Saturday, September 19, 2009

product rerun: Kojie-san Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Soap

After weeks & weeks of using Kojie-san I think i can give my full opinion now. For those who are interested in reading my first review of it, click HERE. Im sticking with what i said before, I will just add a couple of things.

I posted my before & after pics of using the product on the previous post, I'll just be posting some pics again. Sorry if the color looks different, i used a camera phone on this one. I can't find my camera on the day/time that i took it (that was the last day & i don't wanna cheat). Since what im reviewing is the effect of this.

As what you can see, it diminished the zits that i have. Again, i only use Celeteque moisturizer as my everyday moisturizer. The time that i was using this, i had used BB Cream but sparingly.

I don't use BB Cream everyday because i find it to be comedogenic. It blocks my pores which results to more zits. *cough*missha*cough* I don't consider it as a skin care product, but a makeup product...a face base.

Going back to the review...
  • It still stings!
All through the time that i was using this, I thought that my skin would 'adapt' & be immune to the stinging sensation of it. But no! It still stings each & everytime i use this. During my pre-kojie-san days, I always enjoy washing my face. But on my kojie-san days, i find it to be a "meh!let's just get it on with!" days. I guess you can imagine how much this product stings. But that's the only negative thing that i can say about this.
  • It does whiten!
2 weeks after using this has made me whiter, you'll be able to tell the difference when you take a look at my past review. The pic that i put here is bad, but take my word for it when i say that it does whiten. I think it's the most effective skin whitener that i've tried so far. I don't use lotions or anything on my body. But after a month of using it for my face & body, i can see the effect. Even bf told me that i look whiter! Now we look like milk & coffee...hehe.

So if you are looking for a fast skin whitening product, give this a try!
  • It was able to lessen the oiliness of my face!
This is one of the effect that i was most pleased with. If before I have to use an oil film after 2 hours (without any makeup at all), with kojie-san i still use the oil film, but after 4hrs or so. Me like it!
  • It's cheap!
What can i say....For a mere $3, you can buy 2 full-sized bar of it & it can last you for weeks. Now they have a mini bar already available for only a dollar. This is good for those who wanted to give this a try. For those who wanted to give this a try but is not available in your country, try Ebay. I saw a couple of sellers...

Well, that's all i can say about Kojie-san..(i think)

Will i buy again?
Im not sure about it...The stinging sensation kills all the eagerness that i feel in buying this...Maybe i will, but not now.

On to another news

Now i mentioned about a giveaway,right? Again, this is a secret! I don't want you advertising my giveaway...anyone caught not following my rule will be disqualified...hehehe
think im joking? think again!im serious about this.
*clears throat*
*chin up*
*crosses arms* really serious

You might ask me 'why not ask to post your giveaway to have more followers?".
I'll tell you my answer, I'd rather have few people who are interested in what i write than have hundreds of followers who don't even give a fig about my posts. I think y'all get my drift,right?

So it means that this is only open to my followers. For those who doesn't have a blog but would still like to join, comment on the box (anonymously if you want), & leave your email so i know when to contact you if ever you win. I'll be checking to see if you really are my follower!

This would be the second on my series of giveaways (the first is on my contest blog). It's just simple, answer the question:
  • Which is hotter...tanner or whiter?!
3 comparative adjectives in one

Put the answer on the comment box.

What's the prize?
Someone is gonna go shopping at Makeup Masala worth $15. It's my treat for YOU!

Im not sure how & when i'll announce the winner, I am an impulsive person. I can do it by or put the names, then draw it or just based on who gives the best answer...It will just depend when & what i feel like doing. The only thing that im sure is that a week from now, I'll be reading all your answers & by then i'll be deciding. Again, no tentative date...It's a surprise!


Will be looking forward to your answers!
Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Jaa ne~!


Aicha Amano said...

White or tan people are beautiful in their own way. But honestly, tan people are way hotter xD

The sexiest women in the world aren't snow-white white, they're golden and bronzed to perfection. Being fair-skinned may give one the appearance of being mild, sweet, and beautiful, but there's just something about the tan that seems more appealing in general.

I may be biased because I'm tan, but I used to really want to be pale like a Heian princess but I've accepted my skin tone and have grown to love it. :)

purplesilke said...

hmm.. that's a tricky question. I've always been fair-skinned so I guess I would say tan is hotter. Besides, we always associate tan with the beach and swimsuits so I guess it somehow exudes sexiness. of course it would still depend on how a person carries it. I still believe that being sexy or hot is a state of mind. It's always a matter of how you carry yourself. okay, so now i'm just rambling. hehe!

Crystal Gale said...

I'm first! hehe ^_^

I'm naturally fair and I love my skin I definitely think whiter skin is hotter hehe (I'm biased)..and also, my idea of beauty is to have bright clear skin like most Asians (eg Koreans, Chinese and Japanese) want so even if I'm already fair in the first place, I'm still fond of using products that can make me fairer haha...and I believe that most guys get attracted a lot by whiter girls ^_^

purplesilke said...

oh by the way, i just bought kojie-san and nivea eye cream. i hope they work for me like they did for you. keep the reviews coming!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Wow, I might give it a try so my damn body can be even! I'm half chocolate and half vanilla? LOL!!!! I'm serious! I was born with light skin like my mother and then sometime during the teen year, my upper body got dark! Just the arms and face.. my neck is still light (not in the summer of course). I always though it's because I have to take the bus home and then walk like another 10 minutes to get home but blahhh.... I don't think so o.O Plus, random dark spots. LOL!!! MAYBE I'll give it a try... stinging sensation is not a turn on at all for me!!! I gotta double think about this product.. hmmmz.............

and about the question: I think tanner is hotter! Not the orange tan though (especially those fake tans that you can totally tell). Fair skin color is nice but tan is hotter!!!

* Jen * said...

i love the fact that kojie san minimized my oiliness too! =D awesome review!

hmm.. i'd say tanner, but not the fake tan stuff that looks orange. it's more appealing to me, never too dark nor too pale. just right. with a great tanned skin, you can go out with almost no makeup on. =) i say almost because i can never leave the house without a layer of powder and some gloss. hehe..

Nina said...

It depends, I personally would like to be on medium side, not too light but not too dark. I think having a little "glow" is great just to make you look healthy and alive.

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

Tish said...

I am so joining!!!

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

hey i have the same soap and it does stings. i stopped using it. I cant really tell which one is tanner or lighter since you used a different camera. But i do see the difference.

Soapaholic said...

This is a really nice and informative review!:) And wow you're having such a generous giveaway.:D I'll be your first contestant, hehe! Hope it's okay.

I think TANNER is hotter.. but whiter is prettier. That's just my personal opinion. Tanned people for me look so sophisticated, glamorous and sexy! But fairer people TEND to look more feminine and angelic. Of course this doesn't hold true for all though.:)

Elsa said...

hello thiamere!!! this contest is so so fun hahha! this would be my first time to try joining in a contest like this!

my answer to your question: in my opinion Tan is quite just fine but white (fair skinned for me) is so hot!!! being tan i think is very untidy.... sometimes girls wearing tan does not know that their face neck and body dont match at all! being white is equal to being clean and fun... that's it!

.... want to try kojiesan soap, but hesitant because of the killing sensation! LOL

have a blessed day!

Sherry said...

nice review :) hehe.. its okay with the pic. Me 2 use cell phone snap.

donnarence said...

jem.. hi.. i 'll ponder over your question over night.. hihi.. anyways,, kojie san seems nice minus the sting portion.. i want to try more soaps which could dry my pimples easily.. thanks for the review

twinsouls888 said...

Hmmmm...I'm not that fair-skinned just yet and not sooo tan either, I'm just the yummy color in between like a MILO with milk drink lol ^_^.

But for some reason, the past few months I wanted to be whiter, my very elegant and sophisticated idol Angelina Jolie is white.

So I say and 'tis just my opinion :

Whiter is HOTTER yay ! ^_^

Pammy said...

I find tanned women hotter. Some girls look pretty just because they are fair. But when you see a girl with tanned skin or is naturally tan/golden and looks pretty, it means she is really pretty. Well, that's my thinking though. :P

I'm not tan so I'm thinking I am not biased at all. :D

Dear, you won my giveaway. :)

Crystal said...

my answer is neither. i don't think we need to be tanner OR whiter. i think the best color would be our natural skin color. the important thing is to have a healthy glow. fair or tan skin won't look nice if it's dull anyway :P

Ida said...

Tanner! When I see skin that looks bronzed or tanned, it always makes me think of the beach, sun, sea, and good times. I love how I look after I've come back from a trip to the beach, especially a long one. I feel sexy and carefree :D

Love this mysterious contest btw :) And I'm glad kojie san worked for you, at least the stinging sensation was a bit worth it? :)

imlee said...

A pretty and sexy girl w/ tan skin spells HOTNESS! But then again, If you're not blessed with a not so gorgeous bod I think a fair and blemish-free skin is a plus. I mean, let's face it, not all of us are blessed w/ to-die-for figures, a fair and clear skin could well make up for it. :)

Btw, kudos to your kojie san review, it was really very in depth and detailed. Wish I had the time and energy to do the same. lol!

stay pretty!

gracie said...

for me Tanner! I don't know why some of US go gaga to become whiter.. As you noticed on FHM's cover girl they go for sizzling hot tan! Fair skin is pretty.. but sometimes those pretty girls w/ fair skin look just pretty because they are white (hehehe.. ang gulo ko). Try to imagine them tanner or darker.. you'll see they are not really pretty they are just white!

so for me Tanner! go FHM! hahaha!

xxNikkiDooxx said...

I'll definitely go with TANNER. Looks more healthy and vibrant. Plus, the tan gives out a natural glow, which makes it more attractive, and hot. :D

Anonymous said...

wee i have konjie san na pero di ko pa sya nagagamit sa fez ko sa katawan pa lang yes so true may stings sensation pero ok lang hehehe

waaa pwedeng sa gitna "medium fair skin " si hubby gusto maputi kaya todo maputi ko LOLZ

// krissy ♥ said...

Have you tried Cyleina Black Pearl sis? If not then you should :) It gives a healthy glow, clears up the face and does not sting. Now I sound like I'm an endorser :D No really, I tried it just last week and I noticed the difference straightaway :)

As for my answer to your question, methinks medium skin (not too tan, not too white) is hottest. But if I were to choose just one, I choose tanner. Because for me tan = beach, sun, sand, Survivor (US) :D

Cris said...

Pale :).

Tan can look attractive if it's done right (must not be real tan 'cause this makes skin look like leather, ew, must not be too orange etc.), but personally, I will always see porcelain skin as the ideal. Pale is beautiful.

Pop Champagne said...


PALE for asians for sure, more tan for north americans. Im not big on really pale (like some British people) cuz I think that looks more like you're sick hence for cauasians a bit tanned is good. Though for pale, I don't mean the sick white low on red blood cells pale, I mean naturally and healthy pale :)

rhaindropz said...

i have a fair skin complexion (so im in the middle?)hahaha.. i think white is hottier than tan (ooops)

dear, i have tried kojie-san soaps (and the bf also) i agree on having it's strange smell (mandarin orange smell)


itsMimee said...

i think people should like thierselves (and their skin). i'm very pale person and sometimes i really don't like my skin, because it's too sensitive. my friend is dark-complexioned, and she hates the way that her skin is. i actually don't understand her. my very pale skin usually looks like i have got anaemia or something (i don't xD) but she looks good even without foundation. i envy her so much.
so i think that a little bit tanned people are the hottest ^-^

take care

Golden said...

OMG, I didn't know BB creams can cause acne. I thought they're like healing creams. By the way, I haven't tried any BB creams yet as I find it too expensive. I'm also a Kojie San user but I don't use it on my face as it stings. And yes, it's an effective whitener, just use it with caution though as it can seriously dry up your skin.

Auishtha said...

I was just browsing about kojie-san soap since I also have acne-prone skin and I'm currently looking for something that can help it. proactiv haven't been able to help me out =( Your site was really helpful! Thank you so much!

*followed you*

sushiflower said...

jeez i've seen this soap many times already even in Mercury drugstore but i was hesitant to purchase it... but now i think imma go and try it, thanks to YOU and your post, great review! hope this would work for me. thanks again :) xoxo

Lilia_fulay said...

my new friend recommend this kojie-san because i'm dying to find a soap that can get rid of my pimples and acne also i'm dying hard to be whiter..but i'm also hesitant at first.i'm thinking that it might work to her but not on i decided to research this soap and i saw your blog..thanks to you i'm convinced already and decided to try it...hope it will work for me,coz i try many soaps but nothing's still oily and lots of pimples and acne marks are still there...thanks again...:)

Thiamere Brea said...

no problem,sweetie

i do hope that it will work for you!

Gandagirl123 said...

I always see this product on supermarket and drugstores, Many teenagers buy this (got curious)..Seeing your review, Imma try kojie-san or maybe just use rice wine. hope my skin won't sting coz I tried some products that made my skin stingy and became sensitive (made my skin darker) so now I'm a lil scared :D

I think,.. glowing kinda yellowish (fair) is hot! it's my skin color, so I'm hot lol what?!. well all colors are beautiful.. pale looks like winter and innocent ( it calms me / like dolls/ pretty ) fair yellowish tan ( attractive/ natural) tan (spicy chic/ handsome) dark (gorgeous/manly). but FLAWLESS GLOWING SKIN is a BEAUTY! :)

Thiamere Brea said...

i second that,hun!

Faint Smile said...

Hello I'm a guy and I tried this soap in the long run It really doesn't whiten your skin in just a week it really depends on how often you use it, just don't use it time to time for example don't scrub it too much use it only once or twice a day morning and evening if the itch doesn't go away try using moisturizer a perfect moisturizer firstly consult your derma first if you feel something wrong with your face, for me it's itch whenever I let it for minutes. Do this wash your face and gently massage the surface friction might cause for it to itch, I'm really happy with the results :) of course you should also watch what you eat, for me I always drink a freshly bolied cup of tea after I eat! and that really helps clear my face since I'm not that handsome at least I have to take care of myself. And try to drink adequate water to help clear out the acnes since water is vital to our system, tomato juice to block the harmful uv rays also tea helps since it's help repair our cells "yeah including the skin cells" damage from our everyday life.

Live happy!!

Llezlie said...

HI TRY TO USED MESTIZA SOAP...i swear you wont regret the day u start to use this..youll see the whitening effect in 2 weeks and the clearing effect for pimples and other skin problems will recognize in just a few days...its MORE THAN JUST A SKIN LIGHTENING..and more effective than likas papaya..i bet youll never regret it.

Thiamere Brea said...

i actually used that din e.
that one is the one that has mixed 'fruit',ne?
didn't work for me.
every skin is different,sweetie.

disqus_zVNraTVCnE said...

Does it suppose to sting? I'm using the kojie-san dream white anti-aging soap, it does not sting me? does it mean its not working? thanks

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