Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My most coveted polish:FLOAM

After months & months of waiting! 5 months to be exact I was able to get my hands on this polish. I have been lusting over this polish for a long time & i'm just so dang glad that i finally have it.

Isn't this polish a beauty?
Tiny (really tiny!they're just like periods -> .....) matte glitters of blue, yellow & yellow green makes this polish so irresistible. I mean, just look at how awesome it is!

But, one thing that you have to know about this polish is that application is such a biotch!

I had to do 5 thick coats to achieve that effect. One important thing that you have to also take note when applying this is that you have to let them dry completely before the next coat, so yeah, this is a very time & effort-consuming polish to don.

Looking at the brush, you'll see how not a lot of glitters are there to really have a full cover for 1 coat so you really have to do at least 4 coats to get the full effect.

Since i said that you have to apply it thickly, it also means that you'll most likely end up using a good portion of it on your finger & toenails... maybe you'll even consume like half of the bottle if you plan to do so. hahaha!

I used it on all 10 of my fingernails & i used up like 1/5? of it already...

1/5 of the bottle gone for all 10 of my fingers...?!

You be the judge....
Oh & i am going to keep this in my stash upside down like so because if you notice it most of the blue

For now, i'm just so happy that i already have this polish.
Yay! So, im gonna leave you with 2 more pics of it.

I have to maximize the use of this through pictures, no?

If you are interested in buying this, head on over to NinjaPolish & look over all the Floams that are available there. I just choose the classic floam because that is what i have been wanting ever since.

There ya go...
Hope you are having a fun Tuesday!
Jaa ne~!


NinMonster said...

Gorgeous nail color! TvT

Anastacia Park said...

This is such an amazing color!! Don't know if all this time of waiting is worth it but U made me want this color badly!

Michelle Grace Magramo said...

Lovely color!

jehan said...

oh, so gorgeous... i'm also into this kind of nail polish lately but i just satisfy my eyes "eye shopping" as the korean cosmetics companies are also really battling it out with their equally pretty colors/polishes.. #1 for me though is aritaum's....

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