Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ELF haul

I popped by the Post Office today to pick up one parcel & i know that its my ELF haul. Yay!
maybe you're waiting about my rant on the PO,huh?
hehehe....i'll pass up on that one. I know that y'all know how much i hate our PO,right?

I opened the package & these are what's inside

Lots of brushes...yay for these!i waited so much for these.

I just love ELF eye brushes! I am able to make good look using these. It's really worth my money...oh, & so much more! so I just have to buy more...

I heard a lot of good thing about the ELF face brushes so i decided to buy one for me too. Although i haven't used it yet, but i have to say that they're soft. To some degree i can say that they can be compared...take note, just compared...to Everyday Minerals, but they're not quite, almost.

For one, the Complexion brush is too flimsy for me. I rather like a brush that is a bit resilient. Something that kinda fights back because im able to control it better. I feel that i can control what part of my face i need to put color on, unlike flimsy ones that just tends to scatter all over. That's just my opinion though, but then i haven't tried it yet, so who knows?! Maybe i'll even like this than what my current preference.

I'll give my thoughts about the brushes once I have tested them all, but for now teh only thing i have to say is that they're soft...but it doesn't mean that i like it already because from where im sitting, I have seen a hair or two that sheds off on my brush... (-__-") uh oh! not good...

I already have the blush/bronzer palette before but i just sold it...So i decided to buy one again..hehe

1 down 4 more to go!

Now on to the other news, I think im not gonna buy NARS ( i mean not yet). Maybe ill just buy the CS blush palette first & also the ELF Studio single blushes before i buy NARS. I want to know first what colors will work for me before i buy one. What cheap but quality blushes have you tried?

As what i said, I am NC20. Actually im getting pretty confused with my tone. When i buy mineral foundations, i look for the medium tone. But why is my MAC shade NC20?! Can someone please explain it to me? Im a noob when it comes to MAC.

Im already working on the Kojie-san posts...Maybe i'll be able to post it by the end of the week. Of course it takes time! I do full review & i try to give details as much as i can & provide pictures. I always imagine myself as the reader where i wanted to be able to really know everything about something in just one post than research over & over because the content of the last posts that i read were not enough.

Ok, im just ranting again. Maybe i'll have a birthday giveaway/contest soon. I'm still contemplating on the prizes because im not rich, but i will try to have a good one.

Well, that would be it.
Im just so busy with classes so im not able to update regularly, but i read all of your posts. If im not able to leave a comment it doesn't mean i didn't read it, Im just up to my neck with all the work.

Love y'all!

Jaa ne~!


Sherry said...

nice haul sis :)

Catmare said...

yay elf haul! hmm.. i am wondering why you sold your first elf blush/bronzer palette? i wanted to get that one, but is it good?...and about MAC shades, hmm.. when the SA told you you're NC20, did she try it on you? The MAC SA tried it on me and I noticed that it really matched my skin because the shade is almost unnoticeable when applied. even if she didn't put anything on my neck, it still matched the shade of my face.

xxNikkiDooxx said...

yehey sis! at last. nice haul. ;)

// krissy ♥ said...

i know how exciting it is to wait for online purchases, congratulations on finally receiving your elf haul! :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Awww! So nice mail package you got! The brushes looks totally nice!
Want to try ELF too, sad that over here is no this products...

oOchaOo said...

wow nice scores of brushes :-)
i think NARS blushes are really good investments although i don't have one yet heehee. elf blushes are really cheap but very nice :-)covergirl too is not that expensive but its also pretty heehee.

Tish said...

I have Peachy Keen and Tickled Pink and they're both pretty. The lasting power isn't so impressive, but the sheen/glow that ELF's mineral blushes give are pretty. I still think that the blush that comes with the contouring blush and bronzer duo is the most pigmented. I'm roadtesting my ELF mineral blushes and I'll write a proper review on them.

NARS blushes are good too, despite the steep price. They're a good investment.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ sherry

@ catmare
actually i was pretty crazy because i just feel like selling it.hehe.no reason at all
i guess ill go back to mac just to be sure

@ nikki
so happy

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ krissy
yeah,it is.its more of a mixed feeling.
worry, anxiety,excitement, etc.

@ anastacia
im pretty sure you'll be able to try it someday

@ cha
i think its a good investment too..but for a beginner i think its too much & im a beginner

twinsouls888 said...

Wow very nice haul. ^_^. I'm planning to buy the Elf brushes too especially their eyeshadow brushes ^_^. Will look forward to your contest/giveaway. ^_^

donnarence said...

ang dami jem.. love it!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

helloooooooooooooooo!!! lol. nice haul of Elf brushes!! There are so many of them O_O I hate it when brushes sheds, like the Mary Kay mineral brush I have. I like eco tools =] and I use essence brushes too............ that is if I do wear make up that day. LOL. which I do when I'm really ill because I get so pale!

* Jen * said...

yay! congratulations on getting your ELF haul! =) i ordered their complexion brush from their studio line and i wasn't that pleased with it either, so i gave it to my sister instead. it is soft, but it's just not dense enough for me.

as for blushes, i like nyx cream blushes a lot. kinda cheap too, only $5 each. so sad they're not available here. got mine from mscuppycakes.com and took them a while to process my order.

Askmewhats said...

I love your hauls!!!! and I know how it feels to hate the PO but nothing to do about it!!!! :D Inexpensive blushes? Fashion 21 the local brand makes good one and NYX also makes very pigmented blushes :)

Pammy said...

Lotsa brushes! :P The contouring blush & bronzer's really nice. I am loving ELF Studio Line. :)

adin_22 said...

Jane are my current fave blushes....I got the nars orgasm....but I don't use it that often as my Jane blushes...and it's sooo cheap...

gio said...

Great haul! I love ELF brushes. The powder brush is fantastic! I use it to apply liquid foundation and it works very well.

I wish the complexion brush was more dense too but overall, it's a good brush, esp considered the price.

Aicha Amano said...

Di kasi gumagana ang elf.ph :( so bad

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ tish
i'll be waiting for your ELF review,girl!

@ ems
yep..for a dollar, im loving it for the price!

@ donna
maybe yours will arrive anytime sooner na

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ linda
im really loving the elf eye brushes. also my eco tools blush brush, i always use it. i haven't tried EOB though, i haven't seen any store that sells it internationally..
tsk tsk tsk
i wanted to try it too

@ jen
i haven't road tested it yet, but ill see if the complexion brush have a potential...lol

@ nikki
yep, im planning to already collect all the f21 blushes

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ pammy
if elf studio line is at least half of nars, im putting nars orgasm on my wishlist na

@ adin
hmmm...jane blushes
i hope i can try it out too

@ gio
yeah..with the price, who are we to complain..
they're cheap but works great!

@ aicha
yeah...i hope that they will be able to fix it na & also complete line

imlee said...

yay!! at last it's here!

dami brushes :) i love elf brushes too..

Anonymous said...

great haul you got lots of ELF brushes . i love elf brushes but not their blending brush that we could find at sm -__- ang tigas lol..yay for nars @0@ i wish wish santa am a good girl you know lol

anyways thia thanx for the awesome comment :D tc!

Toothfairynotes said...

wow, big haul! great ELF products!
enjoy them!


Vanilla said...

juon?i cant remember if i have watched it or not
ohh i love elf brushes,i use their eye brushes
beauty bargain
thanks for the sweet comment hun !:)

Liang said...

I love elf brushes! I have a couple and totally need to pick up some more.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ imlee
i waited for like forever

@ louie
hnd ko p ntry bumili ng blending brush ng elf sa sm e

@ toothfairynotes
i do!
its worth the wait

@ vanilla
you have to watch the original japanese version
i find it way scarier than the hollywood version

@ liang
its cheap but good quality,right?
i love it!

Golden said...

Where did you get those elf brushes? I want one too. Waa!

rhen said...

i <3 ELF brushes too ^_^. check out my recent ELF haul here:


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