Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~a break from blogging~

I'll be taking a short break from beauty blogging up until the time that the situation here in metro manila has stabilized. I have not posted anything since saturday & might not be posting anything this week. Although i'm not physically affected by the tropical storm, but there are a lot of Filipinos suffering the aftermath of the storm.

Thank you for the messages of concern that i received asking how i am. Luckily, our house is situated on a higher place so were spared from the damage by the storm brought about by typhoon Ketsana.

Saturday, the day when Ketsana hit the greater metropolitan, i was just on my bed. I lingered there because it's cold & what's better to do on a rainy day but just stay in bed,right? All the time that i was safely cuddled in warmth, most of my fellow Filipinos are already fighting for their lives, salvaging all their belongings in order to survive.

Mid-afternoon, I heard how the wind howled, like an angry creature, lashing out all it's claws. The rain continuously pour like there's no tomorrow. I knew right there & then that it would bring about destruction. Electricity was flickering & i was thinking there would be a black out in our area, but luckily, it didn't. The storm was so strong that i fear that our roof would be blown away.

Come evening, i was watching the news & i was horrified to know that the torrential rains brought the largest flood that the city had ever witnessed.

Im pretty sure that you have seen pictures on the internet but seeing & personally witnessing it are 2 different things.

You can take a look of some of the pics HERE.

Last Sunday, i went to meet my bf at a nearby mall just to see each other. I was horrified to see the aftermath of the flood for when i was on a bus, it passed by BB Valenzuela City, an area that was also greatly flooded. I saw the flood marks on the wall of an establishment, which is almost 6ft tall. The place where we sometimes passed by was engulfed by the flood on that eventful day.

Hundreds had died & still missing, thousands had been affected by the flood, millions worth of damaged properties. I hope that Ketsana won't cause further damage to any place anymore.

pic taken from current.com

I was reading Frances' recent blog post & i was deeply touched by what she wrote about the man being saved & it was his birthday.
The rescue! There's this story of a man on a rescue boat who suddenly asked, "Sept 28 na ba ngayon?" ["Is it already Sept 28?"] and when the rescuers replied yes, he sadly said, "Birthday ko na pala." ["Oh, it's my birthday."] The rescuers who were paddling looked at him in surprise then they all loudly sang him the birthday song! Oh God, I love my country. Thank you for making me a Filipino!
snippet taken from Frances' post

It made me so proud to be a Filipino because even in the midst of crisis, we are still able to shed some light & hope to each other.

Hope that you would find in your heart to donate the things that you are not using, or a little financial help would do to at least ease the burden brought about by the recent crisis that my country is experiencing at the moment. Help us help our fellow citizen by sending in some small donations. You can send in your donations HERE.

I'll be back in the blogging world after a couple of days. I just wouldn't feel right if i go posting beauty related stuff while most of my fellow countrymen are suffering. I'll still be reading your posts though. Regular postings will resume next week.

Until then...may God help us all.


Sarah said...

It is so awful what is happening to you and your country over there, I really hope you and your family are staying safe!
Devestating weather is the worst because there is just nothing you can do to prevent it.
Stay safe okay and we are all thinking of you!!! xoxo

Aicha Amano said...

I myself am unaffected by the typhoon (islands away), but it has affected me so much to see my fellow filipinos suffering SO MUCH. The news have been so good to us, since we live so far, and it has helped us realize the extent and gravity of the calamity.

My family and I can do nothing more than donate via 2GO... I wish we can do more and be a part of the rescue and helping out.

My heart and prayers go to my countrymen :(

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Very do hope that everything will great so soon!
Just take care, Thiamere!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

That's so awful =T At least you're safe and sound and didn't lose any properties. I feel so bad for people who lost everything..... =T sigh, if only there was a way to prevent the disaster!

Nix said...

Saludo ako sayo sister! Lets pray for them. Nagugulat lang ako that other filipina bloggers can actually blog about their latest hauls. Gosh. They should have donated those shopping money. Tsk.

adin_22 said...

I know It's so sad what had happened in manila....our help and prayers to all the victims...and I'm so proud of my friends that are in manila right now that volunteered to help...u take care sweetie..

Cris said...

I don't know what to say 'cause you're right - hearing it from the news is so different from actually being there...
*Hugs.* Take care & God bless you all.

Y said...

OMG. I'm hoping that all you ladies are alright! I was so shocked when I saw the pictures on the internet.... I hope the best for you ladies!

rhaindropz said...

dear.. i have a favor emailed to: thiamere@kuririnmail.com

message back ha..

oo binaha kami, hanggang bewang sa loob ng bahay..

that time stranded ako sa traffic kasama bf ko at kuya nya hatid namin bf ko sa airport that time..


a tad bit DORKISH ?! said...

I hope your safe sweety. My boyfriends family is from Makati - and there shop and a couple of there houses have been damaged from the disaster .. My family is from Cebu but a number of my uncles have made there way down to Manila to assist with the damage or at least try too.
You and your family are in my prayers.
Hope you take care and please be safe.

B said...

Keeping you and all of my other Filipino friends in my thoughts and prayers!

Fifi said...

We have a couple of big earthquakes recently in Indonesia and it really breaks my heart to see the people who's affected by the natural disasters. It's good to hear that you're safe and sound. We'll be missing you in the beauty blogging world!

neurochiq said...

Hi dear, good that you're safe. I feel you on not into beauty blogging these days muna. We can channel our energies to helping as the moment. Stay safe, and I believe we Filipinos can rise back soon. God bless!

Khymm said...

was having goosebumps when i read your post.. grabe nga yung damage.. my family is in manila also.. let's pray na ma-ibang direction yung new typhoon.. =(

itsMimee said...

oh my God, it's terrible! i'm so happy that you're ok. we'll miss you.
take care !

Christy said...

My prayers go to all those who have been affected by all of the storms. <3

I have family in Binan, Laguna. They live in my Lolo's house in an old section of town. They have had water go up over 40 inches from the ground. Everyone has had to go to the 2nd floor, we are so thankful that they have a 2nd floor that is dry & functional! Thankfully my Lolo is here in Canada & safe, but there are still so many who need help.

Take care & God bless!

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