Friday, December 11, 2009

stocking stuffer suggestions: Clean & Clear Kits

I said before that i grew up using Clean & Clear...
im a Clean & Clear teenager..
I just don't know why i actually i stopped using it..probably because i got caught up with all the gimmicks & hullabaloo of beauty products.

It worked for me before & i can't see any reasons why it will not work again. I'll be putting this on my 'products to go back to' list.

Speaking of which, Clean & Clear has an ongoing promo. They bundled 2 products to keep the skin fair & radiant without the excess oil. We know that oil films are every oily-skinned girl's bestfriend...since C&C teamed it up with a facial wash, im sure that it's for oil-controlling too.

One of the two is the Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Kit (the smaller one) which is consist of 1 Clean & Clear Active Clear Pimple Clearing Cleanser (50g) & the Oil Control film at 50% off. It retails for Php 133.50.

The other is the Clean & Clear Clear Facial Glow Kit (the bigger one) which is consist of 1 Clean & Clear fairness Cleanser (100g) & the Oil Control Film at half the price too! It retails for Php 186.50.

Clean & Clear is actually the first skincare brand that i used. I knew that they live up to the customer's expectation by providing products that are effective yet very budget-friendly. I already have the Facial Glow Kit to try which i can't wait to try. As soon as im done with the 4 months limit that i have for my current skincare i'll be going back to my first love!

Don't forget to grab your own kit,ok? It's a perfect product to introduce to teenagers.

Now to another news, I'm actually not yet done wallpaper-ing my case yet. I'm still trying to cut out the paper & it takes a while because i'm a bit OC. I want the perfect cut for my project. I'll definitely show them to you once i'm done with it.

I'll probably be busy tomorrow sending out packages for my students while battling with my cold. I hate having colds!war smileys


It's because i get cough right after it & whenever i have cough it's not the common one. I had a history of respiratory tract infection & i was under heavy medication back then. I would make wheezing noises whenever i breath that made me seem like im always out of breath.

Geez!sick smileys

This is also a reason why i can't ever live in cold places. Looks like i have to go back drinking antibiotics & stuff for the whole month.. *sigh*

Well, that's it.
Hope you have a nice day,girls!

Jaa ne~!

(note:product has been provided as a part of their press release)


xoladiihoneyxo said...

Get well soon, dear!!!!

Your students are very lucky that you're sending out packages to them! Sometimes, I just wish I was a student, your student.... lol!

I'll be looking forward to the art work of yours, the make-up box with the pastel colors. hahaha. I know how you feel about OCD. Everything has to be perfect right? At least perfect to you. It's like the way you comment people's page. Are you over that yet!? =O

I've never been a Clean & Clear girl. It never worked. I start off with just oily skin and I want to get rid of it but it end up giving me some blemishes sometimes so I just stopped and it went away. maybe because it's my skin?

Much love from the US! haha!

twinsouls888 said...

I still love my Clean and Clear Oil Controlling toner. It's a must have product for me, tnx for the heads up on the sale ^_^

Kax24 said...

wow 50% off. too bad i get loads of pimples when i use clean&clear!

Golden said...

Hala sis, pareho kayo ng anak ko. Basta lumalamig ang panahon nagkakasipon at ubo sya. It's so frustrating. After taking in the cough and cold meds for a week, gagaling sya. Pero after a week, babalik na naman. I actually stopped giving her cough and cold meds. I resorted to fruits and water na lang. So far, maganda naman ang response nya. Hays.... I hope you get better soon. *hugs*

Fifi said...

Awww. I'm sorry to hear you got sick. Get well soon hun :)

I used to use clean&clear about two years ago and it didn't work for me, sadly. :(

GirL With GLasSes... said...

omg thiamere! speaking of losing breath...

whenever i am very mad, i yell a lot! and i have a problem with my throat swelling so much whenever i get mad because its stopping air passage!

re:clean and clear
di pa ako nakakatry ng clean and clear ever since, except the blotting paper...

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