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Saturday, September 26, 2009

thoughts on Shu Uemura & Fanny Serrano lash curler

A curled lash is a must for me. So a good tool is must in doing the job. Not only the mascara, but the lash curler plays a big role in such a hard job because my lashes are short & it tends to uncurl easily.

I started out with cheap lash curler before...the type that tugs your lashes every time you use it which will result in falling lashes (-__-")
When i had the chance to try out my friends' Shu Uemura, i fell in love with it because it is able to curl my hard-to-tame lashes. But of course, it comes with a price....*sigh*

I was able to keep mine for a year (or two,i think) until i decided to throw it away because Shu doesn't sell an individual silicone pad, unlike Shiseido. Sis Gracie told me later on that the Jemma Kidd refill pad works just as fine as Shu does. (-__-") talking about a waste...anyway, we don't have Jemma Kidd here, do we? So i was saved a little from the feeling of utter remorse.
*reminds myself to try & see if i can find Jemma Kidd refill somewhere*

So, i was down to being 'curler-less' so i just decided to buy something that i can easily buy here locally which is Nichido lash curler. I try not to use this as much as possible because it tugs my lashes. I only use it during emergency situations back then. It's just an ordinary lash curler...It has a white pad.

Then when Fanny Serrano Lash Curler was awarded a Cosmo award, i made sure that i bought myself one to see if it really deserved to be awarded & i have to say that it deserved the award, & so much more! I'll tell you why later...

2 weeks ago i purchased Shu Uemura again because i just missed using it (although im perfectly satisfied with FS-Fanny Serrano). Shu Uemura is Shu Uemura...Fanny Serrano is Fanny Serrano. I wanted to see for myself what is the main difference between the two, because when i bought the FS curler, i threw the Shu back then.

Okay, here is the side by side comparison of the 3 curlers that i have in my stash
Shu Uemura, Fanny Serrano & Nichido (btw, i changed the pad of Nichido to FS pad)

Basing on the size (im not sure if you can actually see it clearly), Shu is the smallest, followed by FS then the biggest is Nichido. But the latch of Shu is bigger than FS...

Now here is how they looked like when they're opened & ready for crimping
The way Shu opens up is not like how FS & Nichido does. It just tilts slightly, while Nichido really slides down. FS tilts a little bit more than Shu.

Let's compare the head & the upper edge of it
Shu & FS has curved edge which doesn't leave a mark on your lids even when you crimp for a few minutes. Whereas Nichido has a straight edge which can leave a mark on your upper lid area if you crimp your lashes too long..a big Na-ah!

One thing that i notice too is that even if i switch the Shu pad to FS pad, the Shu curler, curled my lashes better than the FS. I guess the frame of the curler does matter!

Did you get confused with all the stuff that i put at the top?
Well, here is another's about the silicone pad.

Based on my limited experience when it comes to pad, the silicone pad is way better than the foam pad. Silicone pad is firmer so when you crimp your lashes, it doesn't tug at your lashes. I'll describe the pad first before i give my opinion about it.

Shu said:

Upgraded silicone pad in a new "mushroom" shape provides a protective, stay-put edge for improved safety and optimum curl.

See the so-called mushroom design?
When we think about it, it will make curling the lashes easier because it has wider area & sort of 'cradle' the lashes, therefore won't ever tug the lashes. Compare it to the FS refill, it's not as wide.

Of course, the Shu pad is fuller than the FS. The shape is more intact too. See it?

The back pad is also full & it's non-slippery. It's kinda rubbery, so it won't ever slip (although there's no chance of that since it fits perfectly). It also has it's name on the back side..pretty cool! FS pad is nothing special, as you can see, it got that 2 holes on it..though it doesn't affect the performance.

-Now on to my thoughts about the refill pads
Again, i put the FS rad on my Nichido curler & it works better than when i was using the white pad. It's a lot firmer than the original pad & doesn't tug my lashes, therefore no lashes being pulled out because of my curler.

The FS pad is softer than the Shu pad. The Shu is actually quite firm so you don't need to crimp as much as you can compare to FS. In my case, I can fully curl my lashes with just 3 crimps using Shu, but with the FS, it would take me 6 or more. It still works the same though.

How's that possible?

It's because if you take a closer look at the shape of the pad, FS pad is rounder than the Shu pad & the rounder the pad, the better it can curl your lashes. The more you squeeze it, the better it can frame it giving you a fully curled lash (this is just my opinion though).

I love my Shu Uemura, but i also like FS. It's just takes quite a while to curl my lash, but it does the job. I put Shu on my cosmetic kit, FS is on my table & just within my reach. But i still reach my Shu every now & then...

These are my added notes....
  • If you have a lash curler at home & would want to change the pad, buy the FS refill. It's just Php 45 ($1) & you'll get 3's really cheap!It's way better than those white foam pads.
  • Shu Uemura has a lifespan. If you had already used the extra refill pad, you have to buy a new one...not practical. If so, it's better to go for Shiseido because Shiseido sells individual pads. When it comes to practicality go for Shiseido. (but Shu works better for me)
  • Im not sure if FS has an international distributor, but if you would want to try FS curler, ask someone here in the Philippines to buy it for you. Anyway, its pretty's just Php 150 ($3.5 approx)
Well, that would be it.
I hope that Shu can also sell individual silicone pads for their curler

Hope y'all have a nice weekend,ladies!

Jaa ne~!


gracie said...

never had shu b4 anf Fa21 gotta try soon

Denysia said...

I have a shu eyelash curler as well! It works way better than the one i got at the drugstore!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

wow... I'm just going to say it out loud.... I HAVE NO IDEA!!! lol. But I guess the way it is makes a really big difference! I guess your loving your eyelash curler =] I'll look into it. I have one from 6 years ago but once in awhile, it tugs my eyelashes.... I do replace the pad part every now and then. I like mine only because I finally found the technique to use it but hard to get the inner lashes though -___- great review as always sweetie!

Sarah said...

Awww great post!!!!!
I have tried a few different eyelash curlers but I always go back to my Shu Uemura, and not because it is the "cool" eyelash curler, I just do genuinely find it curls my lashes better- especially with a blast of heat from my hairdryer, now that is just magic!!!!!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

I have the same problem, straight dawnwards lashes. Typical Asian thing...
I can advise you get heat eye lash curler. Works much better than all this cute stuff.

Askmewhats said...

that is an in depth review, I have used both Fanny Serrano and Shu, I would say you're right, Fanny serrano is good for it's price and its availability, of course nothing compares to Shu but Fanny Serrano isn't bad :)

♥ mia said...

wow that's one detailed review! thanks a lot for this!

i'll definitely be checking out the FS curler :D

btw, all of them have steel holders (steel nga ba? o basta hehe), doesn't it hurt using them? my curler kc is padded

oOchaOo said...

my mom have the FS curler and i have the Shu Uemura curler, she would tell me, parehas lang yan noh! hahaha. and i have to agree that FS curler is nice too :)

but then just last week, my mom gave in and bought her self a Shu curler LOL <3

thanks for the review sis! :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ gracie
you have to!

@ denysia
you get your money's worth with shu!
won't ever regret buying shu

@ linda
it's just that FS is one of the local cosmetic brand here in the Philippines & i figured that it would be nice to make a review of Shu Uemura curler & that local brand to see what's better or not

@ sarah
shu + blow dryer = wonderful lashes

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ anastacia
i wanted to try the heated curler too, but when nikki reviewed it...i think i'll spare myself..hehe
you have to try Shu or Shiseido
they're the best!

@ nikki
yep..for the price of FS, i think you get your money's worth & more!

@ mia
nope, i find that curler that got a steel frame is way better than long as it got a firm pad, it would work good

@ cha
i bet she wasn't able to help herself,huh?
but then who wouldn't?
Shu is Shu!

purplesilke said...

nice review sis. very informative! keep 'em coming

Elsa said...

i never tried the shu pa, and im using FS right now and I must say that I can stick to it forever..LOL

as for nichido and aido, not a pretty item to buy!

itsMimee said...

aah, thanq so much ! i must buy lash curler, but i didn't know wich one xD

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ purplesilke
thanks so much,girl!

@ elsa
of all the local curlers available, FS really does deserve to be awarded!

@ mimee
shu might be expensive, but its worth your money,girl
believe me!

Blovet Beauty said...

yea, i have a shu curler and am praying that they start selling individual silicone pads too... ! Meanwhile, my shu curler of 4-5 years is starting to lose the shape a little and it's time to put it aside :(

Aicha Amano said...

OOOOO! +fave post because I don't have an eyelash curler yet. Very informative :)
I saw a shu uemura curler at the dept store some time ago, priced at P1,500? /faints

Too bad I can't find ANY fanny serrano products here in davao :(

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ blovet
i hope that Shu will actually do it..
the thing that really gets "harassed" is the pad,right?

@ aicha
hope you'll be able to find FS somewhere.
it would be a good curler while you're saving up if you wanted to buy Shu

Ida said...

i really like how you compared them and photographed them side by side sis :) i really wanna try the shu one but i'm so kuripot haha. i only have the elf one but i'll definitely check the FS one :)

Sush said...

Wow very detailed review! Ive been dying to get me a Shu Curler but I cringe at the thought of shelling out 1k haha I do have 3 different eyelash curlers though - 2 of those dont work. Will definately try the FS one thanks!

donnarence said...

hi jem.. naku gamit ko yung isa kong test blog nung nagcomment ako.. ito na lang approve mo hehe...very in depth and nice review.. i really love fanny and their refill ads are soooo cheap!!

Blair said...

The FS curler looks good!

ChyiX2 said...

Out of those three I've only tried Shu, but other than that I've tried shiseido, a cheap brand and seki edge. Shu will always be #1 for me although the seki edge is awesome too.

Now you've got me really interested in the Fanny Serrano...where to buy?

Liang said...

Thanks for the reviews! It's so rare to see reviews on curlers :]

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ ida
then you have to try the FS curler

@ sush
tell me how the FS works on you

Khymm said...

naku, i have that 3 curlers too! pero i gave my FS to my sis.. my fave among the 3 is the Shu.. next yung Nichido hehe.. Masakit sa mata ko yung FS eh..

Golden said...

Well said dearie. I love your review. How I wish I can afford Shu.... :(

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