Saturday, November 24, 2012

Acne Diary - Entry 2:Skin vs Food

After my personal introduction about the start of my Acne Diary, which i hoped that you have read & understand. It's now time to start doing something about it. The thing that i would like to focus on is diet.

This is a part of the Truth Seeker campaign to create awareness so that we would be able to help fight acne. Actually a part of this campaign, specifically for this week, is to challenge me to prove the theory about food & acne is either right or wrong but since i don't have an acne anymore & i am eating healthily so i can't anymore... this time, i'm gonna pass the baton to you.

How important is a balanced diet?
I think there is one movie that can give you the gist about it... ever seen Supersize Me?
Of course, that would be overstating things but you know the difference at least.

Your diet could pretty much reflect everything about you... most especially your skin!

I know the time that i had my acne i was living a very unhealthy & sedentary lifestyle. I am just staying at home eating junkfood while watching lots & lots of animes & movies. I also sleep really late at night..or rather make that morning. I sleep the next day 6am at worst! That's also the time when i mostly got into drinking those bottled green tea thinking that it's healthy (but it's not!it has loads of sugar on it!). I also don't get to exercise that much (still is my problem up until now but i do try to exercise naman compare with before) so the end result of that is very very obvious to my skin & body. I feel & look so ugly back then that i feel no make-up could even cover.

I am trying to live a healthy life now & i make it a point to eat a balanced diet. I love eating vegetables. My mom could attest to that. Every time we would have fried food my next question would be "don't we have any vegetable dish?". I'm even ok with just tomatoes.. just as long as i have something to counteract the oiliness from the fried dish.

But hey, even that didn't spare me from having acne. So, does diet really have something to do with acne? I'll tell you my deep health secrets so make sure you pay attention because you might be like me too...
Let's try & debunk a couple of some myth that had been circulating around when it comes to food.

I'll not go into details about each & every food because i think there are better articles about it that you can read like:
Can foods make you break out? at
Clear Skin Diet:Food that bring acne relief at
5 foods that cause acne - make sure that you read the first sentence in this article,ok? this title could be misleading

I would really like to share something about the relationship of sugar & acne but i don't dare to (yet!) because i would like to be able to talk with an expert first before i go publishing something about it. Don't worry, hunnies, i'll make it a point to interview someone (a doctor specifically) to enlighten us about the relationship of sugar & acne. I'll just be linking that post to this once i've done it.

I'll just be sharing my personal opinion about food & acne based on my experience. I'll just be talking about the topic that i'm familiar with,ok? So i'll just be touching 3 things that i think most of you know but is either not aware or is just simply ignoring. I am also challenging you to prove me wrong in my theory,hunnies.

Let's start...


photo credit to cleanse & detox lifestyle
I am a great water-gulper.. is there such a word? lol!
Anyway, i really love to drink water...a lot! I even bought the Nestea Doblitro tumbler to monitor my water intake. I make that i drink at least 2 liters of water a day. But i know for a fact that during my pre & acne-days i am not drinking enough water.

You see, i used to have a stone lodged in on my left kidney years ago. I was forced to double the amount of my water intake at that time & you know what i noticed when i increased my water intake? My hair grew pretty fast & my nails too! I don't have a scientific basis for this mind you, but that is what i experienced. I mean i have read somewhere that hair is made up of 5% water or something to that effect... the only thing that im certain is that water is just important.

I do not drink any sugary beverages. My doctor advised me not to since i have a high-risk in diabetes coming from a family of diabetic so i am always on the struggle to lessen my sugar intake.. which means no sodas, juices, etc. I can't even eat sweet fruits. *sigh* I can only intake water... so is that a reason why i am a fan of water? I have no choice! LOL!

Water is great for flushing the toxins out of the body, together with an increased fiber intake & you sure are doing your body a great favor! Since i already know my skin almost inside out, i can literally see if my water intake is not enough because i can really see how dull & "thirsty" my skin looks. I also make sure that i double check the color of my urine to see if my water intake is enough.

Can increasing your water intake really make a difference to your skin?

I am challenging you, all, to drink as much water as you can. In my case, i can drink more than 2 liters of water a day... that also means frequent visit to the loo, but who cares?! I can see that my skin looks great! I make it also a point to drink as soon as i wake up.


Now this is my weakness...
I love junkfood!
I love chips, canned foods, instant foods, etc. so much it's not funny anymore. Prepackaged foods are heaven sent! hahaha. No wonder i had a kidney stone. hehehe

But did you know that salt is not really related to acne?
Just check it out here

Why did i include salt then if it's not related to acne?
I would just like you to know that most salty pre-packaged foods that we (or in this case I) love is laden with other things that could be the culprit to acne... or worse to other serious health-concern. Allergens that one person could have a bad reaction with could be present in those pre-packed that we love so much. Again, sugar is mainly present.

The nutrition facts at the back of those have a purpose.
Check it!
Too much sodium is not good.


Ok, another health confession... I have a high-blood pressure.
My dairy intake is limited.
I can only go for low-fat or non-fat dairy products, which tastes awful! hahaha! Fat is delicious, you know! Even my doctor student admitted that. Can you imagine croissant without the rich taste of butter?
OMG! The thought of butter croissant is making my mouth water as i am typing this... it's been too long! T_T

Anyway, going back to the topic...
There has been a link that has been found out that acne & the allergenic proteins from milk could be the culprit to acne. I'll not murder the explanation about it so i will just link this article so that you can read about it.

I'm sorry but i really can't remember if my milk intake, the time when my acne flared, was too much. The only thing that i know is that i love dairy products.. im talking about full-cream milk, heavy cream, soft cheeses, butter, etc. I can even munch a whole block of cheddar! When my doc told me that i have to limit my intake, it was like a dynamite was put on my "happiness" crate. hehehe

So, right now...
I am on a low-sodium, low-fat, high-fiber diet that i was forced into & i can really see the effect that it has on my skin. My skin is supple & smooth. I don't want to sound like i am really beautiful but after what i've been to on my acne-years, my skin now is something that i am really loving. I can go out without make-up anymore. This i think is really mainly because of my diet.

Again, i do not use any anti-aging creams or moisturizers that could alter my skin. Heck,i do not even use sunblock! I know, i know, i know... that's not good. I will be paying later on in the future because of that but i really do try to put on sunblock if i remember it. hehehe.

I think what i have right now is just because of what's happening in my body through my diet. I mostly eat vegetables, lean/white meat & fish. That sounds so difficult to do,no? But it really isn't! It is NOT!

Take the healthy choice!

When faced with food choices, always.. & i mean ALWAYS go for the healthy choice. It doesn't need to be all-vegetables or something like that especially if you are not into vegetables that much, but what i want you to do is to start picking choices that would be more beneficial to you...

Appetizer: Green Salad or Cheese Sticks - Green Salad
Main Meal: Rice with sisig or Rice with sinigang - Rice with sinigang
Dessert: Cheesecake or fruit salad - Fruit Salad
Drinks: Chocolate milkshake or Fruit Juice - Fruit Juice

You get the gist?
It seems hard at first, but once you see & feel the effect, i assure you that you will just naturally go for the healthier choice even without you trying.

It's all about moderation...
Too much of something is too bad. With the kind of fast-paced life that we are having we tend to just forget about taking care of ourselves so we usually suffer in the end. It's really very easy to get lost in the aisle of the grocery & see the different arrays of instant foods which are so cheap! But again, they are not good for you. They taste great, i know, but they're not good.

I still eat chips, but i don't eat it everyday like how i used to. I can eat something sweet like frozen yogurt or heck, even ice cream! but i make it a point to monitor my sugar intake (not because im afraid of diabetes) just because im a firm-believer that anything of too much is bad, I hope that you would also be conscious of the foods that you eat.

Just please trust me on this... a healthy & clear looking skin is not just because of what you are using topically, it is mostly because of what you eat. You are what you eat. Your skin is the mirror for that. So take my 2 challenges. You'll lose nothing & gain everything. These challenges are not just simply about your skin, it's about your body as a whole.

Well, with this, i hope that my 2nd diary entry is helpful.
We will talk about insecurities on my 3rd entry.

Hope you'll have a happy weekend!
Jaa ne~!


Catherine De Torres-Mangaya said...

i gotta learn how to drink lots of water. :D

Anna Ho said...

I think you should be okay consuming sweet fruits. Fruits have a lot of fiber in it compared to fruit juices, so it will take longer to digest and be a slower rise in blood glucose levels.

Have a look at the Canadian Association of Diabetes and you can learn a lot. They actually do recommend whole fresh fruits, even the ones you think are really sweet.due to the fiber. Just make sure you are eating a variety and avoid the processed foods which contain no fiber and digest really quickly, which causes a spike in blood glucose. You still need your calcium (at least 2 intakes per day - 2 cups per day), so maybe try unsweetened almond/soy milk.

Thiamere Brea said...

i still do eat fruits, though i try to avoid really sweet fruits like ripe mangoes. since grapefruits is in season here so i am eating grapefruits every now & then. i do take in fiber supplements too.

the calcium is something that i have consult with my doctor. i do drink low/non fat milk every now & then. i have a high uric acid so i try to avoid anything that are made of beans

Jemimah Reyes said...

I agree with pretty much everything you said here! I am prone to breakout as well and all of what you said here really does make a difference on one's skin.. :D Thank you for sharing! :) New follower here! :D


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