Thursday, December 17, 2009

my improvised traincase & lipstick haul

I know i've been lagging on my posts & even on commenting.

I'm so sorry for that, i've been so busy completing my christmas list that's why. I know that you understand me because i'm pretty sure you are also busy with the upcoming

I finished wallpapering my tool box...what with the classes & room cleaning, i was able to squeeze it, but it's not exactly as perfect as i want it to be. But as long as i was able to finish it, it's ok.

So here is my craft project for the past couple of days. I just used a double-sided tape to stick it.

It looks so flowery!

I lined the inside with wallpaper so as to cushion my cosmetics whenever they hit the wall of the box.
See what i'm saying about not being able to really do it perfectly?
ashamed smileys

Anyway, i can just tape the side problem. As for the cut on the upper left side, i have to do it because the box is not exactly a perfect cube so there's a space at the edge. if i won't clip it, the tray won't fit the mouth of the box anymore.

I still have a lot of foam paper so i decided to line the drawer where i keep my brushes.

So that it won't look so blah....

I'll still be lining the box where i store my polish, but i'll just do that when i have a lot of free time. For the mean time, this will do!

Now, as i'm nearing the completion of my christmas list. I'm 95% done! & spending thousands of bucks for everything, i figured that i want to be able to at least console myself for spending a lot but still add something to my little collection.

No matter how much i love eyeshadows, i know i won't be able to use everything that i have with me until i die so i have to stop buying eye shadows. i don't have a lot of lip products. In fact, i only have like 3 lipsticks!

So to add color to my lips, i decided to buy 2.

Counter clockwise starting from the top:
-Ever Bilena in Skin
-Fanny Serrano in Carnation
-Fashion 21 Stick Eyeshadow in Pearl (or not sure)

Here is a swatch of it...
(I don't even have time to do nail arts anymore...See how plain my nails look)
I love both of them! I don't even need to use a lip balm prior to application because it's so creamy already..not that i do it that way, but you can if you are in a hurry & not worry about it drying your lips.

I have 2 mac lipstick & i have to use a lip balm before i apply it or it will suck the moisture right out of my lips! I remember when i try MAC Red without applying anything before i put it on, it made my lips go numb! I felt a bit scared because of that! I'm not sure about the others, but this is just based on my experience,ok?

pic below is taken without flash

pic below is taken with flash
I will definitely be buying from Ever Bilena & Fanny Serrano. I think when it comes to safety, i can count on local products, especially Fanny Serrano for that. I was able to read his entry before about the history of his cosmetic line.

Well, based on my very limited experience with lip products, i'd choose local brands in a heartbeat when it comes to lipstick compare to MAC lippies (again, because of what i experienced)...especially the one high-end brand that has the highest lead content of all. For those who are familiar with the safe cosmetics topics, im sure you know what brand i'm talking about.

I'm not going to waste $30+ to eat a 'red' lead (pun intended).

I'm gonna be going to the post office tomorrow to pick up a package. I hope it's my haul already. *crosses fingers*

How are faring with the holiday rush,ladies?
Hope everything's ok.

Jaa ne~!

i still can't find hair grips anywhere...
huhuhu rolleye smileys
do you know where i can buy it?


GirL With GLasSes... said...

i have eb skin. its a perfect matte nude lipstick.

yung hair grip ba yung malalaking hair pin?

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Surprisingly I'm going to get a late Christmas gift from someone on blog so I guess I am celebrating Christmas? lol. I like what you did to the boxes/container =] It's okay if it's not so perfect... especially the first one! I see sponge bob square pants! LOL. I'm not really a lipstick person so I wouldn't really want to add anything to my lipstick collection. haha. Did you find any hair pins yet? I want to see your strawberry haul =[ I think it's actually over in the US. I'm not sure if it's the same site =T didn't come up for me when I looked at it... when you last posted it up. lol.

Y said...

LOLOOLOLOL I love lipsticks! But I agree, I buy WAY more eye stuff in comparison to lip stuff

Anonymous said...

I like how you transformed the tool box! Very cute! <3

Askmewhats said...

so cute! I love how you DIY'd your own traincase and its so personalize!

Golden said...

I love the dainty flower designs. It reminds me of little girls. Hehe.

Aww, how come you find the EB lippie moistuzing? I have one like that but it's in mauvey. It made my lips so dry! Again, it's just based on our experience. :)

LADY JOAN said...

i envy u...!!! i have little time to organize my little lovely things!! yey for the new organizer!!

Ida said...

I like the flowery wallpaper you used and how you lined your drawers with them also, I might do that for my drawers too! Ooh, looking forward to seeing your strawberrynet haul! :)

Sarah said...

Ohh that train case is so adorable!! You are such a clever cookie :) And how pretty are those swatches- I love the lippie, they will all look gorgeous on you!!
Aww thankyou so much for your comment- you are the sweetest and pretty as a picture :) xx

Khymm said...

that Carnation lippie looks like a nice shade of pink.. will check it out sa FS counters.. love your improvised traincase! so girly..

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