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Thursday, December 03, 2009

~missing in action~


I'm still alive! I know i haven't been posting for a while. It's just that i have been so busy lately that i don't have time for blogging that much but i do read posts! I just haven't had the time to write up....i have been updating my class records because i've neglected them. sign smileys

It's taking me forever to make sure that my records are up to date...

Anyways, i don't exactly have a lot to blog about since up until now not one of the packages that i'm expecting has arrived yet.

patience is a virtue..but it's so dang hard to be virtuous,right? This is one of the reasons why i can't do international online shopping! free smilies

As soon as everything is ok, i'll be making a post about my new skincare...It would just be a 'preliminary post' since i haven't achieved the desired result yet, but i can feel some result so i guess it;s time that i do a review on it...

Meanwhile, i found this old pic of mine & put some designs on it...

yes, i do wear glasses! but only when i'm in front of my pc...but i do have a bad eyesight..i just don't like wearing glasses.
When i saw this i just remembered the time when i'm not into make-up yet...I have smooth skin. Would you believe me if i say that i took this without any make-up at all?
no lip balm, foundation,etc....

With the continuous chiding i get from bf & mum i'm beginning to really think that the culprit of my acne are the cosmetics... free smilies

i sure hope that it's not! But one thing that i'm sure is that BB Creams are making me break out! It is comedogenic ( at least for me i think it is!), though i still use it but in moderation...

I love my cosmetics....argh! adult smileys

I remove my make-up using make-up remover since i broke out. I stopped using cold cream because the heavy crams makes my skin feels suffocated. That's why i am already on my 14th bottle of eyemake-up remover! im serious!

Ok, enough with the blah blah! I'll just let you know when im free from all the hullabaloo that's happening...

Hope y'all have a great day,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

it's already December....
are you finish with your christmas shopping?


GirL With GLasSes... said...

thiamere mare

me, im just being a couch potato all day in the house. i miss being so busy but i deserve this kind of break.

re: skin treatment
im hoping you'll get positive results =)

re: celeteque anti-wrinkle
well, im in my first night na gagamitin ko palang. ill do review but it would take weeks pa. =P

happy december =)


If it comes in pink said...

I haven't even started with my Christmas shopping:S Luckily I don't have to buy that much this year.

Blovet Beauty said...

hey dear, i totally get u... I look at old pics too and my skin was like so much better... until I got really stressed out from moving overseas, than the acne flared up:( Personally, i cant use BB too.. I love the effect it gives the skin but BB cream gave me cystic acne and a big scar on my right cheek which I hate.. so I dun use any foundation or BB anymore... It's helped alot:)

Golden said...

Hi dear! Nice to hear that you're back. I do hope your current regimen will work this time *crosses fingers*


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