Thursday, December 24, 2009

Etude House & MAC Haul

Yesterday, i went to SM Megamall to check out Etude House. I was so busy with the Holiday preparations that i was not even aware that Etude House has already opened up. I only get to know that through sis Gracie.
Good thing that we get to talk through facebook.

Anyways, I was looking For Etude House & when i saw it i was delighted by the's so pink & girly but oh so small! I hate stores like that. You won't even have space to maneuver & go over their products without bumping to the person next to you.
animal smileys

These are my Etude House purchase

  • Nail Polishes
  • Fresh Nailwash Safe Polish Remover
  • Mascara Remover
  • Cleansing Dream Fresh Cleansing Water
  • Color me Nude Lip Concealer
When your total purchases reach a certain amount they'll be giving away a freebie. In my case, i spend more than a thousand pesos & they gave me a free lash curler. The SA gave me a free box of cotton pad because i told her that i have to remove my make-up afterward. So she just included the cotton pads. How nice of her...

The prices are really so cheap! Way cheaper than The Face Shop!

On to my rant...tsk tsk tsk
I don't want to rant as much as possible, but i need to!

I promised myself that i won't be buying any eye make-up so i looked at their nail polishes all the while chatting with the SA about their lip concealer. She said that they don't have the lip concealer yet.
tongue smileys
Too bad because that is what i wanted the most. I don't want to buy at Ebay & wait for weeks to get my hands on it.

I was bummed when i heard that... but i still went ahead & looked through their selection. Imagine my surprise when i saw the lip concealer sitting at the end of the row!
tongue smileys

It's either the SA that i talked to doesn't have an inkling about their products or that she was just so tired. Either way, i went about & looked again. I saw their Cleansing oil & was asking what's the difference on them since the other is said to be 'light' & the other is 'moisture' (or something like that)... I was asking if both are ok for oily skin. She said that they are just the same & the only difference is the color of the bottle.

mad smileys

What the?!

I'm sure that a company won't just use the same formula..put light & moisture on the box..put it in a different bottle & sell it as the same?!
happy smileys
my Aunt Fanny!

That' why i decided to not buy their Cleansing oils (just yet) & bought the Cleansing Water instead.

Now another thing....I was asking the SA about the make-up remover. Etude House has a make-up remover with the blue 'oil' on top (the lip & eye make-up remover) & the pink one (the mascara remover). I asked her what's the difference & she just said that it's just the same & the other one is only for the eyes while the other is dual purpose..for lips & eyes.

I asked her what do they need a separate remover for that if it's called a mascara remover. I was surprised when she said that you use the pink one for removing mascara only. Then you use the blue one to remove the rest!

free smileys

Anyway, i still bought the pink one just so to test it out. Oh my stars! If all the SA's are like this, i'm not sure i'll be asking for advices ever. She is nice & accommodating, no questions about that though not knowledgeable enough to ask for the products. At least the The Face Shop SA's are really well-trained & they sure know their products!

I'll still be going back to Etude House because there are a couple of items i want to buy. But i think i'm better off shopping alone than ask for advices.

On the other hand, I meet with a multiply seller to get the MAC lippies that i bought. I immediately paid for it & was happy with my purchase.

Yay for being able to buy it at a cheaper price!
The colors look almost alike,huh?

I bought the Hug Me & Jubilee Lustre Lipstick. I'll be providing swatches when i'm not so busy anymore. I have to say that i like it because it's really creamy, but i find it too sheer.

That would be my haul story for today. I'll try to post some more but since i'll be really busy for the next couple of days, i might not be able to.

Product reviews would start next year.

I wish everybody a happy holidays & may your Christmas be really happy & bright!
Merry Christmas,girls!

Jaa ne~!


gracie said...

My gawd! I want to visit etude.. but im afraid items that i want to get are now oos... so ill just visit after new year

Dina (XYYan) said...

nice haul! i hate SA like that too, lack of knowledge of the products. it's better to shop alone indeed.

Fifi said...

oh wow whats wrong with the SA's?
hope you won't have to deal with lousy SA's anymore.

And you got HUG ME!! I want that lipstick so bad. >.<
lucky you! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

ooohH!! An EH Haul & MAC lippies. I've been obsessed with MAC lately... and hug me is a beautiful shade :) Merry christmas Sweetie!!

GirL With GLasSes... said...

i want to visit etude na! next year maybe... wow! nice mac lippies!

nice haul!

saket ng wisdom ='(
paano ako kakain ng noche buena neto?

twinsouls888 said...

I love your hauls girl especially those MAC lippies. :) I can't wait for the swatches yay ^_^.


Crissy said...

I would love to drop by soon. Too bad I don't get to go to Megamall often :(

A similar experience has happened to me...the store was new and the salesperson still seemed confused. Hopefully she/he will get better over time :)

Curious...where did you get the MAC lipsticks?

Pammy said...

I want MAC Hug Me. :P

We had the same experience with Etude last night. I asked the difference between the 4 variants of the Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam and she simply said it's just the scent. Gah! I never bothered asking her again. :D

I'm planning to just research on their products first. I think I'll trust my own research more. Not to be mean though. :P

Happy Holidays, dear. Mwah!

Sherry said...

great haul for christmas :D

// krissy ♥ said...

Oh wow, that SA was clueless. Maybe it's a bit acceptable since the store is quite new? I don't know :D I hope I can visit Megamall soon! And I hope you get a better experience the next time you visit :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family Thiamere! :)

Gem said...

love your haul! how much is the lip concealer? :)

Askmewhats said...

eeekk more and more beauty bloggers are buying from Etude house! :) Love your hauls! Cant' wait for more product reviews from you :)

Merry Christmas!

Pop Champagne said...

I've heard great stuff abotu Etude house. Too bad the selection of Etude in Canada is fairly limited unless you go to hardcore asian malls where there's a huge mark up... ohh well! have a Merry Christmas and a great holiday Thiamere!! Hope santa was good to you this year!

LOLanne said...

awww i wish we had etude house where im from. i see a lot of asian bloggers raving at some of their products.

LOL@ the SA's. good thing ive never encountered doodoo headed ones... i'd rather have bitchy but knowledgeable SAs than stupid ones =_=

Merry Christmas!! :)


LADY JOAN said...

omg..that's bad CS!!! anywho.. have a merry xmas dear!!! :D very nice haul! inggit ako sa curler!

Catmare said...

thanks for posting this! I never really knew about Etude til I read it from your blog. I want to visit it soon! But I hope by the time I get there, their SAs are much more reliable. lol.

Jbreezybaby said...

i wanted to try etude products! i dont think we have any here in the US. I love the face shop! i didnt know etude is cheaper than TFS, at least there i guesss

miss ko na pasko sa pinas... never the same anymore :( i miss the paputoks, kahit na hate ko ang super lolo masaya parin ako lool. kung magpapaputok kayo, paputok mo naman ako. lool. i hope u had a wonderful xmas thia!

Khymm said...

waah. .ang cute ng etude products! love your MAC lippies? san mo nabili sa multiply and how much? =)

makeupbaby said...

eeeerrr.drooling over the mac lippies ;-)
nice haul ms thiamere ;-)

nikki said...

hahah i just visited etude hours ago. i'm in love with everything they have. haha. btw, where'd you get mac hug me? i just wanna purchase online or something. mac usa doesn't ship internationally kasi. boo.

jehan said...

hi thiamere! i just wanna ask: was the SA Korean or Filipina? I saw from another blogger's EH purchase her picture with a Korean SA... if she's a Korean, please bear with her English as she's not that used to talking about their products in English yet.. but when you're here in Korea, whether you're korean or not, their SA's will talk to you non-stop about their products using a 5th note tone.. hehe... but if she's a filipina, i hope she'd also learn from her mistake or lack of words to describe or demonstrate how EH products work..

more power to your blog... from a pinay and silent reader from Korea...

laneige couture said...

hi thiamere,thank you for sharing etude opening! u inspired me to make my own post =)

Lipstickaddict said...

Hi Thiamere, I love your post it's very detailed and funny :) I admit that the SA's in Etude House Megamall are not really well yes it's better to shop alone than to get weird advises..I knew they were not well trained when I asked the SA what's the ingredient for the secret time skin care and the SA shrugged...because the product description are all in Korean lol...anyways, I am now following your blog and hope you follow mine too :) TC!

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