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Friday, January 18, 2013

Soap and Glory Body Butter Review

The weather has been pretty cold lately which makes using body butter a nice change for me.
I don't really use body lotions/body butter that much because i hate the sticky feeling on my skin plus it makes my skin feel suffocated. It feels so hot on my skin that i sweat after application which just makes a hot mess on my skin. But since the weather is cold, so i can now finally appreciate the warmth that butters can provide.

So, on to the Soap & Glory Body Butter

They have a tag at the side that says "the righteous butter"....
What exactly does righteous mean here?

I got mine on a giveaway that i won before but i don't get to use it that much. It's only now that i can get away to using it since we have a very comfortable weather.

Love the packaging!

It's pink & so girly!
Ingredients list...

On to the butter itself.
The only thing i can say about this is that it smells good!

Unfortunately,i don't know how to describe the scent just because i don't think it's flowery, nor is it fruity. the only thing that i can say is that it's like an artificial sweetener. lol!
I hate how most artificial sweet smells like but this one is something that i can tolerate & i am liking. It doesn't smell overpowering but the scent would last on your skin for a long time. I don't think i can use the word sexy to describe it (somehow) but i guess it's really more into a girly sweet smell.

I only use body butters on my feet just because they are the driest part of my body but this is the only butter that i use on my arms & legs just because it smells so nice! It's so addicting! Trust me on this.

This is like the pringles version of body butters...'once you pop, you can't stop!' lol!

I can't say anything for the moisturizing properties because i don't think it added anything on my skin. maybe it could lock moisture in your skin but i don't really know about it adding moisture though. It doesn't feel that heavy unlike other butters which is a plus for me since i hate the sticky feeling that you get when you use lotions.

I guess that's the only thing that i can say about this...
Obviously, i'm still not into full blogging mode because i can't really chatter on & on like how i used to. I wish i'll be bitten by the blogging bug once again.

Well, with that, let's make a little summary...

  • smells so good!
  • the scent last for hours & hours on the skin
  • you won't need a lot..a little goes a long way
  • you tend to use less so you'll have more to use later on (yay!)
  • not available locally
Will i buy it?
Maybe not the butter, but the perfume.
I think they have it...don't they?
I'm not that much into body butters but the scent of this is just so addicting!

I guess you can find some online shops here in the philippines that can pre-order it for you.
If you are into scents, then you have to smell this one. The scent is just so cute & unique!

Well, i hope you all are having a great fiday!
Have a happy day!
Jaa ne~!

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