Friday, November 30, 2012

Acne Diary Entry 3:Acne Sucks!

Doesn't it?!

I'm already on my entry 3 & im glad that some of you find it quite helpful. Thank you for the warm emails, it's nice to know that the effort that i am taking making this is well-worth it. Again, this is a part of the Truth Seeker campaign to create awareness & to help us arm ourselves to fight acne.

This time, i would like to focus on how acne actually affects our confidence. I'm sure that you know how it makes you feel really really really bad. I hope that this post would help you overcome that.

If you read my entry 1, i mentioned that my acne started the time when i was on the hype of experimenting with make-up. So it also means that the time when i had my acne, the only solace that i could find from my bout with acne is to cover it with more foundation & concealer to hide it away. I'm sure you are also guilty of it... right?

But let me tell you something... the more you apply something on your zits, the more you are just making it worse. Why?
You are clogging your pores.
I guess it's ok if you will just have it for a short time but i think the longer you have make-up on the more it just accumulates. Bacteria & oil are trapped in your pores. If you are going to pack something on top of your skin, you are just letting the bacteria in your skin sit on for a longer time. Doesn't that sound gross?

There's no way for us to avoid bacteria. It naturally resides in our skin because we are exposed to air & the bacteria is just naturally present in the air. This is the reason why i mostly recommend using an anti-bacterial soap if you have a younger skin. You have to get rid of the build-up that happened deep-down on your pores.

Now, that we got that out of the way, let's talk about how acne makes us feel.
This is a no-brainer.. we all hate acne! Just having a zit or 2 is enough to ruin our morning the moment we wake up, how much more a horde of zits on your face?!

Just think of acne as something unavoidable so in the end all you have to do is accept it & let it runs it course without adding more damage. It's so hard to say that you have acne, but you already have it (or else you won't be reading this one,no?) so the only thing that's left for you to do is to accept & work with it. Work with it, not against it.

Is there a difference?
Yes, if you are working against it, you try so much to cover it, use more products that are necessary & let it ruin you. The temptation to cover it with make-up is so great but do not! If you are applying concealer, then foundation, & finally setting it with powder is no good.

Just imagine yourself as the skin...
You are dirty & full of grime.
Will you actually put on your undershirt, then your shirt, then finally your jacket to cover the dirt?
Or would you rather just clean yourself & put on something that you are comfortable in?
I'll bet my next paycheck that you will be choosing the 1st one! So why let your skin do the same?!
Think about it... ok?

If you work with it then you listen to what your skin tells you. You do not do things that you know is bad & is pointless. You may not be completely comfortable letting every one see your flaws but you just learn to love with it. You do things that you know is right & will be helpful in the end.

It's just like a break-up.
You either try to bury the pain & let it slowly consume you from the inside or you let go & accept what had just happened?

I've already given you enough illustration & i guess that i've already made my point here.
You know what you are going to choose.
You know what you are going to do.
So go ahead & do it.

Just remember, everyone of us had something bad that we all want to forget.
Every thing will just pass it time. It will be over before you realize it. So don't fret yourself over trivial things like acne! There are a lot more things that you need to do & enjoy in life.
Don't let a freakin' acne stop you.
Don't let it dictate what your life should be like.
You are your own boss.

If you stress about acne, the more your skin will start producing oil (which is bad!) & makes it really really bad.

Just chill out & enjoy life.

I've been there & im definitely done with it!
This is why i'm telling you that acne is not the end of the world.
This is a learning process too. You'll learn a lot of things as you go along the journey. Just like i did!


Have a happy weekend,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

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