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Friday, June 05, 2009

~beauty bloggers giveaways~

Looks like lots of beauty bloggers are doing a give away..
We all love giveaways,right?

Here is the list of people who are doing the giveaways:
  • Giveaway 1 - Dior & Channel
Sassy Jadore is doing "A little bit of Dior & Channel Giveaway"

Click on the pic to find out more info about it....

  • Giveaway 2 - Nars

Chrystina of Whimsical Rose is giving away Nars stuff

Click on the image for more info...

  • Giveaway 3 - Purederm Collagen Eyezone Mask

Whit is also doing a giveaway..yay!

Click on the image for more info...

  • Giveaway 4 - MAC Cosmetics

Narita is giving away MAC stuff

Click on the image for more info...

  • Giveaway 5 - Twilight Saga

Little Miss Kesa is giving away twilight saga
Click on the image for more info

  • Giveaway 6 - Essence & other awesome stuff

Tamara of Cherry Colors is giving away loads of prizes!

Click on the image for more info...

  • Giveaway 7 - Hello Kitty items

AbcgrrrL is giving away Hello Kitty items

Click on the image above for more info...

See....lots of giveaways!
What are you waiting....?

Click away!


Kittynail said...

Cool giveaways! Thanks for the info :)

Ida said...

yay, i totally joined some of these and others too :) that was an interesting post about the lead content in cosmetics :)

Pop Champagne said...

oh thanks for making a post of all the stuff! :D

Sarah said...

Awwww sweet girl! Thankyou soooo much for your kind words on my last post. You are so amazingly beautiful, inside and out :) Thankyou so much for writing such caring and sweet things, you are a real angel <3 (Totally unlike Malificent in every possible way ;p) Aww what great giveaways, this was so thoughtful of you to post them all together!! With my luck I probably shouldn't bother entering lol but you are right the tables have to turn sometime :)


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