Saturday, May 22, 2010

Etude House haul

I went to the mall a couple of weeks ago to buy some necessities for my vacation and was glad that Etude House had opened a branch in SM Manila. I wasn't really planning to buy a lot of stuff since i decided to stop myself from hauling but the fact that Etude House is just near me now and i can visit it whenever i want to got me so giddy that i ended up buying a couple of stuff.

I was looking for a good sunblock and i saw that their Perfect Proof Sun Guard has spf50+ PA+++. I seriously don't have an idea what is the meaning behind that PA+++ thing, but the fact that it is spf50 is already enough for me to buy it. They actually have 2 variants of this sunblock, the other is a pink one & it got whitening properties whereas this blue one is water/sweat proof. Since i'm gonna go swimming so i just have to grab the blue one.

I am about to ran out of my favorite make-up remover so i thought about trying out their lip and eye make-up remover. I have the mascara remover which i don't like, that's why i put it up on my blogsale, but i would still like to try this. Then i grabbed the Baking Powder Facial foam just because i like the scent. It has that clean, citrus-y (like pomelo) scent that i like so much so i added it on my cart.

Then i saw that they have a lipstick base. I have never tried a lipstick base yet, except for my lip concealer so i added it too same with the eyebrow kit. Then as i'm about to pay for it, i saw the super cute nail buffer & nail shiner that they had and i knew that i should have it because it's so girly! It makes me wanna feel like grabbing it every now and then just because of how cute they are...hehe

They gave me a free sample BB Cream, which i would never use since im scared of BB Creams and a folder with  Lee Min Ho as the model... not exactly into Korean hotties because im more into Japanese Ikemens..hehe

Reviews are soon to follow for some of the products that i have bought. For those who are near SM Manila, feel free to drop by at their store. it's a lot bigger than the main branch, which is in SM Megamall. A lot more space to move around!

Do you have a favorite Etude House product?
Care to share?

Have a great day!

Jaa ne~!


Swtest2Lips said...

The nail files are so cute! Great Haul!

Chrissy said...

Nice haul sis! Sayang naman yung bb cream pero better to protect your skin! Buti ka pa may malapit na sa iyo na Etude house... hehe.

As for SPF, I have no idea what PA+++ means either but as far as I know you can't just look at the SPF. You need to see if it's broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) because some sunblocks only protect against UVB. ^^

louise said...

went to etude sm manila too a couple of days ago. I lik that it's not as crowded as the sm megamall the pink glow sun guard...LOVE! smells nice like lilies and sunflowers and other stuff. no freebies though huhuhu :P

Angie said...

Yay for Etude House hauls! Etude House has quickly become my favorite brand ever since it got here. Right now my favorite product from them is their Dr. Oil Shine free powder. It's really good!

maki said...

hi thia! i on the other hand am eyeing their glow base sunguard which has spf 50 too. i read it's a nice makeup base.
let me know about that pore cleansing thingie.
too bad about the bb cream. i gave that same kind of bb cream to my sis and i saw her face looking so healthy (dewy and glowing) and asked her what she's wearing. surprise surprise! it's etude's precious minerals bb cream :)

Askmewhats said...

I'm glad Etude House is acting like most Korean stores in Korea, giving out samples! :) I wish to visit the shop soon,grabe forever na akong di nakakapunta!

Sarah said...

Ooh it all looks so pretty!!! I wish we had this brand here! I so wanna go shopping with you, you always choose the nicest things :)

Whitney said...

Hey hun, I am so jealous! I love etude house- great haul!!

coffretgorge said...

hi babe! my fave etude house product is the moistfull collagen mask, it leaves my skin so smooth and soft. :)

nice haul! yay for taking care your skin! with the kind of weather we have, sunscreen is our best defense against the pesky UVA/UVB rays! :)

ChyiX2 said...

Nice haul, I haven't tried anything from that brand yet. Is it recommendable? And if yes which products do you like best?

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Wow that sure is a haul~! ^__^

I've never tried any Etude House products before :(
I guess I should go get myself some >_<


Timeless Confection said...

Wonderful site!I also happen to love Etude House.
More power!

bea said...

yeah!! i have the precious BB mineral cream and i love it!!it matches my skintone and smeels like heaven! i love the glow it gives in my face i think you shud try one it lasted in my face fyi i have combination to oily skin and i have a lot of pimple marks lately cos of my monthly period

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