Friday, March 02, 2012

Eshiko Ultra High Definition Powder Review

This post is dedicated to Sis Joan who had asked me about Eshiko. I almost forgot about this powder since it has been on my kit & i only get to use it when i do touch ups when i'm out which is rare since i don't go out that much these days. hehehe

This is my first HD powder & honestly, i don't know what to expect.
I'm not a foundation-user & i prefer finishing powders only. haha!
I made my research prior to buying this. It has positive feedback & the before & after pictures look great so i was sold!

Is it really worth it?
Does it live up to its claims?
Let's see... I'll let you decide for yourself!

This is what the company claims...

What is ESHIKO™?

ESHIKO™ is a 100% hydrated silica refined at the smallest size possible, smaller than all the leading hydrated silica brands. We also infuse moisture to each hydrated silica nanospheres to prevent the number one problem among all leading hydrated silica brands – Dryness of the skin. Think of ESHIKO™ as a 100% hydrated silica with an upgrade, the best hydrated silica on the market today.
I read reviews about it & tried to understand the logic behind everything.
They claimed to be the best hydrated silica that is available on which they boasts 10 nanometer silica spheres as opposed to other HD powders that has 500 nanometer silica spheres.

Please read this post to understand the technicality behind everything.
I'll be explaining things now based on my observation.

Let's start it first with the texture.
It is really finely milled! 

I'm not really sure about that 10 nanometer thing but i can say that this one is so fine that if you buff/stipple it on your skin it disappears almost completely! Look closely at the pic of the back of my hand. I think you can see the difference of the skin that has the powder on. It is really smooth & the fine lines of the skin had almost disappeared! It is so tiny it could sink on the gaps of the skin.

In this matter, i feel that i am wasting my powder when i use a brush. I think it's better to use a powder puff, like how i apply my finishing powder because you get to really push the product to your skin therefore filling up your pores.

Since it is very finely milled i feel like half of the powder that i loaded on my brush just ends up sinking at the ferrule. See that smoke-like thing on the pic? That's the powder that has sunk at the bottom of my ferrule! 
Tsk! Mottainai! Such a waste!
So i would suggest that you just use a puff when applying it to maximize it.

Going back...

You can tell & feel the difference of the skin without it & with it on. I have a combination to oily skin on which my cheek is dry while the rest of my face is oily. I read that this product is good for all skin types but  more friendly for dry skin compare to MUFE HD powder.  I applied this without any primer on the pic.

Now, i have issues of applying powder on the apple of my cheeks just because it is dry. It looks flaky at first but as it sits on the skin & i oil up it looks better. This is no exception. It looks a bit dry at first but it gets better later on.

It looks like bare skin already. I know that my pores are still obvious but with this powder on, my skin looks brighter!

Guess what side of my cheek has the powder on? Oops sorry, i didn't have anything on. not even lip balm.

You can't guess?
If that's the case then i guess this next picture will tell you what part it had on...

The cheek that is not as oily compare to the other has the powder on. That would be my right cheek (left on this picture). Why? This picture will explain...

I blotted my cheeks after an hour & this picture will tell you how it fares on oil control. The cheek without Eshiko is really oily that you can even see my pores on the oil film while the one that has the powder is not that oily at all. But the pic that i took with the flash was after 3 hours already & you can see how oily my skin can get...

Now one more concern about HD powders would be about flash photography...
Remember the picture of Nicole Kidman & Eva Longoria with very obvious powder streaks on their face?
The culprit for that is MUFE HD Powder. HD Powders are notorious for reflecting the light from the flash of the camera.

The 2nd picture of my face was taken with the flash on. You decide for yourself how it fares... if it leaves a whitish cast on my cheek or not.

With all that, i'll leave you with things that you have to consider as well aside from what i just said above.
  • very finely milled
  • disappears on the skin
  • good for all skin types
  • can online be bought online for $30 (check out their website)
  • you have to be very careful in handling it since the powder is so fine it could just float around as you tap on it.
I bought mine when i saw a deal at a group buying site. I don't know where you can buy it here on the Philippines though.

These are just my observation but please do tell me on the comments what you think... if this is a yay or nay for you.
Did you think that it left a white cast with the flash on?
Did you think it was able to control my oil?

Hope you all will have a great weekend,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!


calinlin said...

this is a YAY for me! I'm using this as a setting powder under my liquid foundation, it controls my oily skin.. I think i found my HG setting powder.. its better than mac blot for me.. Thank you for your lovely post :) I shamelessly ask this yesterday I think? :) and I was surprise you did a post.. thank you! :) <3

Thiamere Brea said...

no problem,sweetie
glad to be of service

im glad that it really works for you!
i find this to be better than any finishing powders that i have tried though, that's for sure!

Gale said...

It looks good even with flash...but it's kind of expensive for something that won't last for more than 3 hours IMO...I have combi-oily skin too and I hate retouching haha ^_^

Thiamere Brea said...

i guess it just depends on the person's skin... hehehe
but i think based on the components this is a better choice than most hd powders since this is hydrophilic compare to others that are hydrophobic

Cheerylyn said...

best review for eshiko ever! very detailed! thank you:)

Thiamere Brea said...


im glad that you found it helpful

neon said...

Thanks for reviewing this! I read somewhere that when you re-apply it after sweating or when the oil has started to appear, it will look even better? Any thoughts on that? I missed my chance to buy one when the deal was still on. And with your review, I'm still having second thoughts if I should really try it or not. I am oily in my t-zone.

Thiamere Brea said...

im not sure about that because i think you'll only be able to notice the effect of it for someone who has perfect skin to start with. i hardly have perfect skin seeing as how i stll have blemishes & open pores so i can't see any obvious difference with the "after sweat". i also can't understand how it could look good since when i sweat i had to wipe/dab my face. The powder just can't hold on to my sweat so as soon as i wipe it off, the powder would also be wiped away. i think i look the same with how i look after a couple of minutes after the oil has been absorbed by the powder. it will just give this soft look on the skin... however only upon closer inspection.

but i can say that this is non-comedogenic.
i didn't suffer any breakouts from it so it's nice

Jade quibranza said...

I'm actually a little disappointed with this product. I had high expectations after reading rad reviews about it. First off the packaging kinda looks cheap, and upon opening since its made up of nano spheres the powder is over my hand and flying around like dust. I did not notice much difference in my pore size after using it and it's not very effective in reducing appearance of blemishes. I think it would be better used as a finisher on top of a liquid foundation, though I haven't tried that one yet. It's not so great if used alone.

afit said...

your post is great ! do you have any idea wherw i should purchase this ? im from indonesia

grace said...

Thanks for your very detailed review and photo evidence of this amazing hd powder!
I have dry skin so it should work best for my skin type!
Now m more convinced to buy one though it is really costly!
And yes, need to order online and wait for at least 10-15 days for delivery, something which i do not prefer compared to shopping for it and trying the tester at cosmetics counter and decide on the spot to buy and get the product immediately! haha

Thiamere Brea said...

that's the reason why i was a bit hesitant when i bought doesn't even have that much reviews online so i was really buying it blindfolded.hihihi

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