skin, allantoin that adds life to the skin by providing moisture all the while evening out the skin tone. This is specially made for those that got dry skin though...

SRP: 50 ml - P1,940; 15 ml - P 845

As for the other variants, they have the:

 from right to left: Water Fuse BB Cream (Green label), Rejuvenating BB Cream (Silver label)
& the Premium BB Cream (Gold label)

The Water Fuse BB Cream (Green label) provides rich moisture to the skin while providing a clean, natural finish. It has a groundbreaking water holding system that maintains healthy moisture level for the dewy look. It also controls sebum production. I think this is suited for those that got normal skin.

SRP: 50 ml - P1,975

The Rejuvenating BB Cream (Silver label) perfectly conceals blemishes with a matte finish. It has a sebum controlling function that addresses excessive oil production & albutin that also gives the skin a brighter skin tone. Now this one is good for oily skin like mine...

SRP: 50 ml  - P1,780 / 15 ml - P740

Then the Premium BB Cream (Gold label) that contains antioxidants to enhance skin's elasticity & improve skin texture. It got a whopping spf45 that isolates both UVA & UVB for better protection. This is suited for mature skin types.

SRP: 40 ml - P3,160

Those are the different variants of BB Cream that they offer.

Now on to the event....

Together with Miss Isabel Roces is the the brand manager Miss Marah Benin. There was a demonstration of how it is applied & how it looked like afterward with their lovely model.

The model looks real pretty,ne? This is after the application of the product. No whitish cast in the pic, right? Hmmm...this BB Cream really do sound so promising!

Then a program followed giving us an overview of each BB Creams. Some models even hit the runway donning Jun Escario's ensemble. 

After the program, we sought out Edwin to thank him for the accommodating us.I would also like to thank Miss Camille Chee for inviting me. It was a great event & i thoroughly enjoy myself!

Thanks again Miss Camille & Edwin!

Have you tried this BB Cream yet?
Let us know!

Hope y'all have a great start for your week,lovelies!
Jaa ne~!

I'm not sure when i'll be using the BB Cream though. Maybe once my skin has stabilized & is not overly oily anymore, i'll try using it. Of course, i'll you all know how it works on me.. if it will actually work for me.

I'm about to have a giveaway & im very excited. I'll let you all know about it after a couple of days.


DeBi said...

I've seen s many women trying BB cream, but I haven't tried anything yet. As I am not sure what to use, I am also so afraid that it might irritate my skin.

If ever you have anything in mind, what would you suggest for me? I have an uber dry skin...

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Thats intresting! More of new BB creams!

Golden said...

Hi dearie! It's been a long time since I dropped by your blog.

BB cream sold in Mercury Drug? That's awesome! But the price is definitely a no-no for me.

Glad to know that you enjoyed attending the event.

Lots of love,

louise said... expensive huhuhu :P

Askmewhats said...

sayang I wasn't able to go sana I've met you na!!! :) Next time!

Jing (GirL With GLasSes) said...

this is cool, youre attending invites na. you should do this often.

Sheena Marie Rollon said...

hello. Where to buy Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Silver Label BB Cream? I'm dying to buy one! :(((

Thiamere Brea said...

last i heard they were pulled out na e
try checking out online stores na lang,hun

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