Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Weekend nails: Plaids and prints

I wasn't able to post the weekend nails post last saturday for i was out but i was able to do my nails back then. I saw this design like months ago & was only able to do it now that my nails are longer. Lately, i find having long nails a nuisance because i always have to type & having long nails makes typing a bit harder for the nails get in the way.This is the main reason why i haven't posted a nail art post for like months...

So this time i made sure to update my nail art post...Again, this is not my original design but i think it looks so nice and easy.

I actually just did the combination of pink & black (my thumb nail) ,but so that you would have an idea of some color combination, i did a couple.

Materials needed:
  • nail art pen or just a brush with thin & long bristles
  • nail art sticker (optional)
  • nail polishes (of course!)
Let's start with the tutorial:
-As always, base & top coat are applied before & after...

  • Use a neutral polish as your base color

  •  Then make side french tip like so..i used pink...feel free to pick your own color ^_~... When it's dry, it's time to start putting the plaid print

  • You can either use a nail art pen or just a brush with thin bristles to make some lines. In this case,i just opted for a brush. It's an artist brush that i bought at Deovir..sorry about the blurry pic,i did not notice it (Sakura Brush - 3/0)

  • I'm sure you know how a plaid print looks like. so we are going to create a print like that. You don't need to hurry in creating the lines. Doing so will make your hands shaky for you put pressure on it. Just take it nice & slow.

  • I made a couple of color comparison for reference, but i actually prefer the pink & black. What do you think is a good color combination?

  • You can leave it like this if you want a simple one, or you can add some designs at the side. You can make some flowers or add some small nail stickers.

This design is not hard, but it will require a steady hand in doing so. Hope you'll try this design sometime.

Have a great day,y'all!

Jaa ne~!

I won't be much active on the blogosphere though for i have a couple of things that i have to do. I will still be reading posts tough i may not be commenting as much as i did before. Hope to be back asap.


Khymm said...

looks cute sis! how i wish i know how to do that hehe. shaky kasi hands ko lol

Sarah said...

Ooh you are sooo good with your nail art missy :) They look just gorgeous!!! x

☆Anastacia☆ said...

this is such pretty design! I'll try to do it one day

Elsa said...

ang cute sis!!! love plaid things!

Pop Champagne said...

wow that looks really good! I am such a big fan of plaid, I loev anything plaid in general :D

makeupbaby said...

galing sis!as always!

Stephanie said...

oh, I like a lot of these combos! pretty nail job! :)

Ahleessa said...

You're really good with nail arts! :) I miss doing them but I'm too lazy to start... lol~

That's nice to hear that the Ardell Lash Accelerator worked on you. I used the whole thing and I didn't noticed one change... lol~ :/

Simply Effortless said...

I want the plaid pink, you're good.

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