Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ebalay Nail Polish in A04

Polish Swatch time again~!

Another Ebalay polish since you all know how much i love duochromes, this time it's A04.
Love the pink color. It just looks so sweet!

This is over a black base polish.

It look s a bit like A09, the only difference is that this one have a more pronounced purple tint on it. It's almost violet than blurple (hahaha!).

Here are a couple more pictures for better appreciation.

The color change is a bit subtle but it looks pretty all the same.

You can get this at or go straight to this LINK. You can use the code BLGA124TH10 for a 10% off.

Hope you all are enjoying your saturday!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

how to:DIY hot wax kits

Long time no blog!
i have been out of blogging because of classes & at the same time you all know that i have camera issues. I'm supposed to get it over & done with but because of little things that come up every now & then having my cam fixed had been one of my least priorities now.

Anyway, im always on facebook though.
I'm glad that people still read my blog even though i don't update it every now & then
Thanks for the support,hunnies!

Now, let's get back to regular programming... or blogging in this manner.

I have received tons of questions about hair removal.
I have used several ways of hair removal, just not laser procedure though. I personally favor wax strips but i make sure that i keep creams & razors, aside from my strips & kits, for an easy & fast hair removal.

This time, i'll be focusing on hot wax kits. I'm sure you have seen wax kits on the department store every time you pass by the depilatory section. I think this had been a staple among depilatory products out there because it is really affordable & effective.

Hot wax, based on my experience, is by far the best way of hair removal. It's warm enough which makes the pores open up so you can really get to the root of the hairs easily. You don't have to go over the same skin area again & again unlike cold wax strips. But this is also the most painful way for me. hehehe

The heat makes me feel the pain a lot more because it makes the skin a bit sensitive. Some people say the heat relaxes them. I can't imagine how you could relax while pulling out body hairs!

I'll be featuring the kit from Glam Works for this post but i have tried others like Epillin & they basically works the same so no need to be a stickler when it comes to choosing brands if you decided to try DIY hot wax kits.

Me thinks the color of this wax just looks so pretty,no?
Ok, since i am featuring this green wax, you might as well know how the packaging looks like anyway...

The the description at the back says:

When you do hot wax, it's better if you have a wax strip like this, so that you won't scorch yourself trying to remove the wax off your skin.

Wax could be pretty messy & painful to remove if you don't use strips.
Warm wax would be malleable on which you won't be able to pull it off your skin easily. It will just stretch like mozzarella & will make the experience really painful & messy in the end.
Cooled wax will crack as soon as you remove it. Instead of you being able to pull it in one clean & easy sweep, you'll be forced to remove it little by little & you'll just end up pulling your skin again & again which will result to a very painful waxing experience.

Just trust me in on this.
I had experienced it.

Ok, now let's go to the procedure.
This is how i do mine. Every person has their own preference, it's just that this is how i like to heat my wax.

Most people just pop the wax in the microwave for it to melt. I haven't really tried it because we don't have microwave here. I would have to go to my parent's house just to microwave something.

A friend says that she puts it over a candle & wait for it to completely melt.
I have tried it.
I will not advise that procedure because having a direct fire contact will cause the wax to be really hot (that if you are not careful in keeping track of the temperature would end up with you burning your skin) instead of just warm & tolerable. You also risk ruining the whole batch of wax because exposing it to extreme temperature will lose its effectiveness.

So what i used to do is i try to simmer water on a pan, then i'll submerged an upside down pyrex bowl  on the pan then i put in the tin wax on top of the bowl (or bottom literally). I do not let the tin touch the bottom of the pan because it will just come in contact with the wax & again, it will just make the wax really hot & end up ruining it.

I let the water touch the bottom of my tin & the heat will just melt the wax. This is a good process for me but i find it quite tiring because i have to make sure i monitor the water & often times i turn the burner off because i can't let the water boil. If i leave the wax sitting too long it hardens a bit & i would have to turn the burner on again...

It works but it just takes a lot of work so i quit using hot wax for a time because i find it really troublesome to use.

Until i bought something that made my hot waxing experience a breeze!
Wanna know what it is?

An oil diffuser!
I use it & it makes waxing a whole lot easier than before!

I add water at the top part of it, light my tea candle, put the tin of wax on top (make sure that the water touches the tin) & just wait for it to all melt away.

If you take a closer look at my top picture, you'll still see the candle burning as i took the pic. I find using diffuser easy just because i can regulate the temperature of my wax. I can remove the candle when my wax is  hot & melted & put it back on when it's beginning to harden & get gloppy.

Just remember that you put water in there, which means that it will evaporate later on so you would have to keep on adding drops of water as soon as it's almost gone.

No need for before & after pics. It does the job.
So i think it would be pretty pointless to show the hairy & hairless pic,no?

It removes hair...period!


Now, a few tips here & there when you use hot wax.
  • If you have a low pain tolerance, some says that taking a pain reliever helps (im not sure though)
  • It's better to do it right after taking a bath so that your skin is soft
  • You can powder your skin beforehand so that the wax will just adhere to the hair & not the skin.
  • Apply the warm wax on the skin, making sure you cover the area with ample amount of wax then put the strip. Applying the wax on the strip first won't work & will just end up as a hot mess.
  • Once you apply the wax, wait for a couple of seconds before pulling. The wax needs to settle & cool a bit so that it would stick together. 
  • Rub the strip on the skin, giving it a gentle pressure as you push it downward or following the growth of the hair. This would ensure that the hair will stick to the wax.
  • When it's a bit cooler, pull it from the bottom or against the grain of the hair growth. Do it in 1 strong pull. If you hesitate it will just hurt all the more. So go ahead & give your girl muscles a work out with this!
DIY wax kits are very affordable some could be quite tedious to use (like this as i first thought) but im sure you'll be able to find a way on how to make one work for you.

Hope you all are enjoying your day!
Jaa ne~!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Crayon Nail Hardener

Just a short review to keep my blog going for a while..hehe

What’s your favorite nail hardener?
I always thought that nail hardeners are just pretty much the same. I have used a lot of it because I want to make sure that my nails will go strong despite it being exposed to acetone every now & then, which makes your nails brittle.

I said that I’ve tried a lot, I mean they somehow work but it’s not something that really wow-ed me. Not until I’ve tried this one hardener that wow-ed me for the price! I was able to feel result after a couple of days!

Presenting, Crayon’s Nail Hardener

Obviously, it’s a Japanese brand basing on the packaging. Hehe
I saw this at Watson’s on SM Valenzuela. I’m just not sure if this is available in all Watsons though. I don’t think so. It’s sold for Php 90 (I think). Anyway, price range of Crayon products is from Php 70 to Php 90.

If you can understand Japanese then feel free to read the description. Please tell us the translation for it too,ok? Hehehe

This one too...

I can’t understand it but one thing that I am sure of, this works!
This is the only hardener that I purchased again.
I only repurchase if I know that it really works.

It is a tiny bottle though but it really works, I swear!

What can i say more aside from the fact that it does work. It's a nail hardener, so it did harden my nails. Less chipping & peeling, if i use it together with a cuticle oil.

It tends to get thick pretty easily so make sure that you keep the cap really tight after every use..

Oh, & speaking of the cap, once you open it you'll be greeted by a stopper.

I guess this just means that the product is kept fresh until the time that you use so you don't need to worry about buying something that is already thick & goopy.

You just attach the brush on the cap itself then you're good to go!

As what i said, i haven't tried any good nail hardener for this price. I have bought 3 bottles of this already!
The only problem for this would be the availability. Unfortunately, i do not know other Watson branch that carries Crayon. If you know anything, pls free to comment for reference.


  • cheap
  • it works
  • in a cute yet sturdy packaging
  • product is sealed shut to ensure you of good quality
  • availability (available in selected Watsons only)
  • tiny bottle - only 8 ml
  • could get goopy once you reach halfway the bottle

Will i recommend it?
Of course!
As what i said, im on the 3rd bottle already! hahaha!

If you can find this, make sure you get it,ok?

So, what's your favorite nail hardener?

Have a great day!
jaa ne~!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Who will be Derek's new Anna?

I'm sure you all have seen the PLDT commercial with the Anna Banana song. First time i heard it, his voice kept on playing on my head over & over.

You can watch the video if you haven't seen it yet:

Isn't this boy adorable?
Bringing the old fashioned "harana" into a whole new level!
 The second installment of the commercial is when Anna answered Derek! Ok, i know you know what she said. Take a look...

Just look at the dislikes that this video had gotten..haha!
Poor Anna! I think she will be hated for quite sometime on & off!
Anyway, it's a good thing that Derek has a pretty supportive family. You can get over painful things when you have the people around you to lean for support, right?

Poor Derek,huh?
But then, he is still young & cute to boot!
I'm sure he'll meet more Anna or even Maria or Rachel or Suzy, etc... the list is endless! The world is not gonna end with Anna. This heartbreak will even make him stronger & a lot wiser in choosing girls. Everything is a learning experience.

Take this advice from your "ate" (older sister), everything is going to be alright. I'm sure of that!

Now for the fun part...Do you know someone who can be Derek's next Anna?
If you know a cute & charming little lady ages 12-16 then you have to let them join the hunt for Derek's new Anna! Visit & submit a video entry on why they should be Derek's new Anna.
The winner will be a part of PLDT's next commercial & even take home a Samsung Ultrabook too! How cool is that?

Let's help Derek find a new Anna!

Hope you all have a great day!
Jaa ne~!

BFF Challenge: Flowers~

I can't believe this is the last BFF Challenge. It feels like it was just last week since we started it.LOL!
Since this is the last challenge, i recreated one of my personal favorite among all the ones that i made.

If you had seen my Camellia Nail Art, you know what i'm talking about. Making it this time is a lot easier compare to the first time. It took me an hour & a half, i think compare with half a day before so i think i am already improving my painting skills,no?

Taking pictures for this was so frustrating because my camera isn't focusing (it really needs to be saved asap) & the fact that the design on my thumb is leaning on to the left area, i can't quite take full nail pictures of the whole design. tsk!

Sorry about the dust particles there.
Bf said that i can take it out by using an air spray thingy but i'm scared that it will just push the dust further to the lens.

A close-up look of the thumb. I think the thumb has the best design of them all,don't you think so?
I didn't watermark it just because i don't want to alter the resolution of it anymore since i can't take macro shots anymore.

Here's to hoping no one will steal my picture & claim it as their own. I'll be seriously pissed if someone will take credit for this when IT IS ME who shed sweat & effort trying to make this as perfect as i can.

So, what do you think?
I have a tutorial for this nail art HERE. You can just take a look at it if you want to try making this nail art too.

I am really liking this base .
It's a duochrome,actually. I'll blog about it tomorrow. It's another Ebalay polish!yay!
It is really gorgeous under the sun together with the silver design that i painted on, makes it really pop!

Another design i made earlier this week. This looks a lot better in person just because the base is a glitter polish. The glitters go all sparkly & shiny every time you move your fingers.

Well,i had fun doing the challenge.
I'm not sure if we'll start another one but for now, my main priority is to have my camera fixed. I don't want to buy another one because this camera has a sentimental value on me. I sure hope that Samsung will be able to fix this asap.

You can check out these ladies doing the same challenge with me:
Sally Of Nail Pron

Happy Saturday to y'all!
Jaa ne~!

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