Thursday, June 04, 2009

Homemade facial mask 101 - ~yogurt mask~

Homemade facial mask...

Im pretty sure everybody had tried concocting their very own facial mask at home..
It's been said that natural 'ingredients' are best for the skin since it doesn't contain any chemicals that might trigger an allergic reaction or whatever.. There are a lot of stuff at home that we can use to take care of our skin... We have yogurt, milk, honey, olive oil, lemon, etc...

If you read the labels of some beauty products it would indicate what 'organic & natural' ingredients they put to make their product work. So instead of buying those expensive creams & mask, look for different alternatives which will make you look & feel beautiful without breaking your bank!

Have you tried Yogurt mask?
Who likes yogurt?

\(^o^)/ *raises hand*
I do!!!!

I love yogurt!
I like the tangy taste of it that can take away any left over taste of the food that i's a perfect dressing for salad especially when mixed with other herbs & oil! I love the clean & refreshing smell of yogurt.

It's healthy & delicious! It's good for the body...its also good for your skin!
So this post will be about Yogurt mask.. Yogurt can soothe, pamper & moisturize the skin. It is a good cleanser for it can absorb dirt, impurities & the likes that can clog your pores which can result in pimples....ekkk!

Feel free to check out MUA & see how many women swears that it does work!

There are a lot of ways on how to make one..
You can put it directly on your face for a refreshing feeling!

You can add other stuff in it a few drops of lemon (especially if you have oily skin) or honey (for dry skin)...

In my case, i have an oily skin so i mostly put lemon but since i broke out a couple of days ago i just decided to put honey on it because honey have antiseptic properties that can help soothe pimples..

This is my Yogurt & Oatmeal mask...
  • Toss some oatmeal on a bowl
  • Add a spoonful of yogurt
  • Add honey (or lemon...whichever you prefer)
  • Mix all of them together

If you like yours to be thick then put more oatmeal....if you want it creamy, then add in more yogurt. It just depends on your preferences...

In my case, i want mine creamy so ill add in more yogurt & honey....

Mix them all together...& its ready to be used!

Let it sit on your face for 15-20 minutes or until it hardens... You can remove it by applying a warm towel over your face to soften the mask, gently massage your face with gentle circular motion. Remove the excess mask on your skin by rinsing it away with water... then towel dry.

You'll see & feel the difference from before. The skin is brighter, softer & glowing!

In my case, the sizes of the red spots that i had have diminished & my skin is a bit tight. I swear that my pores have also become smaller...yay!

I've been using this for some time now & i really like it.

It works for not saying it would work on everybody...i know that for people who are allergic to dairy products (or things included in this mask) can't use this...but then if you have these stuff sitting at home & would want to try natural mask, then why not give this a shot!

Its definitely worth it!



smiley13tree said...

Ooh, I really want to try this. The pores around my nose are getting bigger and my skin always looks so tired.

donnarence said...

oohh.. so nice thiamere.. :D

Kaz said...

that looks & sounds yummy I can almost taste it! haha! last time i made an oatmeal mask WITH tomato juice. HAHA!

it was so messy to remove & gross though. my sink had oatmeal all over!

then i made baking soda paste & i broke out U_U apparently, the pH level of baking soda is diff from our skin.

Crystal said...

ooh i've never tried this mask. looks good though!

Pop Champagne said...

seems good! lol I just wrote a review on Lush's Warrior Mask, it was awful I yell you. Garlic everywehere! Yogurt sounds a LOT MORE APPEALING!

abby said...

i also do this...yogurt or milk clears up and moistens my face! mind you, i have very sensitive face. honey doesn't work on me. but oat, milk, and yogurt do. egg yolk is also good in keeping ur face blooming and moisturized. i notice that when i use egg yolk mask then wash up, my face looks glowing! then make up adheres better to the skin. you don't even need to use a primer, make up would be smoother. i swear...try it ;)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

You make me want to try this!

~~**ExYrA**~~ said...

i'm using this mask too and it's great.when i woke in the morning,i feel my face fairer and moisten..i like it

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