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Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend haul + a couple of questions for y'all

I just bought a couple of stuff, the things that i really need. Im trying to steer clear from buying cosmetics & i think im about to succeed in doing so. I mean i went to the mall the other day & no matter how pretty everything seems, i just didn't feel the urge to buy it. I mean, they look nice & it would really be great if i can take it home with me but unlike before, i don't really feel like buying them.

I went to different stores, looked at lots of brands (the face shop, the body shop, kanebo, maybelline, covergirl, beauty bar, etc...) but unlike before it's just not the same. Not that im complaining..heck! Im even more than happy! My cards are more than fact, if it could dance, they would be Is this just because of my PMS? i hope not...

Ok, going back to what i brought home with me. I just bought the necessities. A few hair elastics, lash curler (i threw my Shu Uemura before that's why i decided to buy one again) , nail polishes, lip gloss, sandals, a book & of course BB Cream.

It's not exactly a big haul.

I always loved Charcoal..
It's really sturdy & cheap. I have lots of comfortable to wear.
I have big feet...see that?
I bought the OPI Color Connections Compact from Ebay....pretty nifty,huh? 4 gloss in one compact. Yipee! The Lip Sheer shades are Surprise, Gala, Merry & Icicle.

How does this work?
I take 2 gloss of my choice, then connect them with the metal connector.

Then voila! I have my very own 2 sided gloss. Cool!

I love this one since i can bring my color choice for that day!

Im beginning to love the Sheer Gala shade of OPI. Its a perfect neutral lip shade for me!

Ok, enough with that.
I have a couple of questions for you girls. Its gonna be my birthday next month & im thinking of buying a few stuff that i won't buy ordinarily. & its only during birthdays that i allow any frivolous spending on my side (it means the expensive brands...hehe). And i hope that you'll be able to help me with a few of teh questions that has been bugging me.
  • Is fibre brush really a must?How does it work for you?
I know that its good for liquid foundation. Im actually not a foundation user so im guessing that its ok if i don't have one, but i heard that its actually good in applying blushes too...Is it true? Im thinking of buying the Sigma ss187, i don't need to buy everything because i only use a few brush & i have the basics with me. What other brushes do you see yourself reaching the most? What other brushes can you suggest for me?

Another one...I don't have a lot of blushes. Im thinking of buying a couple more, but i prefer matte than shimmery. So if ever, im going to buy NARS i don't see myself getting into the hype of Orgasm. Im thinking of maybe NARS Gilda. So the question is...
  • Do you think NARS Gilda would suit a NC20 tone?Or what kind of blush will you recommend to me?something of a peachy coral...
I think Gilda is like a peachy coral & i haven't tried corals yet...I don't have the time to actually go to the main shopping malls to swatch/try it out myself that's why im asking. I am NC20 (that's what the SA on MAC said when i asked her) & i really don't have a lot of blush experience... (special shout out to Pammy. Girl, can you help me?hehe)

Up until now i don't know IF i should buy nars...what's about nars that makes it different from other blush..aside from the obvious (the price,that is)? I feel like im being so impractical if im going to buy one if i can just buy the CS palette... I don't know if i should actually buy it! I need therapy!

Last one...
Im thinking of trying it out. I heard that its good in oil/sebum controlling. I saw that at The Face Shop but since it doesn't have a trial kit, im wary of buying the full size. Have you? Or if not, what TFS products do you know that is good at sebum control?

I need help,girls!

My ELF package is still somewhere out there..i hope ill be able to get it. Im beginning to worry..It's more than a month since it was shipped. (-__-")

My weekend is already over. It's already monday here in the Philippines...
How is/was your weekend?

Jaa ne~!


gracie said...

wow.. she's gonna buy nars! well, hun it's okay to splurge on your birthday! hehehe! you always makes me drool over your haul! (am I right, nikki?) Surely, were discussing now our excitement to your nars !! hahaha!

Y said...

Well, its okay to splurge on your b-day! Your b-day only comes around once a year right? arg! I can't answer any of your questions.. I dont use foundation or blush at all! Sorryy!

Bevina16 said...

hey =)ohh its monday to now 6 mins ago was sunday now its monday :O loool so wat was i going to say oh ye i was going to tell you to check the elf bronzer and blush im waiting for mine to come dont know if you have it but in all lot of review they say its like nars ... i dont own nars i kinda looking for nars around malta ma cant find any this is sad lol =( :P
anyways have a great week and i enjoyed ur post =]

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Such nice haul! Totally lovely lip poducts!
But I can't respont to you on that questions :(

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ gracie just seems like nars blush is something that i don't need to buy. up until now im still debating if i should go & purchase it.

@ Y
i think so too..hehe
but im having second thoughts on really splurging out

@ bevina16
im actually just waiting for my elf studio haul..up until now i still don't have it. Maybe if i have it, i don't need to buy NARS already..hehe

@ anastacia
i think the idea behind the gloss is actually cute too.

tiff said...

I honestly don't think a duo fibre brush is a must. I use one when I don't have a tan and some of my blushes are too dark/pigmented. I also use it to powder my face just because I like how soft they are...I still don't think it's absolutely necessary to have one though.

The quiet sound on my camera really bothers me. I try to speak louder than my usual tone when I make videos and it's still so quiet. Thank you for subscribing though :).
I have big feet too :P.

Askmewhats said...

love your hauls! and yay for new Shu Uemura curler! i haven't threw mine yet, I just changed the pad I can't seem to threw mine away! :(

Fifi said...

yes yes yes
birthday haul! lol
it's ok to spend some more on your birthday, i hope you'll have a lot of funnn :)

I personally think the skunk brush is really worthy. I picked up MAC 187 as my first MAC brush and yesss, it also works very well to put on blushes!

Pammy said...

I heard your shout, dear! :P Haha!

Hey, stippling brushes are really good at applying blushes. I'm not ignoring my beloved EcoTools blush brush. :D I'm planning to get a Charm stippling brush soon to back up my 187. I heard it's a good dupe of MAC 187. ;)

Blush for NC20 skin. NARS really have good blushes but all my blushes from them have shimmers. But it's more of an iridescent glow than shimmer when I use 187 on them. Oh, if you want a peach blush that's matte, you can try Kryolan's TC1 or TC2 blush. I have TC2 but too bad, peaches doesn't work for me. Except NARS Deep Throat. I think Deep Throat would work on your NC20 skin. :P I'm NC30 and it works just as fine, it's so pretty. Anyway, Gilda is coral and it might work for you. Torrid is coral but it has shimmers. Gah! I don't think I've been of much help to you, though. Hehe. ;)

Pammy said...

Oops, I mean "I'm noW ignoring my EcoTools..." Sorry, dear.

♥ mia said...

that OPI Color Connections Compact is kewl!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ tiff
thanks for the info about the stippling brush!
no problem,hun!
you look gorgeous on your vids!

@ nikki
i threw mine when the pad was worn out. It's because shu doesn't have separate silicones that they sell,right?
since i cant find any pads that i can use so i threw it...ekkk! bad move!

@ fifi
thanks for answering my question,girl

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ pammy
maybe someday ill get in the hype of orgasm..but since im just a newbie, so id go for matte first..hehe
i appreciate your opinion,girl..really!

@ mia
yeah...i so love this compact too

// krissy ♥ said...

My SO has Charcoal sandals, too. I have yet to try them though :)

Kaye said...

Oh I love that thing with the lip gloss :) It's so cool :)

Catmare said...

Hi! I honestly don't know what to say about the fibre brush, as I don't own one myself. And Idk, I think it's not too necessary IMO. But Idk, I guess sometimes we feel that we need something when we want it so badly. lol. That's how I felt with the NARS orgasm blush, I felt that I needed it just because I wanted it. lol. But that's just me.. Anyway, RE: Nars Gilda. I really love Nars Orgasm. Before I bought it, I was worried that my face would look like a disco ball from the shimmer, but when I used it, it wasn't really that too shimmery. I think it looked like a nice natural glow... But of course you like Gilda so I better stop talking about Orgasm lol, so I went and googled for Gilda and found this swatch: (the first swatch from the left is gilda).. I think it almost looks similar to Orgasm except I think it doesn't have shimmer? I'm not sure. I think it might work for you... I am C3/NC40(will explain this in my blog sometime lol) and I was afraid of peachy coral blushes before, never tried one until Orgasm. And I think it looked great. I use it everyday. =D

xxNikkiDooxx said...

NARS! at last. And yes, I agree with yah Gracie. ;)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ krissy
charcoal is fast becoming my ultimate footwear now

@ kaye
yeah, i hope that i'll be able to find more palettes like this

@ catmare
i guess that's why orgasm is such a hype,huh?
an iridescent glow?
ill think about that
thanks for the info,girl!

@ nikki
its just a plan no

Sherry said...

hi sis last weekend nice but spend quite a lot not on cosmetics but food! I mean going for the buffet its $60 per person. :(

Tish said...

Ohh... I just saw that you got the Purederm BB Cream I reviewed a while back. I hope it works for you the same way it did for me.


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