Tuesday, June 02, 2009

April & May Splurge & Save corner

I forgot to make a splurge & save post last month because i was on vacation & when i got back, i was caught up in all the hullabaloo of finding a new job, contest entries & etc...

So, i'll just include last April's post to last month...hehe

Ok, on with the show...

For Concealing:

Splurge: Sephora Concealer Palette
-a complete array of concealer that is designed to effectively conceal all kinds of imperfections
-pros: purple concealer to make the skin brighter
-cons: a setting powder is not included

Save: Sonia
Kashuk Hidden Agenda Palette

-Create a nearly flawless face with this exclusive quartet of concealers by makeup master Sonia Kashuk
-pros: best suited for medium to dark skin tones
-cons: doesn't have purple concealer

We know how important a concealer is...and with a concealer palette at hand concealing had been a very easy thing to do especially for touch up purposes. A concealer palette is something that we all would like to keep with us. And these 2 palettes have been mentioned in passing by some website that is considered as good ones..

i haven't tried any of these, but i would sure love to get my hands on them!

For Moisturizer:

Splurge: Creme La Mer
-with its miracle broth, in short time skin becomes softer, firmer & virtually crease less.
-price ranges from $ 160 to 1,700 *faints*
-pros: works almost instantly because of the 'special broth'
-cons: need i say more?

Save: Nivea Creme
-contains a skin related Eucerit which proves to be a unique moisturizing ingredient that's suitable for all skin types
-$ 7.99+
-pros: available anywhere
-cons: leaves you with an oily residue

I've written a post about Nivea Creme before & how much i like it. Creme de la Mer on the other hand has been one product that was proven to be really effective (i think Sis Gracie can attest to that. We can see that she is really flawless!)

For Apricot Facial Scrubs:

Splurge: Apricot Facial Scrub Gentle By Earth Science

-Gently exfoliates to leave skin fresher, softer and smoother. Stimulates the growth of new cells for a healthier-looking complexion.
-$ 8.50
-pros: moisturizes the skin too
-cons: some of the ingredients might not be suitable to everybody

Save: St. Ives Apricot Scrub

-Gently exfoliates for a deep clean, removing dull skin cells to instantly reveal noticeably smooth, radiant skin.
-$4 (less than)
-pros: available anywhere
-cons: some of the ingredients might not be suitable to everybody

Everybody have their very own favorite facial scrubs, apricot scrubs are the best bet when it comes to facial scrubs. This has been vetoed as a favorite & natural scrub. It scrubs away the dead skin cells & reveals smooth skin after every use.

And with that, i'll see you again for the next Splurge & Save corner!



donnarence said...

i want the sonia kashuk concealer palette!!

Crystal said...

thank you for showing this sonia kashuk palette! it's affordable too!

Kaz said...

i use that st ives scrub for my bacne.
ahaha! it works :D

Pop Champagne said...

I heard that Nivea is good quality. Good thing I read your review, I got oily skin and I was about to try that out! That would have been bad lol! THANKS SO MUCH HUN :d

Fifi said...

I saw the nivea creme once. I was going to buy it but I restrained myself. I hate it when moisturizers leave my skin feeling greasy!

mzkrystall said...

i want that SK palette!

Chrissy + Gia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i want sonia kashuk hidden agenda too i saw this in youtube using xteener kasar wala mall natin nito :C

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I think I'm going to try St. Ives Apricot Scrub after I use up my current face soap. I know so many people who use it and really like it.

my_makeup_mania said...

AWE! That concealers palette just amazing! Gorgeous!

And by the way, one day I'll be doing the tutorial about cutting crease and I hope it will help to you :)

Whit said...

great idea! splurge and save! love it babe!

becky said...

ahhh la mer..it will be a great investment in the future lol.

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