Sunday, January 03, 2010

another mac haul & lippies swatch

A happy new year to everyone!

This was my last haul for 2009 though it took me days before i was able to post it. I just got so busy lately that i wasn't able to update my blog. With the New Year Eve's party here & there, foods to cook, champagnes to chill & blah just seems like a blur to me. But then, i had a great start for 2010.

On to the haul, For those who dropped by my blog, you might have notice the icon that i added on my left sidebar. It is Ivy's multiply page where i get the MAC lippies that i got the last time for just Php 500 ($11 approx). She got her stuff from a MAC Warehouse sale that's why it's cheap. She's so ubeeeerrrrr nice! I highly recommend her!

I got the Sugarshot Eyeshadow from the Sugarsweet collection & the Slimshine Lipstick in Ultra Elegant.

Let's start with the Sugarshot Eyeshadow. I so love it! I already have the Quick Frost pigment but since its loose, i can't put it on my cosmetic kit. I prefer to bring pressed one for i use it to apply on my inner eye corner. I like how subtle yet shimmery this is, which is perfect to be used as highlighter or again, on the inner eye corner.

I'm not exactly into shimmers, but i'm making an exception for this. Actually i think it's because of this why i'm beginning to be fascinated with shimmers.

I have the Quick Frost pigment (which is duo-chrome), just think of the Sugarshot as Quick frost without the duo chrome.

You almost can't see it. It's on my ring finger.

For those who like pigmented shadows, then go for Vanilla. But for those who like neutral colors & is looking for a nice color for the inner eye area, go for this....

But then, it's a limited edition. I'm not sure if this is still available. This is why i hate limited editions. I guess for those in the US, you might have luck when you dropped by at the CCO.

For those residing here in the Philippines, you can get it from Ivy's site. She still has 1 left! Go get it!

Let's go to the 2nd part, the Slimshine.

I like how sleek the Slimshine is. It's perfect for those who doesn't like bringing a regular sized lipstick. Slimshine just takes very little space & the packaging is really sleek!

Slimshine is a corally nude with a brown undertone. It is nice except that it got this weird smell. Unlike the regular MAC lipstick, this one got a different smell with a little vanilla on it. But i like how moisturizing it is. It is sheer enough that the swatch that i made might look pigmented, but not on the lips.

I'm not sure if i'll be buying Slimshine again for you know that i hate products that 'stinks'. BUt then, i think i can live with this.

I said before that i'll be providing a swatch for the lippies that i bought before.

I have the Hug me & Jubilee. & let me tell you that i so love them! I use them every time i wear make-up because lately, i start wearing falsies again. I want my lashes to take a break from mascara usage. Hug me is a great color to be used alone, while i use Jubilee with a lip concealer

Here's how they look like.

I pair the Jubilee with the lip concealer & voila! I have the perfect nude lips! I love the pale nude type of nude.. ^_~

It's perfect when i want to emphasize my eyes. Though i am now beginning to see how easy it is to have a red lipstick for a quick 'made-up' look.

As what i said before, i'm not a lipstick person so i only have 2 MAC lipsticks that i wanted & then that's it. It would be Russian Red & Blankety (Ivy, i'll be eternally grateful if you can get these 2 for me!hehe).

So, check her site & tell her i sent you,k?

Just click the avatar on the left side that says "Make your friends eat candy" or go to her You'll never regret purchasing from her. She's 1 of my favorite seller.

I still have a couple of items that i bought which i'll be showing later. I bought a pink suitcase tat i made as my cosmetic case & i'm planning to do a blogsale again. I'll just let you know once i've finalized it.

Hope you all have a great week!

Jaa ne~!


GirL With GLasSes... said...

wow! thats a very nice bargain!

mukang maganda yung sugarshot!

Askmewhats said...

seriously, great bargain and great haul for the new year :)

Y said...

Yay! I hate products that smell as well...

Khymm said...

wow will check out her site! That HUG me lippie looks nice..

Pammy said...

Hug Me is pretty and seems like ultra elegant is pretty too. :P

Catmare said...

those are awesome neutral lippies! thanks for swatching =)

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