Thursday, January 14, 2010

Korean Stuff galore!

Today, i went shopping alone because bf won't be able to go with me this weekend. He & dad have work to do & since it's also my brother's birthday on Saturday so i just decided to do my shopping now.

I went to SM Megamall just to visit Etude House again. It's so far from where i live but it's ok! I also decided to get the Changpo Shampoo & Conditioner because of my resolution. Before i head on home, i also decided to stock up on my favorite falsies plus a pink Fanny Serrano Lipstick.

By the way, the pink background is my suitcase-turned-cosmetic-case. I think it's so adorable & i got it for a bargain. I got it for only Php 200 (around $4.50)...hehehe....what a steal,huh? It's so girly! I'll make a separate post about it sometime.

When i went to Etude House, i tried looking for the SA that 'helped' me the last time i was there. She's not around...good thing (hehe)! I went around looking for the Teardrop Lash but i can't find it. I asked the SA if they have it, but it looks like they're not aware of such product. I tried looking for it but i can't find it either. Too bad! I went there just to get my hands on it.

The 2 SAs saw my nails & they said that it looks pretty. I have been using the Elena Nail Polish since last week & i've been getting a lot of compliments lately. I think i'll be getting some more polish from them when i go back to Trinoma.

Anyway, going back, I decided to purchase the Teardrop Liner instead. It's a nice shimmery liner. I took a look at their polishes & saw that they have some nail art pens so i grabbed a couple...too bad that the pink one is out of stock. I also included a purple & clear polish. I'll be using the clear polish in 'frankening' my own polish.

Last but not the least is the Magic Bubble Peeling. I'll let you know about this after a couple of weeks. I received an Eyelash Curler again as the GWP, but i forgot to include it here when i took the photos.

I was in a hurry because i don't want to be late on my classes, but i still decided to drop by at The Face Shop to get the Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo & Conditioner since i read good reviews. I'm hoping that this would work on me too.

I wanted to linger a while in Rustans to buy a MAC 217 but since i'm not sure about how long the traveling time is so i just didn't, i hate being late in my classes. There will be a day when i'll be able to finally buy at MAC (i only want to buy at MAC in Shangri la, especially not at Glorietta because the MAC SAs in glorietta are snooty).

But i made a quick stop at Essences to ask if they have a holographic nail polish. I think they only have OPI, Essie, Sally Hansen & Orly, but no China Glaze. I've been dying to get my hands on China Glaze's Sexagon. I think it's awesome! Anyone who can help me find some of the China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection? *sniff*

Then finally, before i go home, i stopped by at the Gotesco Grand Central to buy some falsies. I passed by Fanny Serrano & was looking for a good nude lipstick when i saw this outrageously cute pink lipstick!

It's Fanny Serrano Moisturific Gold in Strawberry Sparkle. It looks like this....

It's a pink shimmery lipstick with tiny gold flecks on them. I am terrible in shimmery lipsticks because my lips chaps every now & then that's why i prefer matte, but i can't resist. I love how barbie pink it is.

It is so nice. Don't you think so?
I don't have any pink lipstick yet. I'll try to make this work on me because the color is divine!

Do you have a favorite pink lipstick?
What is it?

I'm still a newbie in lip products because i've been a balm-user ever since. A recommendation would be great!

Hope you all have a great day,ladies!

Jaa ne~!

I'm planning to change my layout, not because i don't like this. In fact, i love it...but i've been noticing some problems like i can't click the monthly archives whenever i want to take a look & also i see this pop out thing saying something about not being able to read scripts or something like that... One blogger even told me that whenever she views my page, her browser crashes...ekkk!

What do you think is wrong? Can somebody help me?
Had someone ever experience it with my page too?

I don't like changing layouts every now & then. I just changed my layout a couple of months ago & i'm happy with this, but if it continues i guess i'll have to revamp it. Any suggestions/ideas/comments about this....I'll appreciate it if you can help me with this.


Ida said...

Yes, the pink lipstick does look nice :) The color is well as your haul! What's the Magic Bubble Peeling, btw? Huli na ko sa etude house products cause I'm so far from megamall and haven't gone yet hehe...

Re your layout/page, I don't experience any problems with it naman.

RHiiAN said...

i love the falsies.. san sa grand central mo binili? ignorant haha

RHiiAN said...

me too is having problems when i visit your page...

"script error" something like that ang lumalabas

GirL With GLasSes... said...

mare! nice haul!
asian products! good! nice yang fs lippie mo!

mac sa's sa moa, nice sila, kaya naman malayo yata sa place mo yun. tska lagi sila konti stocks kasi nahuhuli sila, inuuna glorietta and shang.

re: layout

i am not expert when it comes to codes, but i know a little. maybe:

1. your template code is somewhat corrupted. may mga maling scripts na naka include kaya hindi nababasa.

2. your template code can only be viewed better sa mga updated browser.

IE outdated browsers, like IE5 or IE6 and even version 7, nahihirapan makabasa ng modern blog templates.

yung search engine ng template ko ngayon hindi gumagana eh, kaya tinanggal ko na lang.

kung marami na errors, i suggest choose and pick a new template...

new template... like your new nail polish!!!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

thia where yung gotesco central??i really want those kind of falsies~ parang super thin hehe.nice haul...pag nakita ko yung nails mo malalaman kong ay si sis thiamere to hehe..sorry about the lay out...okay na okay naman siya sakin

Denysia said...

Wow, that's a lot of super cute items! I wish they had an etude house here! :D

makeup shakeup said...

i love the lipstick shade!
Me too girl . im always having trouble with your page.. lagi tuloy akong bitin sa pag-read :D

Y said...

I love your lipstick! AHHH, noo, I don't know! maybe its the layout and how its made? XP

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Check the code out for your layout or ask a blog girl whose a pro at those code stuff. Maybe someone can help you on that?

Nice haul =] and whoa at the lipstick! lol. It's so barbie-like. I'm not a lipstick girl, I'm sure you know that by now.

I love China Glaze nail polishes! =] Sucks that they don't have it =[ I hope you find it soon! Maybe online?

I hate being late for classes too. lol. Is it you teaching or are you taking some classes?

donnarence said...

hi jem loving your haul!!!esp that lippie.. on the layout.. ako bago ng bago.. i did not experience anything like that when viewing your blog.. and i can click your archives and labels too..

Aicha Amano said...

I dont really see any problem sa page mo thiamere, pero sometimes ang tagal nya mag load.

I am so inggit sa Etude House nyo dyan. Pero asa ako na magkaroon ng branch ng Etude sa davao lol... wala nga kaming face shop :(

☆Anastacia☆ said...

I can read your blog but with this layout it's not able to open every time I want.

You lucky to have Changpo products in TFS store! I really wanted to try it but in my local store they are don't sale it already...

Nice haul! I like Eude lipstick! The color is so cute!

ning * star said...

wow, i never try any skincare from TFS except fot the sheet masks.
Etude house code B, wah, did u manage to get the code B gel liner?

Golden said...

Love your loot! Hmm, ang dami mong binili ah. Inggit ako.

I don't own a pink lipstick as I don't think I'll be able to pull it off.

Lots of love,

laneige couture said...

wow! u looked for the teardrop lash kaagad after reading my post???
sayang wala =( inaantay ko panaman reviews mo dun =)

Khymm said...

ang ganda ng FS pink lippie! gusto ko ganyang colors.. how much pala?
nice korean haul.. hay how i wish ETudE is here na sa cebu! TFS and Skinfood lang andito tsk..

oOchaOo said...

nice haul sis!! waahh. need ko na talaga pumunta ng etude hehe :p

my fave pink lippy is mac chatter box :) parang nakakaputi sya ng face ko IMO hehe

ill stay tuned for an update sa changpo shampoo and conditioner :)

MilknCookiie said...

You are so lucky to have 'The Face Shop' and 'Etude House' where you live! Lucky you, unlucky wallet? hehe. :P Anyway, great haul. Can you do a review on the shampoo and conditioner? It sounds pretty good~

♥ Milk

Pammy said...

The pink lipstick looks nice and cute. :P Hey, dear, I'll wait for the Magic Peeling Bubble. it'll help me decide if I should get it or not. ;)

Crystal Gale said...

that's a great haul! I also want to go back to Etude House to get a blush ^_^

If you want affordable but good lipsticks, I suggest try Avon glazewear lipsticks..I like how moisturizing they are but have great pigmentation :)

Stephanie said...

are you still having problems with your page? Mine used to do the same thing. It was a bunch of java script I had put on it. lmk if you have any questions!

locke said...

great haul :) i want to visit etude some time :) by the way,sang store sa gotesco grand mo nabili eyelashes? is it a japanese store? just curious coz the packaging is really different.thanks! love your blog :)

ThRiSzHa said...

i've got an extra china glaze flying dragon polish...

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