Friday, June 19, 2009

love from the mail

Im having a great far so good!

Today i just received a package from the was delivered straight to our house & for the first time, i didn't have to pay for it...whoopee!!!

I bought the MAC Loose Powder from Smile's Blog sale

Look at the back...the stamps are cute!

I even got a freebie from her..yay!


4 down..3 more to go!

a huge thanks to everybody who greeted my man on his special day


Ida said...

yay for receiving packages! got some of mine too. you and your bf look so cute together :)

Sarah said...

dontcha just LOVE the mail man :)

Catmare said...

Whoa 4 down 3 more to go? I'm guessing you did a lot of online shopping. =D I love MAC studio fix, I haven't tried their loose powder yet. But I'm guessing it's good. =)

* Jen * said...

Wow! Let us know how you like the MAC Loose Powder. =D

Askmewhats said...

wow..congrats! I know the feeling of receiving your packages straight to the doorstep, it's like winning a lottery LOL :) Enjoy

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