Saturday, September 01, 2012

BFF Challenge: Flowers~

I can't believe this is the last BFF Challenge. It feels like it was just last week since we started it.LOL!
Since this is the last challenge, i recreated one of my personal favorite among all the ones that i made.

If you had seen my Camellia Nail Art, you know what i'm talking about. Making it this time is a lot easier compare to the first time. It took me an hour & a half, i think compare with half a day before so i think i am already improving my painting skills,no?

Taking pictures for this was so frustrating because my camera isn't focusing (it really needs to be saved asap) & the fact that the design on my thumb is leaning on to the left area, i can't quite take full nail pictures of the whole design. tsk!

Sorry about the dust particles there.
Bf said that i can take it out by using an air spray thingy but i'm scared that it will just push the dust further to the lens.

A close-up look of the thumb. I think the thumb has the best design of them all,don't you think so?
I didn't watermark it just because i don't want to alter the resolution of it anymore since i can't take macro shots anymore.

Here's to hoping no one will steal my picture & claim it as their own. I'll be seriously pissed if someone will take credit for this when IT IS ME who shed sweat & effort trying to make this as perfect as i can.

So, what do you think?
I have a tutorial for this nail art HERE. You can just take a look at it if you want to try making this nail art too.

I am really liking this base .
It's a duochrome,actually. I'll blog about it tomorrow. It's another Ebalay polish!yay!
It is really gorgeous under the sun together with the silver design that i painted on, makes it really pop!

Another design i made earlier this week. This looks a lot better in person just because the base is a glitter polish. The glitters go all sparkly & shiny every time you move your fingers.

Well,i had fun doing the challenge.
I'm not sure if we'll start another one but for now, my main priority is to have my camera fixed. I don't want to buy another one because this camera has a sentimental value on me. I sure hope that Samsung will be able to fix this asap.

You can check out these ladies doing the same challenge with me:
Sally Of Nail Pron

Happy Saturday to y'all!
Jaa ne~!


Dawn said...

I super love the floral details! ♥

aika said...

ths is also one of my fave nail art that u did! saw the vid naloka ako sobrangg busisi :))

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