Friday, June 19, 2009

lots of love from fellow bloggers... ~awards~

Im so glad i got hooked into blogging & met lots of pretty & sweet ladies. It's really such an honor knowing you,girls!

I received a couple of awards from 2 very special ladies
~Fifi of Pretty Much Makeup~ & ~Angie of Stockpiled~

I love reading their blogs...
Fifi's blog is full of fun...remember the Engrish post?...i also get to know other products because of her posts!
Angie's blog is very informative & I get to know our local cosmetics because of her posts...& also don't forget to check her nail blog,k?
Im sharing all of this awards to:
~Angie of Stockpiled
~Nehs of Nehsai loves N
~Anastacia of My Makeup Mania
~Catmare of The Beauty Experiment
~Dana of My Simple Randomness
~Ida of Naturals & Minerals
~Jen of Madness
~Crystal of Musicalfan loves Minerals
~Krystal of XOXO, KRYSTAL
~Kaz of your fat-free indulgence
~Donnarence of My lucid Intervals
~Shobe of your little beauty bag

Take all of the awards!
Everybody deserve it!


my_makeup_mania said...

Hey, Thiamere! Thanq so much for all the awards! It's so sweet!

*Nehs* said...

thanks for the award sis! <3

Sammiebbz * said...

and i gave you an award too lol :-) xoxo

Kaz said...

thanks! oh no naiipon na ang tags, i should do them soon haha.

* Jen * said...

Thank you so much! =)

KRYSTAL said...

hey girl! u can totally join still. its friday right now, 9am. just make sure to turn it in by 12am HERE PST. not sure whats the time difference from PI to CALIFORNIA!

and thanks for the AWARD!!!! =]

Dana Yoshimizu said...

:) THank you for the award hun!! <3 *hugs*

Pop Champagne said...

congrats for the awards!

Oh and I just bought a dozen eggs from walmart... I'm going to try your egg mask this weekend heh

Sugar Bunnie said...

I am so touched ^_^

mszcheysser said...


Pop Champagne said...

ohhh you even have the flower going on! Awesome pictures!! :D

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