Monday, January 11, 2010

rants & ramblings: ~loving the ulzzang look!~

Random posting with me being at my worst...

Lately, im so into doing the Ulzzang or Gyaru look though im far from perfecting it! I prefer the 'no make-up' make-up look. It makes me look & feel younger. I remember during Christmas time when i went to my Aunt's house, she said that i looked flawless. I was surprised because that was the time that my acne is really bad. I tried so hard on that day to conceal every blemishes that i have & was successful!

This is actually 1 of the pic that i have sporting the Ulzzang look.

My eyeshadow palettes are lying at the bottom of my case untouched for quite sometime now. But i'll do an eyelook post 1 of these days as per BF's request. I can't believe that bf is the one asking me to post an eyelook!

Anyway, going back to the Ulzzang look. It started when i entered Heather's contest. I find myself loving & donning the look. I hoarded in on my favorite false lashes. Here is another picture of how i usually do my make-up these days.

Going for the natural & flawless look takes a lot of time & effort but its so worth it! Oh, i told you before that i already cut my hair,right? So my hair went to this from this:

Sorry for the mess.... (--____--)

I don't do resolutions, but i made a resolution this year & that is to keep my hair healthy. I won't go for the extreme like "I have to lose 50 lbs this year' type of resolution because i know that's impossible for a lazy 'ol me. So, i started it first with an easy one.

Cutting my hair to get rid of my split ends is the first step.

As for the Ulzzang look, I'm pretty sure that many of us will agree with the "Less is more" saying. Same thing when it comes to make-up, the lesser you apply, the more natural you enhance your true beauty. But i hardly did that here when i did this look!

I used the ELF Concealer palette to hide away my blemishes & let me tell you that there are a LOT of 'em! So concealing it took most of my time. I avoid using BB Creams because it just makes me break out all the more!

As for the eyes, I just primed it, sweep a pink shadow on it, used MAC Quick Frost as the highlighter, lined my eyes then use falsies. Concealed my dark under eye circles using pink concealer as the concealer base before using my real concealer.

Sorry about that strand of hair. I did not even notice it, the time that i took the pic. But this is just a close-up for those who wanted to know (as if someone is interested!LOL). As for the cheeks, i want it close to being natural, so i didn't use a heavy pink/plum blush, but instead used the Physician's Formula's Powder Palette in Blushing Natural for that sun-kissed look.

As for the lips, this is why i said that i'm loving the Etude House lip concealer because im able to let the true color of MAC Jubilee show up on my lips. If i use it alone, it goes on sheer & almost acts just as a balm. But pair it with the Etude House lip concealer & i have the nude lips that i've been wanting ever since!

Ulzzang is great but i have to say that it does take me quite sometime to achieve it because i have a lot to conceal. Good thing i have a green & pink concealer to achieve a 'flawless' look. Have you noticed the bumps that i have? If you take a closer look at the left side of the pic, you'll see that i have a nasty bump on the right side of my cheek. I just made sure that i concealed it thoroughly before putting foundation on.

See how hard it is to actually achieve the 'no make-up' make-up look?!
How about you, have you done the 'natural' look while suffering acne?
Why do we want to look natural when we actually put a lot more product just to cover our blemishes?
Did you count how many "conceal" word i used on this post?
Why is it that we love make-up?
Why am i even asking these stupid questions?

Sorry for the pointless's just the effect of me missing bf...

Hope you all have a great week,ladies!

Jaa ne~!


♥ mia said...

ooh, its my first time to hear the term Ulzzang :D

Why do we want to look natural when we actually put a lot more product just to cover our blemishes? - haha funny question, but true. the hardest look to pull off is the natural no makeup look!

u look great :) what foundation and concealer did u use? :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

You look stunningly gorgeous with the natural look =] I like the natural make-up on you a lot. I guess we just want a natural look but beautiful so we enhance our beauty. I don't suffer from acne so I don't know =[ I have back acne, does that count? I can't see the back but I can feel some pimples. LOL. Are you okay sweetie? You seem upset.

lipton|TEE said...

You pulled the natural look off very well!! I've never tried to achieve the natural look, but I should some time soon.

Askmewhats said...

you look great! I love your Ulzzang look! And your eyes pop!!! :)

GirL With GLasSes... said...

wow! the bf requested an fotd?
ang saya!

do more ulzzang look!

Khymm said...

I love it! made your chinita eyes look bigger.. please post a TUT sis! =)

oOchaOo said...

ulzzang look sounds very interesting! i would love to give it a try too :) you look pretty!!

aww you're rambling because you miss your bf hihi thats so cute :)

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