Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rockwell Bazaar event

As i said on my facebook, i was bullied by my friends to attend the Bazaar in the Rockwell Tent. I seriously don't have any plans to attend though but i was not given a's either to go or go...i said i'd choose OR...hehehe

Anyway, I had a bad start for my day for i woke up late, traffic was insane for i didn't know that the road is being repair from where i'm living, i rode the wrong jeepney, got lost & have to walk under the scorching sun just to be able to get to the train.

Not a good start for my first bazaar,huh?

While i was walking, i was really contemplating whether im going to attend or not but because i was thinking of really checking out the Dollface Palettes for Sis September & i don't want to let her down so i did & after being late for 1 1/2 hour i was finally able to meet with my friend.

Now, on to the bazaar...

It was a hot day but there were a lot of people!

This is how it looked like inside...

Ah! Finally! An air-conditioned room!

I thought that i would die because of the heat outside. The registration fee is Php100 on which you are entitled to a raffle stub & a free eco shopping bag.

There are not a lot of beauty products there, most are accessories, shoes & dresses. I took pics of the beauty products that are being sold there so that you guys would know what to expect if you plan to drop by tomorrow.

I was seriously contemplating whether i'm going to buy the Emu Oil, but in the end decided not to because if i do buy it i have to start using it asap. I want to give my face more time to recuperate before i doing a different regimen again.

The lady here was so nice & gave me warm smiles even though i asked a lot of questions..hehe. Sadly, i'm not much of body cream/lotion user...

I already have the 88 palette so i'm not interested in buying any palettes from them, but the brushes are nice! They offer the same price with their online shop.

They offer body moisturizers, which they call as Whipped Cream & all of them smells utterly YU-MEE!

Look at all the 'flavors' that they offer! Dark Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Parfait, etc. How about a White Chocolate Mousse?

Again, im not a lotion user so i'm not that interested in it but their scents are just to die for. I mean, seriously! If you put yourself in a dessert-free mode, this would be a better alternative..let your nose take all the calories they can get, guilt-free! LOL!

I know that they only offer dresses for pregnant women but you know with me, being a plus-size lady, i also check out the Maternity dresses for sometimes i can find good dresses there that fits me. I did a serious inspection of their goods & believe me, they are the same quality with those you can find in boutiques!

They only have a few selections for (if i remember it right) the sweet lady told me that their stocks will just be coming in. Actually, the first thing that i notice was the brush set!

Oh,and i notice this mirror. I think it looks cute,ne?
Look at the different designs they have.. I'm sure there's one there that would suit your style.

Sadly, i did not bought anything for nothing really caught my interest except for the Emu Oil, on which i just decided to pass up for the meantime but i will definitely buy it in the future.

When we went out, i saw this stall that offers vegetable & fruit juice.. Yep, vegetable & fruit! How healthy!

They have 4 flavors to choose from...

You choose your flavor & they will make it for you with you really seeing all the vegetables they are including in. They offer a free taste so feel free to try it first. Oh, & everything is organic.

I ordered a medium-sized Hella Green flavor, which is consist of Lettuce, coconut, mango & banana. You know what, i did not feel the craving for food for like the whole time that my friends & i were strolling the Powerplant Mall!

We keep on walking for like 2 hours before we decide to go in a cafe to have coffee. I was hungry, but not the kind that would really make you feel like ordering up a whole plate of Rib Eye Steak with 2 cups of rice & whole assortment of side dishes. I just ordered a watermelon shake to satisfy my hunger pangs & i lasted the whole evening! If i get the chance to try this again, i definitely will try it again!

 I still have the stamp mark on as i'm actually making this post.

It was a very tiring but fun day for me.

Goodness! Oily-face alert! hahaha
Hanging out with girlfriends are fun,ne?

How's your Saturday?

Hope you are having an enjoyable day/evening!

Jaa ne~!


Anonymous said...

Oh my...I just went to rockwell tent (BAZAAR) today....

I enjoy watching the cars in carspa than buying some beauty stuffs....

So many sports car :0


lelila said...

i was there tonight, ang onti nga ng beauty stuff and ang onti ng tao. puro din dress and accessories, sayaang i didnt see mamaway. just bought jean and rosz necklace lang

makeupjunkie said...

i want the lighted mirror thingy! so cute! :D

Askmewhats said...

I wasn't able to go! But it looks like a fun one :)

Pammy said...

I thought that when they say bazaar, there'd be tons of products and stores. I've never been to any Rockwell Bazaar though. But if I were there, I probably would've bought something from Vanilla & Co. The fruits seem to be the best part. :P

buy and sell philippines said...

Rockwell Bazaar is one of the best,so many beauty stuff to buy I love being there.

coffretgorge said...

i like the vivid mirror! :) and i want to check out the body bakery, im a lotion gal and the scents you listed are interesting! dark chocolate mint.... ;)

Pop Champagne said...

oh wow there's a lot of goodies at the convention you were in. I'd spend hours there just trying on product samples hahaha! And yeah oily face alert, been getting that a lot here too, too hot these days!!

Jbreezybaby said...

wow... i never heard of that when i was back in the phil.. but so many goodies! lol @ oil face alert... girl, ur not alone!

thanks for the comment thia! i had a lot of fun with my boyfriend, i miss him terribly tho. ive been hella busy! im soo busy with my studies that i even deactivated my facebook account kasi nakakadistract talaga! haha. I hope I pass my next nclex exam. take care thia! xoxo

Sherry said...

good pic like your headband too

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

naintriga ako sa LED mirror! how much sha sis?! LOL

herroyalbleakness said...

you actually looked glowing, blot nalang a little on the forehead, but your oily cheeks are soooo nice. they're dewy nice, it looks healthy and natural.

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

oh wow, that's pretty cool and it looks sooo much fun :)

i like revon photo ready but i couldnt find a shade that matches my skin tone. The one i got was one shade lighter but i still managed to make it work. I heard some people mix it with color stay so it doesn't look too glowy in photos.

antipahtika said...

I envy you so much! I can't believe i missed this! I had heard about it, ignored it, and now, regretting it.

love your post!

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