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Sunday, December 13, 2009

weekend haul: collective haul

I'm one happy lady this weekend... utter bliss!
but not my debit card..hehe

I went christmas shopping with bf yesterday (saturday) & went shopping with my family is with us too. I know that everybody feels the same way about shopping, but the undying question of "why do we love to shop?" is always left hanging...waiting to poke your conscience right after the damage has been done.

Oh's christmas!

Anyway,it's been a while since i made a weekend haul post. I stuck with my promise to not buy any cosmetics since i think i already have a lot for personal i just bought other things.

Let's start with the nail stuff...
Yesterday, I stopped by at The Face Shop & since we were in a hurry because we are starving & our arms are already tired from all the bags that we are carrying, i told him that this'll just take a few minutes.I have to say that that is my shortest shopping ever. I was just on the store for like under 4 minutes. I just grabbed the colors that i don't have yet.

& i saw 5 polishes that stood out plus a top coat...

When i went home, i made a note & listed all the colors that i have so if ever i would decide to buy polish again i wouldn't buy the color that i already have. So here is my little TFS polish collection..little by little they are growing...
Currently i have 13 polishes & 1 top coat from TFS...They are the ones dominating my nail polish collection.

Sorry for jumping...back to the haul story.

Now today, we went to SM Mall of Asia & continued my christmas shopping. I bought a dress for myself & other stuff..i'll spare you the boredom of all those stuff..hehe. I bought Sally Hansen's Double Duty base & top coat...just because!

Anyhow, they have free emery board plus they are also on sale. During christmas, all stores are on sale. That's the only thing that i'll be showing you from the stuff that i bought today.hehe

Going back to the saturday haul....

Saizen is the store that i'm looking forward to the most. We bought a couple of things like potteries, utensils & other stuff.

I don't need to say how curious i am about the charcoal mask...i think i always saw that i want to try it. So try it i the bar of charcoal soap looks nice so i added it on my cart. I also saw the face mask that has been pressed, so i tossed it on my cart too. I want to be able to do home made facial mask.

As for the socks, it just looks so darn cute! Since i have been abusing my feet lately i know that i need to continue wearing socks overtime to make sure that they are protected & it's way easier to use this since i can wear flip flops.

I'll definitely going back for Saizen! But not with bf anymore... I wasn't able to go around that much because i keep on checking bf to make sure that he won't be bored. I like taking my time when i'm going on an all out shopping spree.

Next in line is the hair accessories haul. I love hair accessories!

When i passed by the aisle, the Magic Hair Comb caught my eye so i put it on my cart, same with the head band & a pack of elastics. I like using the magic hair comb because it's even able to hold my thick hair in place!

Now i have a big problem...
As what i have just said, i have a really thick wavy hair. Although hair pins can hold it, but i always favor using hair grips. Like this...

But the problem is that i can't find any hair grips anymore. These are the only ones i have left with me.rolleye smileys

For those who live here in the Philippines, have any of you seen a box of hairgrips?
I am desperate already.character smileys

I have been to countless of malls asking of this kind of hairgrips but what they always point me to is the ordinary bobby pin...or the one that got crystals on them. I'm not going to spend Php100 ($2) for 3 pcs of them. I always misplace my hair grips so me spending that amount for just 3 pcs is out of the question.

I used to buy them at SM, it's at the SM Basics hair accessories but now i can't seem to see them anymore. It's only Php40 ($1) for a 30pcs, i think. Hope one of you can help me find them. evil grin smileys

Anyway, my body is tired but im alive & kicking inside. I can even eat a lion for breakfast. All because of my shopping spree. hehehe

Expect a couple of nail art tutorials...I might not be able to do a full product review this month since i'm busy plus i'm trying to really stick hard to my new skin routine. But i'm trying to work on the info & experience that i have to make reviews for:
  • Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack
  • Benefit Dr Feelgood
  • Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact
  • The Face Shop Quick & Clean BB Cream
  • & a couple of random stuff...
I never realize that i have a lot of stuff to finish. I'll try my best to make a review on these. Wish me luck in making a good review on those.

I'm almost done with my christmas shopping...Actually i'm 90% done. Yay for that! Just a couple more...

How about you?
Done with the christmas shopping?

Hope y'all have a great week,ladies!

Jaa ne~!


gracie said...

waaaw! nice haul sweetie! I've been lemming for that charcoal stuff.. I just don't know why I had only 3 day classes but never have guts to visit malls today, idk! maybe xmas vacation is the perfect time to visit the "HOLY MALLY" hehe!

Blovet Beauty said...

my mom hasnt even started with christmas shopping and town is looking awfully crowded and mad already! omg, i can imagine her dragging me down to pick up gifts for the whole family >< I love ur face shop nail colors!U have a fab range sweetie!

Askmewhats said...

I love Face shop polishes! you have so much! sis, last minute xmas shopping ako just yesterday!!! eeekk!

Y said...

LOLLLLLLL. I laughed when I saw the flipflop socks! THey're so cute

sushiflower said...

nice haul hun!:) Christmas shopping is really the best! haha enjoy the holidays!:) xoxo

Dina (XYYan) said...

wow, nice haul Thiamere! you have so many TFS nail polishes, i always want to try their nail polish :D

Gaby said...

Hmmm I might try that Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat. I need a good one right now (=

xoladiihoneyxo said...

My Christmas shopping was the giveaway so basically, I'm done. I'm not doing anything for Christmas =[ I like to take my time too, that's why I hate dragging the boo. I want him to go but then it aggravates me so much then we end up arguing by the end of the night.... almost each and every single time!

nice haul =] and charcoal soap bar? o.O hmmm..... interesting.

I have thin hair and I have to use bobby pins or hair clips with the hair grip thing just so it won't slip out of my hair! lol. Expensive packages though =T

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

nice haul thia hair grips meron me nakita sa watsons nitan brown bronzy colors in boxes

Marce said...

Awesome haul! So many pretty polishes!

*Nehs* said...

lotsa TFS polishes! i wanna try saizen charcoal mask too, i've heard good reviews about it. i have that kind of hair grips, pero natapon ko na ata. :( di ko kasi nagamit eversince, di ko alam gamitin. hehe..

Sarah said...

Oh I loveee shopping but I despise it at Christmas time!! Absolutley HATE it. Between people pushing you, shopping trolleys being rammed into the back of your heels, kids squealing and carpark rage I could just about cry lol
I love all your little goodies- those nail polishes are SO ADORABLE!!! :)xx

LADY JOAN said...

Nail polish haulllll!!! ilove it dear!!! so fabbbb!

RHiiAN said...

i love your haul hun..
i always misplace my hair grips just like you..

Pop Champagne said...

haha yeah that's one thing I dislike about shopping with bf is that you always have to check if they're bored and then you feel bad if they are and have to leave the store! Love your nail haul. I used to have to use pins but then I got my hair chemically straightened. so now they're always in place.. the only thing is that my hair is super dry now :( So I prob will stick to hair pins in the future!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Awe! Wow! The blog finally opens for me, it was kinda not available for some days, I don't know why :(
Thats just crazy awesome collection of nail polishes! Amazing colors! Wait for more nail tutorials!!


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