Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend Nails:Freehand lace design

Another nail art tutorial...
You know that i don't get to post much so i hope that this would be the start of my blogging streak again.

This is not a sticker so you can also don a lace design even if you can't find a lace sticker like the one that i have.

This is not really that difficult.
Though i have to say that making the half-circles are a bit of a challenge but with steady hands & a good liner brush you'll be able to make this design.

Let's start with the tutorial...

Materials needed:
  • black & white polish/acrylic
  • liner brush
  • dotting tools (you'll need the big & tiny one)
  1. Make 2 slanted lines to act as a guide on where you'll be filling it with the white color.
  2. Fill the top & bottom part with white, leave the middle part blank.
  3. Using a liner brush make tiny half-circles on the edge of the white polish. You can go for small or tiny ones.
  4. Let's finish the white part first. Ready your big dotting tool & dip it on black polish.
  5. Then make uniformed dots on the white part. Depending on your preference, you can put in more dots.
  6. Using the tiny dotting tool, you start putting dots on the outer part of the half circles like so.
  7. Make sure you also put dots on the other circle.
  8. Then to finish your lace, add 2 more tiny dots per circle on the inside (just at the edge of the white).
  9. Apply your top coat & make sure you clean the edge of your nail.
Isn't this really cute?
I love how it looks like! I can't wait until my 'pare' would be able to see my nails. He always looks forward to seeing my nails every weekend. hehe

I am trying out the Tony Moly base coat & i am liking it so far!
No nail stains! Finally!!!!!
A base coat that is able to protect my nails~
I have to continue using it before i give my final verdict.

I said before that nail art is my accessory & it is indeed!

I feel like i can take on the world even without make-up as long as my nails are looking posh! hahaha!
Do tell me if you were able to make this design too,ok?

Have a happy friday,sweeties!
Jaa ne~!


Nikki said...

Super nice! ako naman, I have done nail art but wasn't able to take photos...hahahaa so ready for summer inspired nail art na sana :D

Isabel said...

omg.. you are crazy... hahaha! so hardworking

Dawn said...

Super duper pretty!!! I super love love love thissss!!! ♥♥♥

Thiamere Brea said...


ako din e.lately tinatamad na ko magpicture habang nagnnail art. i just do my nail art then i will do it on a nail art wheel tapos saka ko ppicturan. hahaha!

Thiamere Brea said...


yeah... boredom can do things to a person.hahaha!
i guess it's good being bored once in a while. lol!

Thiamere Brea said...

im sure you can do this one too!

unibrowcow said...

Reeeeeally nice! Good job! This put a smile to my face.

Thiamere Brea said...

im glad you like it

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