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Monday, November 12, 2012

starting my Acne Diary~

I'm planning to start a mini series on my blog about acne mainly since most of my new readers are being diverted to my blog because of acne-related stuff. I have received tons of messages & emails from my readers asking me about my blog posts. I'm really stoked every time i read them because it makes me feel like a part of each & everyone.

It's quite overwhelming to answer everyone so i am hoping that this series of posts that i'll be doing for the next couple of weeks would be helpful. I am of course standing up to what i said about getting to know your skin. I learned it the hard way to always make sure that you go with the basics & do not let others dictate what you thought is best for you.

I am glad to be included in a blog campaign to promote awareness about acne. I am hoping that through this,i'll be able to help you, all, in dealing with your acne problems.

You can check out my previous post about How i broke the breakout cycle for the meantime.

Hope that the acne series that i'll be posting starting this Saturday will be helpful. I'll provide a link on my FAQ page one by one.

Have a happy day~

1 comment:

Cookiie said...

What a coincidence, I'm planning an anti-acne series starting in January as well! Looking forward to see how our approaches will differ from each other and maybe we'll learn something new too haha.

★ Cookiie


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