Thursday, September 03, 2009

~rants & ramblings~ ebay + shipping rant

I popped on over to the Post Office yesterday to fetch one parcel... Actually i received the notice last week, but since the custom officer was not in the PO last week so i went home empty-handed & just went there yesterday.

The Custom Officer is always late, milks people off their money who claims parcel & had the guts to make the people wait....WTF?!


If someone in the Bureau of Customs is reading my posts, hope you get your acts straight...dang it!

Anyway, back to what i was saying, picked up a parcel...& it's actually the Ebay purchase that i made a month ago.
Going back to my post office rant, the date stamped here was july it means that this was posted at the USPS on that day...Then at the side of the box, there is a stamp that says, it was delivered to my local post office August 20. I just received the notification August 28..then when i was about to claim it on that day, the custom officer was not around! The Philpost is as slow as a turtle.

When i send out packages, they will receive it 2 weeks at the most..whereas here 1 month is the earliest before you receive it...crazy! (-__-")

I purchased Coty Airspun because one of my friend told me that it is a nice finishing powder. I was chatting with her before about the Lers Meteorites & she told me that Coty is a nice powder to try so when i saw it at Ebay i knew that i have to purchase it...

I know that Coty have a wide selection, but since this is already discontinued, so i was only able to have the Honey Beige shade. Plus i also bought the Physician's Formula's Les Botaniques Bronzer in Sunny Bunch. It's just because at that time i don't have any with me & i sold mine on me blogsale.

Here is how it looks like:
The Coty powder is actually sealed in plastic. See the top? It's actually plastic! So i have to pin prick it to make holes to get it. I haven't used the Les Botaniques yet, nor even swatched it because its either going on my blogsale or my upcoming birthday contest....

I've also had this for quite sometime now but i haven't got around to using it. Me mum gave it to me as like a 'payment' for fixing her up on her last birthday.

It's nice of her to give it to me...hehe. Thanks,mum!

Note: local courier info
>for those who uses Air21 in sending out packages, they have a new policy. They will not do door to door delivery pickups on the same day that you called if the amount is less than P1,000. They have to book you up for a next day pickup or worse, they will pick it up after 2 days...

Just like in my case..i called them tuesday because i need to send out packages. They told me about the new policy & they can just pick it up on Thursday. What the hell?!

Well, that's it. Im feeling a lot better now!

Im waiting for one ELF Studio haul.
i hope they arrive soon...

& i really can't wait for my Les Meteorites!
im dying of anticipation!

Jaa ne~!


Y said...

Yay!! I'm sorry that your mailing service is so slow =[

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oh wow, it sure takes a long time. I think because your postal service isn't all that great, it makes me scared to send things internationally to the philippines :(

But that sure is a nice pretty bottle of perfume~ ^__^ I bet it smells really good too!

adin_22 said...

How do u like the coty airspun???when I saw that one in our local drugstore I immediately grab one cuz' when I was younger back in the philippines I remember my grandma uses that one and still has the same packaging after all these it must be very good...

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ Y
it really sucks

@ dana
uh huh...
sending out is good...receiving packages is not
yeah, actually it does, but i haven't used it yet..
i will sometime

@ adin
i think its ok, though its definitely not my shade, what i dont like about it is the smell..its like the perfume "poison" the type where even if the person is already 5 miles away from you the scent still lingers...

i know that this is already discontinued..
such a shame!

Pammy said...

Oh dear! The PO here sure sucks. And wtf about the new Air21 policy?!

I've always loved Xend express better. They are way more reliable than Air21. And cheaper rates. The customer service is outstanding as compared to Air21 where I end up looking for supervisors a lot of times.

Pop Champagne said...

holy that's really slow shipping! Yeah man I hate the postal service... everything is backed up for 2 weeks at least even when something is mailed from US to Canada... like hello we're right beside US! And love the Vic's secret surprise you got from your mum! A gift is always the best when it's completely a surprise :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

do you get the package sent to your house? seems like you make trips to the post office and wow... shipping is so slow there!!!! sue them for making money out of yalls and making yalls wait! unless........ that's impossible to do =T

verina oei said...

ohh i love the packaaging !
oh elf studio,wasx it the 75% off??

rhaindropz said...

hi hun..

dapat siguro ireklamo yang mga post office na yan!!! kainis.. So much delay at gusto nila bago mo makuha yung items mo e maglalagay ka muna sa kanila!!!

sorry hehe.. nacarried away sa inis

charina send me a package last aug21 sad to say wala pa (hehe waiting impatienly)

sabagay.. anu p nga ba ang maasahan natin sa knila.. siguro dapat ireport sa tv para masaya hehe


Askmewhats said...

I've heard about Air21 and it sucks that they have to do the policy that way! I wish other courier wouldn't follow their steps!

Anyways, i'm still glad you got your stuffs, I would love to hear more about Coty soon! I only know they make scents?? not sure :) glad you're feeling better!

My-My said...

Awe, I really wish that customs wouldn't do that. I have been wanting to send some goodies to the PI, but it seems like its not worth it because you'll end up just paying for it. I wish there is a way around it.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ pammy
but for outside MM, i use Air21 instead of LBC
they sure suck

@ pop
tsk tsk tsk
i can understand yours...
canada is just beside US & it takes weeks..

@ linda
nop, i have to pick them up at the PO, it would be nice if its delivered straight to my house, but nope..i had to go on an ordeal just to get my packages

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ verina
i ordered mine from makeup mix shop..
if only i can order straight from ELF that would be great!

@ rhain
you're right!
they're becoming a nuisance

@ nikki
i sure hope so.
ill make a little post about coty

☆Anastacia☆ said...

omg! one month it's too long :( Anyways, very nice packaging you got!!1
Also, hun... please forgive me.. I didn't sent you a package on this week, sorry... Just totally don't have any time :( will send it on next week, I promise!

Pammy said...

Dear, Xend uses LBC for provincial shipping. Way cheaper than using LBC. :D

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ anastacia
it is
that's why i often times go crazy because of the waiting

no problem,girl
don't worry about it!

@ pammy
i thought that LBC is more expensive e

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