Monday, June 22, 2009

Hairstyle 101 -side up sweep

I was reviewing my blog last weekend & i saw that my hairstyle section has never been can take a look here to see my first post
blame it on the lack of ideas & time...
so i decided that i'll do a follow up post this week.

Arranging my hair is one thing that i like to do aside from lots of things. My mom once said, if you want to have long hair, you have to fix it yourself. So i grew up styling my own hair...

As i thought of hairstyles that i can do, it dawn on me that it would be hard to do anything aside from the usual bun. So i try to rack my brain thinking of different look & i even took a look at some of the old magazines lying around the house & came up with this look.

This style is good for ladies who have long wavy hair. If you would still want to don this look but have straight hair you can just curl it with an iron.

Since i have a wave & loose curl, sporting this look makes it easier for me since i wouldn't need to curl my hair to have that 'flowy' hair...So this look just takes me less than 5 mins to do.

Things needed:
  • hair elastics
  • bobby pins
  • curling iron (optional)
  • hair tie with cute decorations/hair scarf
  • head band
  • Prepare your can put a mouse, or hair polish or anything that you put on your hair before you style it. This 'do' is great for a day old hair.
  • Section your hair
  • Tie your hair in a side so
  • Clip your bangs so that it won't get in the way
  • Take the hair & wind so...
  • make a small bun
  • Secure it with some bobby pins
  • I put 3 bobby pins to hold the bun
  • If you have a thick hair you can hold it with another hair elastic.
  • So it would look like this....don't worry if the elastic can be seen...
  • Then take your hair my case i use a scarf since my hair ties are missing :(
  • Top the bun with your hair tie just to cover the bobby pins & the hair my case i tie the scarf to cover it.
  • For women who have straight hair, you can use a curling iron to make some waves. Spritz it with a hair spray to set it in place.
  • Fix your bangs & put a headband to finish the look.

And you're done!
What i like about this style is that if it's too hot you can tie the loose hair in the bun for comfort!

I'll be updating my hairstyle 101 as much as i this would be an additional installment aside from my Splurge & Save corner & homemade facial mask 101...

Hope you enjoyed this one...
See ya on my next hair post!


mia said...

you look great :) I used to have shoulder long hair but I have them cut. its so hot here.

Fifi said...

woah that's really creative!
I never go with a bun, mainly because I travel most of the time with my motorcycle and have to wear a helmet :(

KRYSTAL said...

you look so cuute! i used to love tying my hair on a bun when my hair was super loooonggg

becky said...

its very cute :)

Askmewhats said...

ooh hair is all layered and it won't come out as neat as yours! thanks for the tut! :D

Chomsiri said...

thank you for the hair tutorial! very cute!

Ai said...

cute hair style!!! <3

Ida said...

i can't get over how cute your hairstyle is :) and thank you so much for the award thiamere! i super appreciate it! :)

Ahleessa said...

I really love the hair pin! That's the first thing I noticed... hehe~ Me and my hair accessories *going crazy*. :X

my_makeup_mania said...

Awe! Looks soooo cute and I've curly hair, I pretty can do it too :) thanq :)

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