Thursday, November 15, 2012

Franken Polish:holographics + get to know the SM Accessories ambassadors

I do hang out at instagram most of the time & a dear friend tagged me about my workstation. At that time it was a mess but still decided to take a picture of it anyway. As i did so, i just felt like making holographic polishes when i caught a glimpse of my spectraflair so i made 4!

Actually it's more like 5..hehehe

My camera is just not cut out for capturing holographic polishes but i did try... I don't want to sound arrogant or something to that effect but my polishes look way better than the pictures. hehehe

I didn't even dare watermark it for fear that doing so may somehow affect the quality of my already-poor-image. I haven't named them yet though. I would have to think of a name. Y'all know that i suck at naming. hehehe

left to right: violet,green,blue & red

It's so difficult to take pictures... i don't want to tweak my settings just to improve the quality because i feel that i will be cheating not just you but also myself...

I made a short video to show how they look like... but i didn't realize that if i uploaded it on youtube its gonna look darker. :(
it's like a waste of time...

Then i made China Glaze GR8 even "greater" by adding spectraflair on it so now i already call it GR8TR. It's the one on the left, the right yellow holo was made by a very dear friend & she calls it Fever.

left: GR8TR right: Fever (not my franken)

Again, my pictures suck but they look awesome in person!

As soon as i can get more spectraflair i might make a few bottles to sell for those who are interested in getting holographic polishes specially here in the Philippines. What do you think? Will anyone be interested in buying a bottle? You know how it's almost impossible to buy holographic polishes here.

Or if not, then maybe just a holographic top coat.

left to right: franken-fine linear holo, franken-scattered linear holo
OPI DS Shimmer

This is the difference of the 2 Spectraflair grade that i was able to get. The one in the middle is better than the left one,no? The middle one looks almost like OPI DS Shimmer!

Here is a short video to see it better...

I love frankening polishes!
Have you tried making your very own mix of polishes?

On to the other's almost time to unveil who are the SM Accessories brand ambassadors!

By this time around, they have already been revealed on the event itself, but i wasn't able to go. boo hoo!

Tomorrow, ill tell you all who they are if you haven't guessed yet.

Hope you are enjoying your evening!
Jaa ne~!

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