Monday, November 26, 2012

Franken Polish: Purple Fantasy~

I'm slowly getting into blogging mode little by little again. Too many classes & things to do now that christmas is already underway. So, to keep my blog alive for the meantime i'll do some polish swatching starting with my very own fanken polish that i call as Purple Fantasy.

I suck at creating names..i know. That's like one of my weakness!
This was a part of my latest holo frankens that i posted before.
Anyway, here is the picture...

Since this is holographic, taking a picture of this is almost next to impossible so i had to do it under the sun... which is think was still not able to capture the beauty of it.
tsk tsk tsk

Ok, here's another one....

That's a F-A-I-L!

Blurred on purpose so to see the holo effect.
My camera just can't capture the full glory of it but it's really pretty!
I love this shade so much i made 2 bottles of it!

I'll be swatching the other 3 holo frankens that i made together with this some time soon.

On the other hand, i would also like to give you, guys, a heads up about the Holiday Launch photos of SM Accessories. This would be a good reference if you are already prepping up what accessories would be perfect for your choice of dress this holiday. Just a couple more days before December... you have to also remember what would be your get-up on the special day.

Let's start with the gorgeous Anne Curtis for the Emerald Empire for those who would be wanting the cool color of green for the holiday season.
First let me say, that i'm not really that much into greens before.. but lately, i am loving the color!

My polish hauls the past couple of days has been more into greens! I won't do haul posts anymore because i think i'll just end up posting unnecessary info on my blog.. TMI! lol!

Ok, enough about polishes....
Love the bangles! I have to check SM out for that one. I sure wish they would fit my big wrist! lol!

Ladies, you also have to make sure that your guys are accessorized the way you are! So here is Richard for Urban Glam.

Our men needs to also be in fashion,no?

This next collection is just so vampy elegant! Perfect to finish up the usual little black dress.
I have to check this one out. I also have my black dress & i have to find the perfect accessories to dress up myself.

Love Georgina's fierce make-up!
I wish i can get away with this look.hehehe
Blue Royale collection for that perfect blue/perfect dress that would be able to spice up your wardrobe

Will be sharing a couple more pictures for my next few posts to come.
I have to definitely get a few accessories for my holiday get-up!
But i have to go shopping first!hahaha

Make sure you drop by at SM for your accessories,ok?
Oh, & make sure you check out their Twitter account. You might never know what you may find there..
How does 100k grand to celebrate the holidays?!
I wanna win too!

Well, there you go. Tomorrow i'll post another polish swatch.
Have a happy day!
Jaa ne~!


Anastacia Park said...

U're soooo good at frankening Thiamere! This holo looks amazing!

Thiamere Brea said...

thanks so much,hun!
i love frankening. i haven't really done my nails for a long time now because im more into making polishes rather than designing them.hihihi

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