Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Veet Wax Strips

I decided to go over my piles of pictures on different folders of products-to-blog about for the next couple of days. This is something that had been sitting on my draft for a long time now so i guess it's finally time to do this review. Sorry for the bad picture quality. I promise that once i started blogging about new stuff (after getting rid of those piled-up pics) the quality would be a lot better!

I have made a couple of posts regarding hair removal & i said that waxing is still my favorite form of hair removal. Cold waxing... specifically, using wax strips. It's convenient & the result is just simply amazing! I have tried other wax strips but i still go back to Veet just because i think no one beats this. But for now since i'm too lazy to go shopping (is it really me?hahaha!) & i ran out of Veet, so i am just shaving my legs.

So let's start the review....

Veet Wax Strips got 2 variants...
The pink one (which i am using) & the green one which is more for those that have sensitive skin.

These are the contents of the box...

6 wax strips (that you peel each so you'll end up having 2)
2 finishing wipes
direction for use

You can read the direction for use first if you are a first timer.
I'll give you all some tips about waxing at the end of this post so for now let's focus on the product itself.

The hair growth should be somewhat obvious to the naked eye for better result. I grew mine like that so that you'll really be able to see the before & after. hehehe. Just imagine how many days i spent wearing jeans & just staying indoors just for the sake of this review. lol!

Going back...
Most often than not, the direction of the hair growth would be downwards. When you wax, you have to go against the grain of the hair which means that when you apply the strip, you have to pull it upwards.

Once you peel the strips off, you have to rub it downwards or going with the grain of your hair so that the hairs would stick to the wax completely. Just rub it 2 or 3x times. Don't over rub it! You wouldn't want to make the wax warm because it is gonna make a mess on your skin. The wax will be left behind on your skin even after pulling the strip. It will be disastrous!

Trust me on this!
Oh & do not...i repeat DO NOT put the other strip on the other leg as you are still working your other leg. The warmth from your skin will melt the wax.

Anyway, you'll get to see the instruction on the strips so you'll never do it wrong, i'm sure.
Here is the before & after picture....

Just look at that nice, hair-free (& exfoliated!haha) skin after just 1 pull!

Then a close-up picture of the strip (after 1 pull).

Sorry about the disgusting picture but i think you all would want to see how it clearly was able to take off all the hairs in just 1 pull!
I have tried other wax strips & only Veet can lift all the hair off my skin in just 1 pull. So that's just 1 "ouch!" unlike other strips where you would have to do it again & again, which is just simply torturous! We'd rather just do it in 1 go,right?

You can keep on using that 1 strip on your legs over & over until you feel that it's not sticking to your skin anymore.

Then to finish it off you need to use the finishing wipe.
Basically it's just a paper soaked in oil.
Oil will be able to get rid of the remaining wax left behind on your skin.

I love the scent of this!
I think it's like fruity & nutty at the same time... almond,i think.
I can't remember because i haven't used this for a while. hehe
I have to make sure that i include this on my shopping basket the next time i go shopping.

Once you're done, you can admire your hard work!
Hey, waxing is a hard work... & painful too. So you have to appreciate your smooth & hair-free legs!

Some things that you might want to remember about waxing:

  • It's better to wax after showering because your skin is soft.
  • Do not wet your skin after waxing
  • Make sure that your skin is oil-free before waxing because you wouldn't want to let your strips go to waste because the hair doesn't stick on it.
  • If you ever run out of finishing wipes, you can just use baby oil or any oil that you have on hand to clean your legs for the after-wax
One of the main reason why i like waxing is that i really notice that the hairs are growing a lot thinner with continued use. I have a really thick man-hair before but now they are considerably a lot finer compare to my pre-waxing days. So i personally believe that waxing really makes the hair finer with continued use. I am stressing the "continued" use because you won't see the result immediately after waxing once.

Now, one thing that i would also like you all to know is that waxing could cause ingrown hair.
What is it?
It is when the hair is trapped inside the skin as it grows. It is really very itchy!
I go crazy trying to restrain myself from not scratching my legs!
So you have to be wary about that. That's also one of the reason why i'm not that keen into buying wax strips once i have used it all.

As usual, i'll leave the price for you to decide if this is affordable or not.
It retails at around Php 280.

  • really works. the best strip for me so far!
  • love the scent
  • available locally
  • only has 2 wipes. it'll be better if it has more
Will i recommend it?
Of course! This is the best wax strip that i have used so i will recommend it for those who haven't tried it yet.

Will i buy it again?
I am a loyal user. Though i haven't bought it recently, but it made it on my products-worth-buying so i do repurchase.

Have you tried wax strips?
If not, what do you use for hair removal?

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Maggie said...

astig! Natanggal talaga lahat! :) Great review!

pomm said...

Veet Cold Wax Strips Leg and Body

Kaye Salvador said...

Where can you buy this?

Thiamere Brea said...

it's available in most deparment stores & drug stores too,hun
i even see this in grocery stores paminsan minsan.

Emma Harris said...

I was looking for reviews onVeet and came upon this page. Thanks for the tips! How many strips do you use up for both your legs? Do you consume the entire box?

Akanksha singh said...

Totally worth n a must use product for gals.. Veet has done a great job wd getting this product in the market.. !! :)

Isha Baheti said...

Veet is an amazing hair removal product. Its not messy at all and is cheaper and very convenient as you can now wax at your home and without any hassles. Try it, strongly recommended :)

Anuksha Jadon said...


Nidhima Taneja said...

As an avid Veet user, I would strongly back this product and simultaneously would urge others to give it a try because its worth every penny. It is easily accessible, easy to carry and economical as well. Quite a catch I must say! :)

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