Friday, July 09, 2010

Soap Review: Acne-aid Cleansing Bar

When i reformatted my pc i thought that i saved everything on my portable hard drive. I make it a point to make a back-up of it on my portable HD & my flash disk, but for some reason i can't find it. I know that i saved it but now it's gone.. Maybe the years has just caught up on me already for it seems that i've been forgetting a lot of things lately. *sigh*

Sadly, the pics that i have of Acne-aid bar is lost.. same with all the personal photos that i've accumulated... argh! So im saying sorry in advanced if this post doesn't seem like how i do product review. I hate that i post incomplete details..but since i won't waste my money on this so i think it's better to just let this out of my way already..

Well, even if there are no pics, i can still do the review. Though it may not be as fun as it is supposed to be.

On my quest for finding a good substitute for my fave soap, i stumble upon this soap. At first i was hesitant since i find it to be a bit expensive, but since i can't go home empty-handed i decided to give it a try. With the price that i pay, i sure thought that this would be the perfect substitute.. but WAS I WRONG!

Again, since i don't have the box with me already i won't be able to show you the ingredients list but as far as i remember it says that it is Dermatologist-tested & recommended....making it sound like a dream-come-true-for-acne-sufferer. I can't go into details so i'll just share my experience...

When i use Neutrogena acne-prone facial bar on my zits, i find that they disappear the next day without leaving any marks at all (this is why i'm still simmering up for it is THAT effective to me & it's already phased-out!!!!).

When i use Acne-aid bar on my zits, i find that the zits stayed on my face like forever for it doesn't do a fig.

I know that Neutrogena doesn't really have any pimple-fighting ingredients, but it's sure as hell effective in getting rid of the dirt deep down inside the pores therefore minimizing zits & eventually gets rid of them. While Acne-aid might not have pimple-fighting ingredients (i think...correct me if im wrong,ladies), it's not effective in cleaning my pores.

What the?!
Safeguard soap is even better in getting rid of pimples than this one!

On the other hand, this one is not as soluble as Neutrogena because i have been using this for quite sometime but it still looked full. It's like i can use it for the whole year.

When using this one, it leaves my skin felling squeaky clean & it's not good because any soap that does that means that it strips away lipids that is essential in your skin.. So thumbs down for that..

I'm not satisfied at all... but i notice that this work for body acne. I have 2 zits on my chest & i tried using this & it reduce the size. Though it didn't really dried up, after using it 2-3x unlike just using an ordinary body soap. But since i don't suffer from body acne, i don't have any further need for this.

I find this expensive compared to other facial bars out there... i think i bought it for Php 172.

  • the bar is huge so it will last for sometime
  • locally available
  • didn't work for me
  • expensive
Needless to say that i won't be buying this again...

What facial bar are you using?
Any recommendations for me?

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Jaa ne~!

If you know any store where i can still buy the Neutrogena facial bar acne-prone please let me know. I'm dying to get my hands on it & i'll buy everything out to make sure that i have enough stock..LOL


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if it's gonna be effective coz it really catches my eye.Good thing you were able to have a review about it. :*


nikkiirasusta said...

i've read good reviews about cyliena's tomato soap ;) havent tried it yet though.. pero their black peal variant is nice :)

Amanda said...

thank you thia for this review!im using defensil now while waiting for lemme know if meron na.hihi

Aui-yee said...

I've tried the acne-aid bar for a year and I think it's doing good. Hmmm. Maybe I should give the neutrogena bar a try to see which would be better for my face. thanks for this review! :)

Aira said...

i tried the acneaid before and its drying for but i think it works well in drying up zits when rinsed with luke warm water.. :)

there are lot of Neutrogena Bars here in cavite (SM dasmarinas)..:))

Fifi said...

I've also tried it before but it dried my skin. Not comfortable at all. :(

Devji Parmar said...

i'm also using let's see what will happen

yanna said...

hi. im not kidding here but SAFEGUARD white soap does clear up my severe acne. Acne is caused by oil and bacteria. Safeguard literally combats these two ingredients of acne. ive been using it for a year now and my skin look better than ever. i tried Neutrogena, Acne Aid, also tried Dove and Ivory, or even acne soaps made by my dermatologists, NONE OF THEM work at all!

anonymous1234 said...

wel you shouldnt just judge the effects of it cause everyone has its own skin type and in my case i found acne aid very helpful specially when partnered up with clindamycin (sos)

anonymous1234 said...

no you should try it its a very good soap. t

xtina_gorgeous said...

til now meron pqng nun nyng acne aid... prang almost 8 mos. n ata yn ..kea lng hnd cia sapat pra mwala ung pimples ko... well. hnd nmn ganun kalala cia... it just started 2 yrs ago... mwwala tpos mgkkron ult..i think its hormonal .... kc i never got pimples ever since kht nun ng start ako mgwork as call center rep. 6 yrs ago.. recently lng...which i think was after my pregnancy eh.... anyways, i use Defensil effective nmn...I also use the Avon natural Tea tree oil and Green Trea extract cleanser., then un toner dn,,,pero snce naubos na i bought recently ung Gluta C toner(sbe kc dun acne control dn dw), i also bought recently ung Pure Active ng Garnier ung mei Fruit thingy (sorry i forgot the title) since paubos ndn ung defensil ko im planning to try or buy nmn ung Safeguard Derma sense for acne prone skin... pg mei blemish nmn right now im using Garnier lightning complete. Mukang effective nmn... pero all thru this PATIENCE IS THE KEY TLGA.. kng out of budget ka or tight ang budget mu try the cheap ones. i always check for the ingredients muna...and check blogs & reviews.... hope this helps!! :))

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