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Thursday, November 08, 2012

polish swatching just got easier...

... using peel-off basecoat.

Hey,are you talking about Essence peel off basecoat? Nope!
First & foremost, Essence is not available here in the Philippines so i can't easily avail of it how much i want to. Anyway, im too poor to afford international shopping spree right now so that's out of the question.

So, what do i use if i don't have Essence?
Well, that's all thanks to Elmer's Glue. You know i was really planning to use the title "The Wonders of Elmer's" but i figured that you won't even click the title on your dashboard & read my post so i just have to change it.haha!

Going back, now you don't have to worry about using glitter polishes.. finally!

I thought i hate glitter polishes..i really do but when i rearranged my stash, i was quite surprised to find out that almost half of them are glitter polishes! Huh! So much for thinking that i hate them. It's like it just sneak up on me.

Main reason why i hate glitter polish is that it is a pain to remove. Yeah, you can do the foil method, but, come on, how many of us are actually willing to do those extra steps? I mean cutting the foil into pieces then drenching the cotton with your polish remover then wrapping it it on your nails & covering them with the foil to soak the polish off, is just a hassle for me... or am i just just too lazy? probably the latter.hahaha!

Anyway, i hate soaking my nails with polish remover because my nails are already thin to start with, it peels & chip very easily, so exposing it to acetone just makes my problematic nails worse, so it's not an option.

Not anymore!
Now i can don glitter polishes how often i want to & it's all because of Elmer's.

For ALL your needs, it says, & i think i can agree on that. lol!

It's just simple, you apply it on, wait for it to dry then apply your polish. Simple as 1-2-3!

By the way, i only applied half of it to my nails so you can see that it dries completely transparent.

This is also handy when you go polish shopping. You just need to put glue on your nails before going out then swatch all you want! How awesome is that?!

I don't think i need to elaborate more about this one so i'll just shut up & let you try this out by yourself. Make sure you try it. Just borrow it from your little bro/sis or your kid & see the wonders of elmer's.

Here is my full glitter mani.
I did a glitter ombre effect & it was difficult because i had to stick them on one by one just to achieve a nice gradation. tsk!

I love how sparkly this is!
Once the sun hits this, you'll be blinded by the radiance of the glitters. hahaha!

Now comes the removal part...

ta dah!
Easy as pie!
Anyway, why did i say 'easy as pie'? I haven't even made any pie yet... i don't think it's going to be as easy as how i mostly see it on the videos. hehehe

Well,i guess that's it!
You need to try this out to see for yourself.
Ok, im off to do some grocery shopping. ta ta!

Have a happy day!
Jaa ne~!


angelamhiere said...

Interesting... =D

On the other hand, for how long will it last? =D

photoescape said...

Great tip! I really hate glitter polish too... I like jewel tones and pastel colors more for my nails.. will they work with those too? ^^,

Kat of NailsMyDreams said...

Oooohhhhh! Pwede! Hehe. Do I need to apply a base coat too before applying the glitter polish? Or diretso na?

Onika Chan~ said...

OMG XD that's soo great!!! now I won't have a hard time removing glittery nail polish!
Thank you so much I love you!! XD LOL

Thiamere Brea said...

honestly,i haven't tried this one for a long time on my nails because i do not let polishes stay on my nails for a long time e.

i guess as long as you do not remove it or lift the ends then it could last for a while. just don't wash your hands that often because it's still glue. elmer's is washable so frequent exposing to water will not be good.

this trick is mainly good for swatching polishes mostly

Thiamere Brea said...

yeah,they will.
it's a lot easier to remove when you don't use glitters. it just peels off in 1 clean patch

Thiamere Brea said...

it's better on bare nails.
i tried it with a basecoat underneath pero the glue sticks on the basecoat talaga kasi shiny. nail surface is rather porous kasi kaya hindi gano nakakapit unlike shiny surfaces.
madali lang sya tanggalin pag diretso mo nilagay sa nels.

Thiamere Brea said...

hirap tanggalin ng glitters no?
peste!nabbwiset ako pag tatanggalin ko na.
buti na lang no sweat na ngayon ang glitter/polish removal!

but honestly,i haven't tried this on my nails for a long time.a day at the most lang kasi i hate nail stains talaga kaya hindi ako gano nagppolish na.. during weekends na lang

angelamhiere said...

Now I could swatch my polishes and show them to the world!!! ^__^


As if naman andami kong polishes... wahehehe... hihihi... =D


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