Sunday, September 20, 2009

rants & ramblings ~detox~

It's sunday & half of my weekend is gone already... time sure flies fast!

Anyways, what's up with you ladies?
How was/is your saturday? What are your plans?

Im trying to detox my body by eating as much greens as i can.

I have been munching on lettuce & grapefruit for the past couple of days because i wanted to make sure that i eat as much fiber as i can. Anyway, i just wanted to ask how about you? How do you detox?

How do you 'clean' your body?
I wanted to clean my body, maybe that would somewhat help my acne? not sure!
but it sure doesn't hurt to eat those. And i actually enjoy eating it...i used to hate veggies before, but now i can't live without them.

Now going back to my acne problem, im thinking of trying out Obagi. It's because my acne has escalated to mild from the not-so-mild anymore..& before it's too late, i want to do something about it. It's time to get serious. Have any of you tried it?

Well, that's it!
No weekend nails because i cut my nails a couple of days ago. Will go back to nail posts as soon as my nails are long enough for nail designs.

Hope y'all have a nice weekend!

Jaa ne~!


Y said...

LOL really? I've never tried to detox myself.. Let us know how it goes!!

Aralka said...

Wow, this food look very healthy.
I like apples <3 :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Wooooaaaa! Thiamere! You are so great!
It's amazing deal to eat healthy food!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I absolutely love vegetables, even when I was little! My mom started vege's on me at a young age.. you know, those asian vege soups! LOL!!! I absolutely love them!!! I've been feeling uneasy because I haven't ate any home cooked ones that my mom made and I can't really cook where I'm living, which is sad. =T I kind of think, eating lots of vege make you don't break out and somehow (my own opinion), made me stayed slim o.O I haven't eat vege soup like how I normally did in the past for 3 years now and I've gained lots of weight!!! Just my opinion. haha.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ Y
i will!

@ aralka
as what they said ' an apple a day,keeps the doctor away'

@ anastacia
im starting to eat greens as much as possible.
maybe that will help my acne

@ linda
i totally agree with what you said.
i know the feeling. it feels different when you don't eat veggies,right?

adin_22 said...

I think u should try going to a hubby tried using those commercially available anti-acne stuff...and it got he went back to his dermatogist....and his skin is better now...

Askmewhats said...

Come to think of it, I don't detox much as I'm a vegetable eater to start with, probably drink several glasses of water, I needed that :)

Soapaholic said...

Eating healthier is always a good thing!:) I admire your discipline because I usually prefer the yummier stuff to the healthier ones.:P

I'm on Proactiv right now and I really love it, it's made a dramatic difference in my skin. I got moderate to severe acne from my latest breakout. After 19 days of using Proactiv I'm down to 3 isolated bumps, considering that I have my period. It uses benzoyl peroxide too, same as Obagi Clenziderm, but only 2.5% while Obagi's is 10% I think.:) Obagi is a really good brand though. I suppose it's very effective too.:)

Jbreezybaby said...

thiaaa!!! I need help with good acne products lol. I've had 4.. yes 4 acne in a matter of 2 days! @_@ eto pa ung mapula at mahapdi lol. I hate getting those types of acne, they leave scars and hyperpigmentation. i was wondering if theres anything you can suggest to me? :) Something I can get from ebay US lol. I hope the detox helps yaaa.... ive been eating like a horse lately and I guess food does have an effect on developing acne. maybe i should go on detox as well! i hope to hear from you soon!!!

Elsa said...

green is in for you sis! obagi is somekinda expensive, try mo ung mario badescu... effective daw un eh!

itsMimee said...

looks green ;))
i like drink a lot of water and eat as healthy as i can :)

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and subscribing!
Feel free to visit anytime :)

oOchaOo said...

i love eating veggies! im sure you'll love it too :) and there are tons of ways to make veggies more delicious heehee

the only product i tried to fix my acne before was pro-activ :) it really vanished my acne! before, i had gazillions of acne on my forehead :( heehee.. but now its gone.. thank goodness heehee..


Jasmin said...

Detox? I need to try it! A lot of my friends have been getting these organic pills & detoxing. I don't know if I can do it. HAHA. But I will try. I mean, it is good for your health.

Pop Champagne said...

hehehe thats how I detox my body too! I eat a bunch of rabbit food! Hope everything is going well with you ^^ can't wait to see more nail creations!

Vanilla said...

wow !
i wanna try detox too,by eating veggies n fruits?hehehe
next week forsure !heehhe

donnarence said...

i'll try this one jem.. i never really loved veggies but i should be eating more of them.. living a healhty life is a must

Anonymous said...

There's an obagi skin center at greenbelt why don't you check it out...ldsh... hehe no jokes today... I'm serious...

Anonymous said...

Well, does peanut include in your detox menu? I somewhat can't eat peanut or something with peanut's sauce coz it would get me acne. So, there's possibility something in your food doesn't match / cause your skin's allergy/acne. You can try to find out by put one thing away from the menu and see what happen in two days. (for example: lettuce) And try for one another thing away in next day and put pack the previous veggie (example take out the carrot and put back the lettuce) I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here... coz believe me sometimes a little thing can cause a big thing... ^.^


Anonymous said...

Do any of those medicines really work to a great extent?
And I wish I could eat healthy... college life doesn't work too well with that.

*Nehs* said...

thanks for the 1nfo about the FS curler th1a! gonna try that for sure!

you know, dec1ded to eat healthy foods too! plann1ng on tak1ng fru1ts 1n the morn1ng and vegg1es for lunch and d1nner. 1've been eat1ng junk foods and fatty foods lately, th1nk that's the reason of my acnes. :((

Anonymous said...

ms. thiamere i miss you :(

wow... gulayyyyyyyy

mahirap pala magbisita ng blog isa isahin sila... hahaha!

do you still love me? :(

Blair said...

Detoxing sounds great! Do let us know how it goes!

Golden said...

Oh dearie, how's your skin condition? Have you tried eskinol with dalacin? By the way, I'll be posting about the eskinol thingie tomorrow. I too suffered from acne and I just want to share with you guys how it got cured. I really don't want you to use Obagi as it is way too expensive.

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