Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Nivea Anti-wrinkle Q10+ eye cream Review

I did not do a review on the first eye cream that i tried because i feel that it doesn't have any effect at all. So this time im doing an all-out review on this product, so there would be lots of pics & lots of blah-blahs too.

Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10+ Eye Cream
I have been using this for more than a month now & i know that im way delayed for the review.
So, let's start with this.

As what i said before, im more concerned about the fine lines on my under-eye area rather than eyebags. I tried the Nivea whitening (or lightening, i cant remember it) eye cream first because i thought that it will also work with the lines, which of course, didn't. So i went for the anti-aging cream knowing that this would of course address my need.
I'll just save myself from typing the description on the back carton. Just click it.

Works instantly,huh?
It's said to reduce fine lines within hours. Let's see if it's true!

The packaging is good because its in a tube. It's hygienic.
I'd choose this over Garnier Eye Roll-on in a heartbeat when it comes to packaging. It's also fragrance-free so its a plus for me! yay!

Now these are the ingredients:
Wanna see how it looks like?

It's white & creamy.
When you spread it, it will leave you with a whitish mark, though its not that obvious. See what i mean?

Now that we are done with the product description, its time for my opinion. But before anything else, ill show you my before pic:

This was taken 40 days ago... (i look like im problematic,huh?..its just that i was outside & my eyes have not adjusted yet)

Now for this picture, this was taken the same day, but just after application of it. I suggest that you actually click it to see if there is an effect.

I religiously apply this every night, though there might be sometime where i missed it,but just once or twice. I apply this in the morning & in the evening. On the whole duration, i was observing if im gonna developed some syringomas or an allergic reaction...thank god for i did not have any bad effects. I got wary from using eye creams ever since i read Elsa's review on L'oreal Revitalift, just read it here if you want to know.

As what i said before, it does leave a whitish mark when you apply it, but its ok with me since i just stay at home. The only thing that i can't bear with this is the fact that whenever i use this & it accidentally get inside my eye, it will leave me with a burning sensation. Take note, not stinging, but burning!

Is it just the Q10+?
Whatever it is, it sure is painful.

I have to stop what im doing & close my eyes for at least a minute before the burning sensation goes away. Then i will open up with a red eye, but it will be gone in mere minutes. For something that is "opthalmologically approved", i just quoted this straight from the box, this sure doesn't feel eye-friendly...

But aside from that, i like using this product. I actually think that it does work! Did you take a closer look at the 2 pics at the top? Right after i apply it, i think the lines were actually diminished! Go ahead! Click it!

Did you see?

Ok, enough with that, ill just show you the 'after 40 days' pic: (the pic is different because i used a different camera this time)

Hmmm....Why does it look like its just the same?

Since i love everybody & i am willing to go the extra mile for ya, so you can just take a look at this: (i just did the left eye)You'll be able to compare the effect of the product with this side by side pics. hehe. XD
sorry about the typo (-__-")

Ok, going over the pic, you'll notice that there is a difference if you take a closer look at the lines. The line on the before pic is somewhat obvious, but the after pic is already less obvious. It does reduce fine lines within hours! Click the pic to see it further.. XD

During the time that i was using, i was not actually taking care of myself. I mean, i don't sleep early, i sleep at 3am. Still the usual stuff, like i keep on rubbing my eyes...its a bad habit of mine (-__-"). So im pretty sure that this product would work better for those who are really doing the things that should be done.

Im sure you'll see bigger improvements if you do it the right way, though in my case i didn't.hehe. Im actually impressed that it was able to diminish the line, even if i changed my sleeping time. If im taking extra care of myself, im pretty sure that i'll see greater results. It only means that this product actually works!

So to summarize everything...
  • cheap
  • available everywhere
  • hygienic
  • fragrance-free
  • it does work
  • it burns the hell out of my eyes every time i accidentally get it inside
  • will leave a whitish mark
Maybe ill buy this again, but since i still have a full tube to use so i don't see myself buying it anytime soon. Ill also do another review as soon as im done with it. Just be careful in using this..make sure you don't put it near your eye...

Hope you find this post helpful!

Jaa ne~!


donnarence said...

wow jem.. i absolutely saw the difference!! how much??very impressive!! kakabili ko lang ng ponds kasi sale eh.. :D this one is next on my list if naubos ko na ang ponds.. love the review!!!

Tish said...

Perfect timing! I've been looking for a good eye cream to get rid of my fine lines. Thank you!!!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ donna
i bought it for Php 350...very cheap but effective!
hope it will work on you din

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ tish
no problem,hun!
hope this will work on you too

Sherry said...

nice review, okay I hate burning. :(

Aralka said...

wow, it looks better i think :D :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ sherry
i hate it too...
especially on my eyes

@ aralka
so it really works!

funkiimonkee said...

wow! That's such a helpful review:) Great job- I've been looking around for eye creams that actually does work! Thank you!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ funkiimonkee
no problem,hun!
i try to give details as much as i can
hope this would work on you too

Kay said...

awesome review as always.. :)

this is good coz im also in the look out for a good eye cream.. darn wrinkles!

thanks dear!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

thank you,girl!

i do try my best

♥ mia said...

im currently on d search for a good eyecream for my dark undereyes.

will keep this in mind while i do more research, lol

Sush said...

I think ive tried this before but im not a creature of habit. I think I should stick to a regimen and include this. Thanks for the review :)

Khymm said...

thanks! very nice review. i can really see the results on your pic.. will try this soon. still have to finish 2 of my eyecreams =)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ mia
hope you'll be able to find one that works

@ sush
no problem,hun

@ khymm
thank you
let us know how it is for you if you have tried it already

Askmewhats said...

it does work din no? pero the burning of the eyes part doesn't sound good :( thanks for the review

purplesilke said...

wow nice review! i'm actually looking for a good eye cream that won't burn a hole in my pocket. might give this a try! thanks girl!

Jbreezybaby said...

thank you for the review thiamare!!! I really want to try this one, I've been looking for an eye cream slash anti-wrinkle stuff! and you can really see the difference! thanks for sharing hun! btw, what you meant by post the package? are you referring doon sa papadala mo? if it is, no rush hun!!! hindi naman ako nagmamadali, wala naman akong pupuntahan eh hehe. thank you again for that, il get you something in return :)

Sarah said...

Ohh great post!!!! I have a similar Nivea Night Cream and holy mother of Jesus does it sting to get it in my eye, well like you said... burn!!! ouch!!!
But wow i can totally notice a difference! Not that you even have anything to worry about, you are a spring chicken :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Very nice effect after cream using you got! It seems like working so nice!
Also I want to say sorry to you, because of the package. I didn't send it to you yet, because I absolutely don't have time, sorry again! I will try it to send it on next week!
So sorry, dear! Hope on your understanding!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ nikki
yeah it does work!
im actually surprised that it did...
except for the burning sensation

@ purplesilke
let us know how it did for you too,hun

@ jbreezybaby
thank you!
hope you'll be able to find this
too late, its already on its way to your doorstep

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ sarah
you're so sweet

@ anastacia
it does work.
i hope that after i finish the whole tube, my line will be gone..
don't stress yourself,hun
take your time

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

i love the way you label your products with too lazy to do that...i dont have eye creams..pero i want to have one kasi i do have fine lines din.

Pop Champagne said...

ooh I just got their intensive night cream so glad to see that their product works! But burning sensation eh... hmmmm... I used to have a face mask that gave me burning sensation, I assumed that it was just doing its job but LOL it sure hurts!!!

Shen said...

I tried an expensive eye cream that gives me burning feel. I know definitely what you mean by that. I could hardly keep my eye open but it was a good eye cream till i figured i'm better of with lines than damage my eyes in the process. :) but this one is def on the list.. i'll see if i'll have the same reaction. hopefully i don't. thank god that this got a reasonable price. :)

btw, miss you!!!! sorry haven't been commenting so much. no time!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this person in a long time but I still miss her sometimes.

Is this normal? I haven't spoken to her in over 8 months but I occasionally just feel like I still miss her.

aiMee Bunbun said...

Great review dear :D might purchase this aftr im done with garnier :)

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