Tuesday, December 01, 2009

showing my big love to Linda!

Getting up close & personal with me...Im so getting addicted tweaking pics like how a purikura looks like...I think the design just looks so cute,right?

Linda, one of my beloved blogger friend, is having a giveaway. Sorry, hun, i know you said to not exactly advertise it, but i want people to know you are throwing one..LOL

Hop on over to HER BLOG to know the details of her giveaway...meanwhile, i'll be answering her questions...

LT's Random Questionaire:
1. What is the name you want to go by:
- thiamere

2. Your favorite animal:
- arf arf! i want a gorilla!...lol..kidding aside, i'm a dog-lover!

3. If you're deserted on an island and can bring one thing, what will it be:
- OMG! does it have to be a thing?! i want my bf to be stranded with me too so that he can look for food, build fires,etc..while i lounge around & swim..LOL...but if it's just a thing, then i'd rather have

4. What is your style of clothing:
- i never follow trend..in fact i hardly buy clothes at all...don't get me wrong when i say i don't buy clothes, but i only have a couple that i wear every now & then because im comfy on that one. comfort is my style...

5. What size do you wear (shirts, pants, dress; you do not need to answer this if you don't want others to know):
-i think i'll pass on this one...i don't know people to know what is it exactly..but i am BIG!im serious...

6. Favorite color:
-im a real girl at heart so it's PINK!

7: Favorite place for vacation (or relaxation):
-..i don't travel that much..

8. Favorite make-up:

9. Favorite perfume/body spray:

10. Favorite lotion and why:
-i don't use any because i perspire a lot...my country is tropical country & if i put lotion, i'll be a faucet!

11: Favorite season:
-again...since it's a tropical country, i only have 2 choice...sunny or rainy..hehe

12. Favorite place in your apartment/house:
-my room!i spent my waking hours in my room..im a real homebody!

13. Your religion, if any (I'm just curious, no need to answer it if you feel uncomfortable):
-I'm a catholic

14. What is the best thing during Christmas, to you:
-Chistmas shopping!

15. Have you ice-skated or done any "snow" activity?:
-i wish i could see snow... *sigh*

16. Favorite Holiday:
-New Years Eve..it's because it's so noisy here wit the fireworks & everything! plus the media noche,of course! (midnight meal that we eat with the rest of the family)

17. If I live close to you and we met up in person, will you ditch me or be my friend? (haha):
-no doubt about it,hun...we would be friends!
we would be exchanging love notes every now & then...

18. Describe what type of person you are DURING Christmas shopping, that is, if you go Christmas shopping:
-I don't really stay put in one store...I have to go around to look for stuff everywhere..that's why bf don't like going shopping with me..he would complain & complain about me dragging him...

19. When you draw a heart, do you start with the left or the right side?
-i start with the right..im right handed...does it mean something?

Additional entry: - not that i don't need to do it but I WANT TO!

1. Who are your closest friends (can be best friends but I don't use the term best friends)? Try to find a picture of them (can be one close friend or more than that). List 3 facts, containing as least one thing you hate/dislike about them and at least one thing you like about them. Share a story that y'alls been through; a memorable story will be great.

-The 2 ladies with me are my high school friends & we go waaaayyyy back!
Cute Purikura Online cute

i look stupid in this pic because this is my 'automatic smile'..lol!
-far from my house
-we don't get to talk that much now
-all of us are still single.. winking smileys

I have a lot of memories that i share with them...during our HS days we go swimming every now & then with the rest of the gang & it's always a day full of happiness.
Though this pic was taken the last time we met..like months ago when we went to one's house because of a birthday celebration. We did not expect that we would all be wearing black...i guess great minds think alike,huh?

2. Share a special memory you have with any family members (if you consider your pet as family, this will also be qualified.... along with close friends).

-When my lil bro got sick we were all worried to death. We were not able to sleep, eat & work normally. I suffered from acne...but the good thing about it (even though it's one of the most horrible experience ever!) is that it strengthen our family bond. I remember what my friend told me about..that sometimes God needs to do these things for us to realize the value of something that we just take advantage of...& it's true!

3. What is your Christmas tradition? Just tell me about what you do for Christmas or during the winter season. Do you share it with the family? friends? enemies? lover? acquaintance? co-workers? (I'm interested in knowing because I don't celebrate Christmas. Having this giveaway counts right? hehe.)

-Hmm...Christmas traditions..before i used to attend the 'midnight mass' or the 'simbang gabi'..it's when you go to hear mass at 4am...it's done here 9 days before christmas. Then on Christmas eve we would go to church together...then eat a 'midnight meal' or 'noche buena' to welcome the day!

Christmas day is a day when most of our relatives would go to our house...fun!

4. Tell me your exercise routine and how you stay in shape (if you exercise or a special secret :wink wink:)

-Sorry,hun..i really don't exercise..i know it's bad but i can't help it..im tied to a very busy & unhealthy lifestyle. innocent smileys

5. Share your beauty tips (any sort of beauty tips will count: nails, body, eating habits, hair, make-up, cleansers, and etc).

-I have a label of them on my sidebar..lol!
but then i guess as an added tip..
for nails, you ought to buff the top of the nails after cutting it so to avoid chaffing it. Applying oils on the cuticle nails can also help protect them.
for hair, don't gather/tie your hair on the same spot because it will later cause that spot to thin out. Try to tie them on different parts like the lower part of the head, upper left part of the head..blah,blah..
6. What are your thoughts about "Woman With Power" or "Wife With Power?"

-As what the saying goes...'there's a woman behind every successful man'...Men can't be men if there's no women. We are all equal.



GirL With GLasSes... said...

mare good luck sa contest n linda...

Anonymous said...

i love your photos so cute :)

Toothfairy said...

hahaha your automatic smile.. :P

I do that too, and Boyfriend always tell me I look stupid then!

btw, I'm a home person too!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

whoa, the photos are so cute! Especially the first one. I want to have some too! lol. hmmmz, do you just go on some site or something? Sorry hun, I'll read the blog later. Just wanted to drop by to say hi but then noticed this. haha.

Blovet Beauty said...

I love eyeshadows to death too! Challenges in life can really bring ppl closer together and I'm a big believer in that too:)

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