Monday, May 17, 2010

my Subic vacation (pic heavy)


It's been a while since i blogged...

I've really been a bad blogger. But now i feel quite refreshed after my vacation & i feel like the blogging bug has caught me at last! There are tons of things that i want to share with you & for now i'll start with my recent vacation.

My family & i went to Subic for our long-awaited vacation. It's been a year since i was able to take a break from work that's why i really was looking forward for our trip.It was a 3 days & 2 nights break away from the hustle & bustle of the city. This won't be a beauty post but more of a personal post so if you're not interested it's ok to skip. I'll be keeping personal photos but i'll be sharing some...

I'll be taking you on a trip to Subic through my eyes.

Dewa, hajime

From the usual 3-5 hour drive that we had before from Manila to Subic, we took the SCTex (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) & our travel time was cut into half. We arrived at Subic at around 8:00am (we left the house at around 5:30am) & since it was still too early to check in the hotel we decided to drop by at the Ocean Adventure.

We arrived there at 8:30 am. We had to wait for 30 minutes more since it opens at 9:00. While we're waiting we just lounged around & took some more pictures. We had to wait some more before the Sea Lion Show started so we just got around the area & went inside the Ocean Discovery Aquarium. There are a lot of fishes around & i tried to take some pics but i didn't do any justice to it since the room is dark & the colors of the fishes are so vivid, especially the corals.

I like this school of fish because they are so cute swimming together & where 1 fish goes, the others followed.

The fish on the left is really so colorful. It's a rainbow fish,i think.

I took a pic of this one because i saw a baby clownfish playing around it.The clownfish is there...Just zoom it in & see if you can find him..hehe.. the little fellow is somewhere at the left side. You'll get to see the stripe...

 As for this one...i was just fascinated with the squids... uh..i think it's octopus..or is it? what do you think?

After loitering around for some time, it was already time for the Sea Lion Show. Yatta!

 The staff had to make sure that the floor is wet for this is where 'Brandy' will be performing.

Presenting, Brandy the smart sea lion!

He was actually doing an introduction about the show that's why he is on the mic. Kawaii!

I don't have a lot of pics because i took videos, but im still not used to my cam so im not sure how to make it work just yet..hehe...So, i'll just be leaving you with this cute pic of him thinking...

After the Sea Lion show, it's time for the second show... so we went to the Eco Theater for the Walk on the Wild Side Show.

 It was a pretty nice show where there was even a mountain survival lesson demonstrated by 'Kuya Billy' (who is a local indigenous) showing the use of bamboo. It was pretty educational & fun too. Now i can survive the mountain..LOL!

They also got a whole bunch of animals & information about each of them. We were seated at the back so i wasn't able to take good pics of it...but i was able to touch this owl, took a pic of it & same with the fruit bat too!

Then after the Eco show, we head on over to the High Dive Show were we watched some awesome diving moves. It was already 12 pm at that time & the sun was already scorching hot!

Love their bathing suits! They all look so adorable with it. But i like them better with their swimming trunks on..hehe

The highlight s of the show are when one of them did a 80 feet dive & the other wore a cloak then set him on fire & did a dive! Sugoi!

By the time the dolphin show started i was not really that enthusiastic about it because it was really HOT! It was too humid that even if you are on the shade, the wind will still make you uncomfortable. whew!

But we still watched the dolphin show & they were amazing...they are also together with an orca (killer whale). Nice show!

We would love to linger a while but since it was already too hot we decided to head on to our hotel...

We have always stayed at Subic Park Hotel because it is so cozy & cute... very unlike the big, business-only type of hotels. I'd rather stay at a small one compare to those really big hotels where often times the staff may be polite, but there is all there is to it. Sometimes it doesn't seem like you are that welcome, unlike small inns or hotel where you really get to experience a first hand hospitality of the locals.

One of the great things about this hotel is that they have a pool at the back although they are already a couple of steps away from the beach.

It was low tide...& my brother & I went to take a stroll....

& we saw this weird sea creature.i don't even know what this is..

I think it's not a jellyfish though...but the body is jelly-like. Then my mum, dad & I went to Puregold Duty Free to shop to buy some basic necessities. Then spent the remaining hours at the room to rest...

The next day we spent the entire day swimming!

On the pool & also on the beach...

Went to church at around 5pm to hear mass. And went straight to Cubi to get a glimpse of the fruit bats..but we weren't lucky since we weren't able to spot a single bat...

But as we were driving along we saw a bunch of monkeys on the streets. I wasn't able to take a good pic of them though...just this one.

Then we went back to the hotel to chill out & walk on the shore... Actually before my little

As for the last day...
The rest of my family went swimming again while i just stay at the room because i sprained my right foot.
We spent the rest of the Sunday strolling the malls...went on a shopping spree!

I was able to buy a couple of great products at a very cheap price...

I bought the Tresemme Vitamin E shampoo & conditioner at Puregold Duty Free. I was contemplating at first if im going to buy it since im not sure if it will work on me & it would seem like such a big waste even if it's supposed to be cheap for it's quantity. I bought it for $16. It's just good that the dollar conversion in duty free is just Php44.80 at that time. In the end i just decided to trust the brand Tresemme... It was 1 of  those times where you said to yourself that this is the time where 'if this is good then i'll trust this brand forever..if it's bad, i'll never even look at it anymore''s the make or break time.

But i was happy because it worked on me when i tried it at first. It didn't dry my hair. In fact it made my hair softer. Yee haw!

Then we also dropped by at the Freeport zone & i saw some Goody hair clips for just a dollar. Which i can't believe since in our local malls, Goody hair accessories are priced for like $5 at the cheapest. So i grabbed myself a bundle of hair elastics & a ConAir Side the Calico Make-up remover pad...i can't remember the price but i know that it's under $5.

Then we went to Royal Subic Mall too & bought a boat load of snacks & chocolate. I went to the cosmetics section (& yes, they do have a cosmetics section now!) & was thinking of actually buying a back-up for my Colorstay foundation, but since i really don't wear a lot of make-up these days so i just didn't. but it's a lot cheaper there compare to the mall since it's just $14 per bottle. I just bought a Revlon Beyond Natural Mascara (which i will be including in my giveaway soon) and some wet wipes.

Pretty soon it was time to head on home... No matter how much i like Subic, nothing beats the good 'ol noisy & crowded Manila.

I hope that i'll be able to finish up the drafts that i had sitting on my board so that i'll be able to have something new for you guys to read. Until next time.

Hope y'all had a great start for your week!

Jaa ne~!


Y said...

OMG THE OWL IS SO CUTE =] I'm super pumped for your impending giveaway. Oo, and I'm having my own giveaway right now, and I'd love for you to join =]

xoladiihoneyxo said...

hehe, at least you had fun and got things for cheaper =]

Elsa said...

WOW, those pictures made me say you really enjoyed your vacay!!!!

nice hauls too!!!!

Sherry said...

love the pics :D hehe.. no plan go vacation now as money not enough. trying my luck in contest but its based no points so I got to work for it.

Sherry said...

wow fun holiday :D

Kittynail said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a fun vacation!

Anyways, visit my blog too if you want :)

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