Saturday, June 27, 2009

contest entry - Paris Hilton inspired

Pop Champagne is one of my favorite blogger....(of course i love everybody! *hugs*)
It's just that Pop is one lady who is drop dead gorgeous plus so friendly...
what's there not to love?

& i promised that i will join her contest...her Paris Hilton inspired contest

I don't think nobody can even be exactly like Paris for Paris is Paris, but this contest made me feel like her even for a minute...

It was hard to choose a look that Paris made & it took me ages trying to find a good pic but i still wasn't able to find one...Usually when i look for pics, there would be one or two that would stand out among all the other pics...but this time i don't have any... So i just decided to play it safe & make 2....

A simple Paris

& the model Paris

Again, there's no way in hell I can be Paris..heck, im too fat to be like her!

It's only i who took the pic so there's no way that i would be able to pose like what she did...its sad that my cam doesn't have a timer...yeah yeah...i have that cam with me since like forever but i can't bear to part with it for it was my bf's mum who gave it to could i?!

On with my look....

This is the first one that i did...the model Paris...

the lips is suppose to look pink but for some reason my cam washes out the color

I still showed this one because believe it or not, it took me an hour or two just trying to get the perfect lips, but then my cam washed out the color...what's up with that?! grrrrr! (@_@)

Next is more like me for its simple...& as what i said before i am more into simple everyday look so i rather favor this one...

The simple Paris
For some reason too, my camera is loving me tonight for i was able to take a couple of neat pics..yay for that!

Cam whoring time!

My camera has been my 'lover' for quite sometime ..but for some reason, he just stopped loving me...until now....haha XD

Among the lot, for some reason this is my favorite...even if its blurry

That's it!
i don't want you guys to get tired of my face so i'll stop now..

You have to join the contest!
As what Pop said, bring the diva out of you!

Ok,with that im done!
Time to go to sleep..
it's already 2:36 am here...gotta watch Transformers later

Happy Weekend,y'all!


Dana Yoshimizu said...

I really like the Simple Paris look!

gracie said...

simple and clean! thats hot!

Pop Champagne said...

hahaha I love your expression and your curly hair!! :D Good job hon~

Anonymous said...

Really nice! I like the Paris' hairstyle on you! ;)

*Nehs* said...

love the hair thiamere! very nice look! :))

Sherry said...

love your hair, looks great!

Fifi said...

how come we could get tired of you?! haha

I definitely love your hair!

becky said...

oooohhhhhh sexy!!! i like the seductive poses. and youre not fat k!

mszcheysser said...

I like the hair :) And keep on coming up with contest entries, I always enjoy looking at them! Good luck girlfriend!

Cris said...

It looks good actually, reminds me of Fashion Mews :D! And hey, lavender is a model colour :-P :).
I like the last 2 pics, you look good :). Good luck with the contest ^_^!

Anonymous said...

wow!!! thiam you have nice skin... curly hair is pretty on you goodluck!

my_makeup_mania said...

Hey, Thiamere! Ya looks amazing!
Love your hair!

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