Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beautytreats Lipstick + weekend nails (finally!)

Want to know what i think about it? I think my smile would tell you how glad i am that i bought these.

I was in for a treat when i bought these babies. I am in love with these!

Let's get to know the brand first. The SA told me that this brand is from US. I tried looking for info about it & i saw that they have a website. I have not yet read reviews of this brand yet so i'm not really at all familiar with the products. I'm not sure if Beautytreats is available at all leading department store. I bought it at SM Manila.

The SA said that this finish have 7 shades. I only bought 2 though... I picked the shades Baby Berry & Hot Gossip.

Again, i swatched this just once

Hot Gossip is a nice red..blood red! I really love it!
Baby Berry is a deep pink..if there is a burgundy pink, then it's a good way to describe it.

I have only used this for a couple of times, but i know that i am ready now to be able to give my review for i reach this lipstick every now & then... Wanna know why?
  • They're dirt cheap but good quality! 
  • They are pigmented like matte finishes but glides like a butter (like amplified cream finish for MAC). 
  • They are creamy which makes application a lot easier with no tugging on the lips just so that you'll be able to apply it. 
  • Since they are creamy & pigmented you only need 1 swipe & you're ready to go!
  • Again, they are creamy so your lips won't feel dry unlike matte lipsticks (but it's still better to wear a lip balm underneath).
I was wearing Hot Gossip on the pic above. I love how it could make the whole face light up. This is what i call a to-go type of cosmetic product! 1 application & you could already conquer the world with your chin up,ne?

This also lasts a long time! If you wipe it, it would leave you with a nice natural red-looking lips. It's better to use a lip liner to line your lips to prevent your lipstick from bleeding. It's looks glossy enough so you can even skip lip gloss if you want to.

Now this is with Baby Berry... I wasn't able to take a good pic of me with it..but since the star of this pic is the Baby Berry, so it doesn't matter. I think i was able to at least pull the color. Love this color!

I didn't apply any blush in the pic..Just a light dusting of pressed powder & mascara.

Oh! & i forgot to add, the only thing that made me not in favor with this is the packaging.

While it may not look & feel cheap, the fact that it has that 'rubbery' texture would make it as a dirt magnet. It also doesn't have a box or anything. Actually when i bought it the tag price was just stuck on the side, which when i removed it part of the label was also stuck.

Well, with the price that i paid i guess i should not complain..but still...
*OC in me grumbles*

with Hot Gossip on

with Baby Berry on

I so love these lipsticks!

They have different lipstick finishes but i'm not interested so i did not inquire more about it. What i find so cute about them is their lip glosses, it looks like a giant flower. The cap is big because it has a lipstick underneath! And the price is also the same.. Php 205! How cheap is that?! I'm just not a lip gloss fan though.
    If there is 1 brand of lipstick that i would recommend especially if you have a tight budget then you ought to check this out.

    Well, this is just a quick heads up for those who are looking for a good lipstick.

    Hope y'all have a great day,hunnies!
    Jaa ne~!

    After weeks of not being able to do nail arts, i was able to finally pull something off. I tried doing nail arts last week, but with my days going downhill even the nail polishes seem to be on a strike, i wasn't able to. Though this is not as neat as i want them to be, but i'm already happy for i think it's already a good start!

    I should have just done a black & white puzzle pieces,ne? I would do so the next time & i'll do a tut by then.


    London's-beauty said...

    The baby berry colour looks pretty on you :)

    Your nails are lovely! Would you like to do tiger prints next time?

    Dina (XYYan) said...

    I love them on you! You looks great with bright lips :)
    Oh, the nails design is really cute!

    coffretgorge said...

    DAHLIN'!!! baby berry looks gorgie on you! :) i agree, it does brighten the face :)

    sushiflower said...

    i saw these babies at a P99-peso-store in our city. but i wasn't really sure about the pigmentation and all.. i just got their mineral blushes :) thanks to your post, i'd def'ly try their lippies. lovely fotd and notd! xoxo :)

    DICTASHION. said...

    I LOVE YOUR NAILS.. PLEASE TEACH US HOWW.. omg i wana learn :(
    and both of the lipsticks are great and highly pigmented colours!

    EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

    You look sooo pretty and sexy and with the red lips and I love your smile :)

    Pammy said...

    Ooh. I see this brand in Watson's but the American 99 store near my place sells these for 99 bucks. :P I remember having their duo blush and it was nice. :)

    The red lips look so hot on you! Gorgeous. :P

    Bheii said...

    I can see it brighten up your whole look. love baby berry on you and also the red lippy! :)

    Nail Galore said...

    Ah.. Such a nice nail art! Im gonna try tht soon:-)

    Blovet Beauty said...

    it's really not easy to carry off red. I dun know how u did it but that lip stick looks amazing on u! I'm sure people will be asking u non stop what brand of lippy u are wearing. I would!

    Anna said...

    Hi, Thiamere. I'm also in love with these brand especially their mineral blushes. However I didn't buy it in SM department Store. I even thought that SM made a huge markup with the BT products because you can actually find these @American stores for a price of P99 or just slightly higher. I bought my mineral blush for P99 and I think their lipsticks are somewhere that price. I bought it at Farmers Cubao @ an American Surplus Store. The ones you usually see 99 store or something like that. :P

    Shopcoholic said...

    pretty lip colors... suits you sis! ang ganda talaga ng red noh? it really brightens the face kahit wala gaanong makeup =)

    DeBi said...

    so delicious! I wonder if red lipstick suits my tanned complexion? what you think? You look so darn sexy with red lips!

    herroyalbleakness said...

    ooo-weee! those are sexy lips! super bagay on you. if you're not wearing much makeup, okay si hot gossip to spice liven up the face!

    thanks for sharing!

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