Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Crayon Nail Hardener

Just a short review to keep my blog going for a while..hehe

What’s your favorite nail hardener?
I always thought that nail hardeners are just pretty much the same. I have used a lot of it because I want to make sure that my nails will go strong despite it being exposed to acetone every now & then, which makes your nails brittle.

I said that I’ve tried a lot, I mean they somehow work but it’s not something that really wow-ed me. Not until I’ve tried this one hardener that wow-ed me for the price! I was able to feel result after a couple of days!

Presenting, Crayon’s Nail Hardener

Obviously, it’s a Japanese brand basing on the packaging. Hehe
I saw this at Watson’s on SM Valenzuela. I’m just not sure if this is available in all Watsons though. I don’t think so. It’s sold for Php 90 (I think). Anyway, price range of Crayon products is from Php 70 to Php 90.

If you can understand Japanese then feel free to read the description. Please tell us the translation for it too,ok? Hehehe

This one too...

I can’t understand it but one thing that I am sure of, this works!
This is the only hardener that I purchased again.
I only repurchase if I know that it really works.

It is a tiny bottle though but it really works, I swear!

What can i say more aside from the fact that it does work. It's a nail hardener, so it did harden my nails. Less chipping & peeling, if i use it together with a cuticle oil.

It tends to get thick pretty easily so make sure that you keep the cap really tight after every use..

Oh, & speaking of the cap, once you open it you'll be greeted by a stopper.

I guess this just means that the product is kept fresh until the time that you use so you don't need to worry about buying something that is already thick & goopy.

You just attach the brush on the cap itself then you're good to go!

As what i said, i haven't tried any good nail hardener for this price. I have bought 3 bottles of this already!
The only problem for this would be the availability. Unfortunately, i do not know other Watson branch that carries Crayon. If you know anything, pls free to comment for reference.


  • cheap
  • it works
  • in a cute yet sturdy packaging
  • product is sealed shut to ensure you of good quality
  • availability (available in selected Watsons only)
  • tiny bottle - only 8 ml
  • could get goopy once you reach halfway the bottle

Will i recommend it?
Of course!
As what i said, im on the 3rd bottle already! hahaha!

If you can find this, make sure you get it,ok?

So, what's your favorite nail hardener?

Have a great day!
jaa ne~!


Aya said...

Thanks for the review! I hope this is available too at Watsons near me :D

Dawn said...

Nice. I'll definitely buy one when I see one at Watsons! Thanks for the review! :D

Chriselle Sy said...

Ang cute naman nito. Natatakot kasi ako magtry ng mga di ko maintindihan yung packaging. Haha

aika said...

hopefully available yan dito samin!

εïз ღ Valerie-Ssi ღ εïз said...

I need this!! Thanks for the review! ^^ I've been trying out several nail hardeners now ♥

daintybabymd said...

It's The first time I saw this, I dont think all watson's branches have this, I do hope they do soon! So far I have been using Sally Hansen's Thicken up, works for me so far... :)

Dainty MD
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