Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Etude House VIP Girl Lipstick Base Review

This is the first lipstick base that i have tried and since i know how a face & eye primer works, i have a high expectation for this product. Thinking that this would actually make the colors appear brighter, lipstick stays longer & so on...but much to my disappointment, it didn't...

If you wanna know the details, then read on..if you don't & just want to know my verdict..well, i'll tell you...

This is a waste of money,hunnies...

Why so?
Let's get to the itty gritty details of how i came to hate this product.

This was included in the Peach Spring Collection last year on which they include items with hot pink packaging.

This is how it looks like...

Im not exactly a fan of hot pink though...

I hate the packaging.

It's in a squeeze tube...
Instead of a screw-type lid, it's a pull-off type where it has the tendency to spill if you're clumsy like me, which it definitely did on me.

You apply it like so:


Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about the product.

It's creamy pink fluid with a mild scent. It's suppose to lighten the lips so that when you apply the lipstick the color would be more bright & can last longer...or so they say.

The scent is not bad, i think it's actually nice. I just can't exactly describe it because it's not flowery nor fruity. It smells good though, not overpowering that when you apply it the scent won't linger & would actually disappear afterward.

When applied on the skin it would have that subtle hint of what you see on the pic...

Let's do some swatches to see if it makes a difference. I picked different formulas of lipstick for this purpose.

1. MAC Ultra Elegant - Slimshine
2. MAC Viva Glam Gaga - Lustre
3. MAC Mac Red - Satin
4. MAC Blankety - Amplified Creme

I swatched it on the part where i applied it, the top part doesn't have the base & the bottom part has the lipstick... Do you notice any difference?

I don't!

Well, considering that this is a lip base, i should be applying it on my lips instead.
So let's try it...

I put it at my lower lip & left the upper lip bare so that we get to see if it makes a difference on the lip color.

Let's start it first with my favorite nude lipstick, Blankety. It is an Amplified Creme which means that it's rather opaque but still creamy in texture.

I think there is a slight difference, though not something that is really very obvious.

This time let's try it with a red lip color with Satin formula (semi-matte) & see if it would still make a difference.

Sorry if it looks uneven since i just swiped it without even bothering to look at the mirror...let's just focus on the color,shall we?

Any difference?
Maybe a little..but in reality there's not much difference between the with & without. They just look the same.

I have been using this as much as i can & lately i notice that my lips are chapping. I thought that it's just because of the humid climate that we have here. So i applied Nivea nightly to bring back the moisture. But i still notice that my lips are getting drier & drier until such time that my lips just cracked & bled.

This is the first time that that happened to me! I had never had my lips cracked open & bled before. That's the time when i decided to not put anything on my lips & wait until it gets all better. Everything is going on fine until last saturday when i met with Lea that i used this again & notice that my lips starts to chap think that i used a lip balm underneath! This is one nasty monster!


I'd rather use the lip concealer compare to this one.

The lip concealer is creamy so even if it's a concealer it won't dry out your lips as much as the lip base does. I was thinking that since the base is fluid, the moisture from the lips are being sucked dry by the formula itself, 'prepping' the lips so that the lipstick would stay longer.

When we think about it, if you apply a foundation on your lips it would make the surface dry so that the lipstick would be able to cling to it.

But in my case, since i have the type of lips that chaps a lot, this won't do. I have a habit of licking my lips whenever i feel that it's drying therefore i ended up eating the lipstick instead. I'd rather use a lip balm as my base since it doesn't make much of a difference, plus the fact that it doesn't make my lips feel dry.

As for this making the lipstick last longer, i don't really know for sure because just like what i said it kept me licking my lips so i ended up eating my lipstick & reapplying it every now & then. One thing is for sure, if i want to consume my lipstick faster than any i have tried, this is the perfect product to use.

Am i impressed?
Hell no!

  • cheap
  • has a mild scent
  • packaging sucks
  • formula sucks
  • application of lip balm prior to using IS A MUST
It's priced at Php 298 ($6.50 approx) each.

Now if you have the sort of lips that doesn't dry & chaps as much as i do then feel free to give this a try, but if you suffer from dry lips, i suggest that you just skip this & buy a lip treatment instead.

Have you've ever used any lipstick base?
Care to share?

Hope you find this useful!
Have a great day,y'all!

Jaa ne~!


donnarence said...

very nice review jem.. esp the comparison with their lip concealer.. they have to many products nakakahilo na..hehe

Anonymous said...

uh-oh, I won't waste my money on that product anymore pala hehe, I just use restorative lip serum from smileshop as lipstick base ,,,hay buhay make up talaga, palaging trial and error noh? ahaha...thanks for sharing sis=)

DaMnViXeN said...

noted! tnx sis

Pammy said...

This is such a great review and this will definitely help us save bucks. Thanks, dear. :)

lindah said...

lip primer is suppose to help your lippies last longer! I recently picked up a too faced one when I was mad at my boyfriend.. (yeah you know, retail therapy helps! LOL) and I've been using it and it really helps it stay on longer. Downside? It's like $19USD. But I guess if you don't like to reapply your lipstick it'll help prolong those hours! ^_^ Good review though! I have that color me nude concealer and I haven't tried it out yet... Maybe I should soon and review it LOL

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

nice review sis! Packaging looks cute but too bad the product didnt work for you.. I'm using MAC lip Erase as base if i want to neutralize my lips =)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Nice review!! I like the packaging tho.

coffretgorge said...

yikes! the cracking and bleeding sounds bad! thank you for this review, im very careful on what i put on my lips since im prone to having chapped lips too.

Im currently using Coffret D'or lip essence as a lipstick base/ gloss and i like it very much, no dry lips for me! :)

Pop Champagne said...

I don't think I'd spend money on that. I mean I have to use a seperate applicator?! That's too much work for me! And yeah come to think about it mermaids and mermans are pretty gross haha

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