Thursday, June 25, 2009

~beauty bloggers giveaways & contest~ part 2

After yesterday's post, i realized that i missed a few things..
this will be a follow up of it

  • Giveaway 1 - Makeup Packrat is giving away NYX & LA Colors stuff...Let's all help her decide what could be a good name for her Etsy shop
Click HERE for more info

  • Giveaway 2 - Martha is also giving away some stuff...but only for Philippine based bloggers...
Click the pic for more info

  • Giveaway 3 - Recessionista is also giving away awesome stuff...but this one is for US based bloggers
Click the pic for more info
  • Giveaway 4 - DSK is giving away lots of amazing stuff!
Click the pic for more info
  • Giveaway 5- Linda is also having a giveaway but only for US & Canada based bloggers
Click the pic for more info

  • For those who ordered the MPPB for June, Linda have a contest - Click HERE
  • Cupcake Couture also have a contest...Click HERE

Feel free to join the giveaways/contests that i put here. If you know any other giveaways/contest you can ping me on my cbox & i'll add it here so that you can just take a look at this post to join in & let everybody know about it

I might update this every now & then..



Shantee said...

Thanx for lettin me or all of us kno about all the giveaways! :)

Pop Champagne said...

haha good timing I *just* joined cupcake couture's contest

thanksss for your compliment lol perhaps next time I go grocery shopping I'll go pick up a stock boy HAHAHA jk jk gawd that'd be statory rape for me

KRYSTAL said...


Ahleessa said...

Wow so many giveaways and hard to keep up... hehe~

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