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Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Tokyo 1st stop - Choto Stop + a little help

Everyone loves good food & i'm no exception to that... but for those who have seen me will know how much i love it. Here in the Philippines, we always have an infamous line that is always said to big people which is "napabayaan sa kusina" (left unattended in the kitchen)... and i have always been called that, on which later on i just got used to the joke.

I'm a bit hard to please when it comes to dining out. I mean, i know if it's good or bad, but it's quite rare that a meal leaves an impression on me. I have never used the word "excellent" yet... The only restaurant that i really look forward to going back to is Luk Foo because all the dishes that i have eaten there are really good. You could really taste the exquisite flavors of all the ingredients that they used. Ok, back to what i was telling i think it would be nice to introduce this place to my readers if you really want to experience a different dining experience.

I know that a lot of bloggers have featured foods on their posts, i don't usually do so, but this time, i will because i have talked on & on to my friends about going to Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo is located in Pasong Tamo, which is just a small place with a roster of japanese restaurant that was said to have real authentic japanese foods. I, being a japanophile, will not miss it for the world!

Yesterday, i went there with bf to see for myself what is this Little Tokyo all about. I was so happy for at last i was able to! I will definitely be going back there to dine in all the restaurants there that's why i put '1st stop' because there will definitely be a 2nd, 3rd, etc.

 The Torii gate greeted us..

You'll be walking on this pathway to be able to get there. I think it's actually pretty nice as it feels like you are transported to a different place..far away from the noisy city.

You will be greeted with this sight as soon as you enter..sorry for the blurry pic, i didn't notice that the setting of my camera was different when i took it. There are lots of tables, with overturned chairs on them, which im pretty sure would be used during the later part of the day.

We ate lunch at Choto Stop (which is also a mini japanese grocery) since they have bento boxes. It was lunch time so bento is the best way to go.

No picture of Choto Stop grocery though...but it was just a small store where you can buy japan-made products...especially foods. I'll take a pic the next time. Let's focus first on the food.

Again, it's a grocery but there's a tiny room in it where you can eat. It's so tiny that it only have 4 tables with 4 chairs each. The room is packed with magazines & manga for you to read while waiting for your order to arrive. Feel free to browse around & read..if you can read Japanese.

Let's take a look at the menu..

I did not notice that the light was reflecting the menu though...

But as you can see, the bento meals are priced for Php 220 (approx $5) each with rice & soup. The Special Bento which includes Beef Yakiniku and the Beef Cube Steak are priced for Php 280 each.

We kept on asking the really friendly waitress about each meal & in the end, we just decided to eat the Beef Cube Steak, Yaki Saba Bento, & Yaki Gyouza.

As we waited for our order, bf & i were just talking about random things but you can really smell the dishes being cooked wafting in the air. The table has a complete array of condiments to choose from.

 It did not take long before our order finally arrived. It started with the Gzoya. It tastes pretty nice since the filling is really soft unlike other gyozas in fastfood restaurants. The wrapper is rather chewy. Overall, it was pretty decent.

 This is what i got for myself... Yaki Saba Bento which is consists of grilled mackerel laid on a bed of shredded cabbage, different assortments of side dishes & miso soup.

It tastes pretty nice. It has more of a smoky flavor than it being grilled though, but still it was satisfying. The dumpling that was included is really soft, comparing it with the ordinary dumplings that you can buy at food stalls this dumpling is really different.

Then for BF, he ordered the Beef Cube Steak. Originally, he wanted the Beef Yakiniku, but the waitress recommended this instead of the Yakiniku because she said that the yakiniku beef is hard to chew (which she then added that its prepared that way because japanese prefer it to be so).

I took a bite of the Beef Cubes & they are really soft too. I was surprised..i was expecting it to be a bit chewy, but it is almost like a pork! It IS beef but it's softer than the usual beef..

Oh, i forgot... the miso soup... I was surprised because it doesn't have tofu on it. Well, i think it taste the same with others that i have tried though.

The food is ok... Not that great, but not so bad either. Well, considering that it's not very expensive i think it is already pretty decent. Here's a pic of me with bf when we ate at Choto Stop. Messy Hair + no make-up = horrible ME! (-__-")

Then when we went out of it, we saw that Takoyaki is being sold beside Hana Restaurant. I bought takoyaki even though we're full, he just said that we ought to have it wrapped & eat it at the cinema since we plan to watch Prince of Persia. I watched how the girl formed the takoyaki balls. I just wasn't able to take a picture of it afterward... Gomen nasai...

It was pretty nice. Of course, it's way different from the usual takoyaki that you could buy in stalls in malls here in the Philippines. The octopus pieces are big that you would enjoy chewing it. You'll get to really taste all the ingredients in it especially the beni shoga. I actually hate ginger, but i don't mind it in takoyaki because it gives it a certain edge. It's Php 120 (approx $2.50) for 6 pcs.

Then we went to Waltermart to watch Prince of Persia... then played at Timezone to let the time pass & afterward we ate at Mr Choi Kitchen before going home. Bf said that he's hungry & he wanted a rice meal so i said that we ought to try this one since we haven't eaten there.

 We just ordered Beef Brisket Noodle

Yang Chow Fried Rice

 Braised Pata Tim with Black Pepper

I'll not go into details... but i wasn't satisfied.

I have tried a couple of restaurants that offer Hong Kong cuisine & sad to say, i don't think i'll ever be coming back. They have different dishes to offer, but when the waitress said that the Braised Pata Tim is one of the chef's recommended dishes i thought that it would, if not great, at least taste decent. I would rather have my dad's pata tim which tastes 100x better than this one.

Oh well, if im going to compare it with the price, it's not really bad. Considering that we just paid less than Php 600 ( approx $13) together with 1 bottomless iced tea, it's really not a bad deal.

Now on with the help that i needed. I have been searching high & low for Neutrogena Facial Bar (acne-prone) for weeks now but to no avail. I have been to lots of malls & drugstore but i can't find one! I have been to countless Watsons & beauty stores but i can't seem to find it. I asked several SAs from different malls about it & some said that it might have been already discontinued.

I hope for the love of God that this is still available. This is the only soap that ever worked for my acne. I have just found the solution for my skin & i hope that i won't have to go search for another one because I LOVE NEUTROGENA! Please, Neutrogena Philippines, tell me that you are still manufacturing this soap!

I'd hate you forever if you discontinue this amazing product!

So, have you ever seen this bar in a store near you? If so, where?! I have to buy a lot of it! I have to hoard to make sure that i have enough (but how much is enough?) supply.

Hope that there is an angel out there willing to give me a lending hand.

Well, i had a pretty good weekend...aside from my hunt for Neutrogena though.
Hope you all have a great week!

Jaa mata~!


Sherry said...

sis you look great! by the way check out

maki said...

i like small places that offer great food.. those places that is usually out of the way :D good luck on your next trip to little tokyo

Elsa said...

oishi ne!!!! hahaha!!! i am salivating right now...

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Your food menu looks awesome!!

donnarence said...

nice naman yang little tokyo for japan food lovers out there sana may little italy din hahahah.. anyways,, ang cute niyo ni bf.. yung neuytrogena plagi ko nakikita dati baka nadiscontinue na... but do not lose hope baka my places pa rin na nagbebenta..ebay perhaps?? godbless

Pammy said...

Yum! This post made me really hungry. The pata tim looks yummy. But if you weren't satisfied then I'll take your word for it.

Askmewhats said...

I have to try this, i seldom go to Makati area na kasi but this looks yummy! Love the pix of you and the BF

xoladiihoneyxo said...

OMG! The food looks soooo GOOD!!!! awwww, I hope the Neutrogena face bar soap isn't discontinue over there =[ I think they still sell it in the US but I'm not so sure since I haven't been out and about to places for awhile...

mr. pineapple man said...

yum!! looks delicious! i want a bento right now :)

Ahleessa said...

I just got hungry from looking at your post... lol~ :/ It's too late to eat. :X

You're little Tokyo looks more authentic than ours. :/ It has more an Asian vibe than our modern one here... hehe~

Jing (GirL With GLasSes) said...

i love takoyaki with lots of dried sea weeds and hot sauce. plus a coke! haha. you and your bf looks really happy =)

Kim Neill said...

All that food looks gorgeous. All the best. <3 Keep in touch KimboxKimboxKimbox

ChyiX2 said...

Little Tokyo, what a great idea! The food looks so yummy :)


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